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Lenovo Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly

Lenovo Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly

Let’s discuss why Lenovo Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly.

Lenovo Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly

Laptop screen going black randomly is something that is not unusual so you don’t have to panic when you on your laptop and see a black screen while your laptop is still working. So to help you regarding this issue , this article provides all the important information fromyour Lenovo laptop screen going black to its causes and to its Fixes. There are different reasons that can cause this issue. Make sure your laptop is not going through any of the following issues.

  • Hardware Errors: Like disk error or graphical error. Most of the times, one of the normal reasons for your Lenovo PC’s dark screen is connected with equipment glitches in various parts. Over the long haul interior cables in your PC break down, and a defected internal cable  may cause the issue. Besides, overheating your PC ,might cause a graphic card crash, which would have debased your video display.

In simple words If the hardware parts or peripherals like keyboard, mouse and cables are damaged, they could cause the screen not to show.

  • Software Errors: Software errors can also cause your screen to go black like windows and some other software programs make sure you don’t have any corrupted programs in your laptop.
  • A defective display: You can also experience this issue if there is something wrong with the display.
  • A defective battery: The broken battery could likewise be a potential justification for your Lenovo laptop Black Screen. Remove the charger from the battery source, and if your laptop abruptly goes blank, it’s a battery issue. Attempt to replace your battery with a working one for affirmation.
  • Issues with Power Supply: You may think about how power supply would prompt such a circumstance. Issues with the power supply can make your Lenovo’s screen become dark, which can cause a considerable amount of issues for you.
  • Overheating: An exceptionally normal justification behind your PC’s dark screen is your device getting overheated. This might happen on account of dust, dirt, hair, or grime stuck across your PC’s fan, which makes it hard for it to chill off the PC appropriately.
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How to fix Lenovo black screen issue?

There are some following fixes through which you can get rid of this issue.

    • Restart your laptop:  It’s amazing that how much a simple restart can fix on your laptop. Make sure there are no peripheral devices connected to your laptop and then restart your computer. If your issue is solved then, the connected peripheral was probably causing the screen not to turn on correctly or not to display.
    • Reset display mode:  By resetting the display mode you can solve this issue very easy. Hold the following keys at a time and then release immediately  Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B. This will refresh display connection of your laptop and you may get the display back again.
    • Hard Reset: You can try a hard reset as well by turning your Lenovo laptop off. Its  same as power cycle. Turn off your laptop, remove or unplug from any power, remove the connected devices, remove the battery as well and then let everything settle for a minute.
      After that hold the power button for a minute, connect the power cable, attach the battery back into its place and connect the peripherals. Now turn your computer on to check the situation whether the display comes back on or not.

    • Remove Peripheral devices: A defective peripheral device may also cause this issue on your computer. You can test it by removing the peripheral devices connected and then restart the computer. This includes any wired or wireless devices, USB hubs, cables, and keyboard, etc. if the screen comes back it means there is something wrong with one of the connected devices.
    • Update Windows: Another thing to try might be to update Windows. Because windows updates control a lot of the systems on your laptop. So if your windows are not up to date and get behind on the system, you may experience issues with your laptop. By updating your windows you may get your screen back. 
    • Connect to external monitor: To check your LCD and its cables, simply connect your laptop to some external monitor or you can also connect to a TV using HDMI cable as an external display, it depends on the connections available on your system. After connecting to external monitor, restart your computer.When the computer starts to reboot, it should display on the external monitor or a TV to which you are connected. If a screen displays on external monitor the LCD or an internal LCD cable could be faulty that means your LCD cable or LCD screen needs to be replaced.
    • Update your graphics driver ` If your graphics driver is faulty or not up to date then it might be the reason which is causing your screen not to work properly or disappear. Update the graphics driver after updating restart your computer to check if your display turns on.
    • Factory reset your computer: This fix is a nuclear  choice since when you reset your PC, you’ll be interfered with to how it was straight out of the container, and you’ll lose every one of your information, so have a go at all the other things first. Assuming that you need to utilize this choice, attempt to get a backup of your information prior to beginning the reset.
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By trying the above mentioned fixes you can get your display back again. If you’ve tried everything above the screen on your Lenovo PC actually isn’t working, there is logical an issue with the inside links interfacing the screen to the PC board or the showcase. Except if you’re knowledgeable in fixing PCs, then, at that point, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to call an expert. If your PC is as yet under guarantee, connect with Lenovo first and this  is how your issue will be resolved.

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