LG TV Airplay Lagging

LG TV Airplay Lagging

Is your LG TV lagging? Are you getting choppy and stuttering videos? Are there also audio issues? These all issues are interlinked – read this article to resolve your irksome issues.

Having an LG TV at home is luxurious because LG stands on the list of modern and classy brands. Hence, every user thinks that this famous brand launches innovative and improved-features products that are loved by everyone globally.

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LG TVs are future-proof, best quality, and their speakers are functional. Various LG models also support AirPlay, a prominent Apple device feature. AirPlay supports screen mirroring that lets the user view objects from the small screen on the vast, high-resolution TV screen. 

That is why it is considered the ultra-practical creation in the technology world,

But sometimes, the LG TV AirPlay lagging issues have been created that delay the mirror device and user experience choppy and stuttering screen. The network hosting’s dropped packets and low latency are the significant problems that make AirPlay lagging issues.

If you ever get hit by such issues, you can dive into this article and figure out the major causes and practical solutions.

LG TV AirPlay Lagging

Thanks to AirPlay, which has excellent compatibility with different models of LG Tv. This fantastic feature helps the users to enjoy the outstanding audio quality and connect the music to any other device placed in any room. Moreover, it also allows you to share photos and videos on a larger screen. However, screen mirroring is not always bug-free; thus, its audio/video issues frequently crop up when the screen mirroring is used. 

If a user comes across an audio and video stuttering issue on an LG C9 TV model or while using AirPlay, he needs to upgrade the software to reduce the glitch. In addition, while using AirPlay, you must ensure that you have high-speed internet, so no errors occur while using AirPlay or amid a solution.

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The LG moderator has suggested two quick and essential tips for these issues, so if you are ever hit by LG TV AirPlay lagging, you can try the following suggestions:

  • Start your mobile device again
  • Turn the Bluetooth off on the TV and AirPlay

Many users resolve this pesky issue by connecting their mobile devices to WiFi. The above-discussed suggestion can resolve the AirPlay stuttering issue, but starting the TV with the mobile device can also help them greatly.

The LG TV stuttering while the streaming issue is frustrating; for many users, its solution is also annoying; therefore, we have enlisted the fundamental yet more relevant problems above. If you want to go in-depth, you can read the next section.

Lg TV Airplay Lagging: Some Quick Fixes 

LG Tv AirPlay lagging is a frustrating issue that can be resolved by following some methods. Let’s have a quick look at them.

  • Remove All Paired Devices from LG TV

Go to the LG TV’s AirPlay settings and check the option where all the paired devices are listed. Remove all of them; even if no device is paired, take a remote and press its button twice. This way, we hope the AirPlay starts working again without lagging. 

  • Turn the TV off By Removing the Power Switch

When you turn off the TV using its remote, it only puts it to sleep. To turn the LG TV off properly, remove the power switch and wait for at least 20 seconds. 

The configuration settings for AirPlay sometimes become messy, which is the issue due to which AirPlay lags. After 20 seconds, turn it on again and check the AirPlay; we are sure it works because it is a worthier pick. 

  • Reset the LG TV and Connect it With AirPlay Through Apple Home 

Another valuable solution to fix the AirPlay lagging issue is resetting the TV; after the rest of the TV, set up the AirPlay via Apple Home. Remember, in this fix, use the only phone to enable it. 

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Apple Home is an app where you need to add the LG TV as a newly paired device. Turn on the Bluetooth and keep the TV and phone near each other. One thing more, ensure that both the devices are connected to the same WiFi network

  • Try Restarting Network Router 

The biggest reason AirPlay might stop working on LG TV is a problem with the router. Restart the router and connect the LG TV and Apple device again to resolve this issue. Next time you try to run AirPlay, it will not show the lagging issue again.

  • Firmware Update Might Works  

One can easily check for firmware updates if the TV is connected to the WiFi. To start the process, go to the home menu, move to setup and open support. After this, choose a software update. You will find the software version here and also updates. If any update is present, it starts downloading automatically. 

If the TV is not connected to the WiFi, manually update the firmware through a USB stick. Always keep the firmware updated as it will help solve many problems, including the AirPlay lagging issue.

The Bottom Line

LG is a reliable brand; though it is an old consumer brand, it has still maintained its reputation and users’ trust by excellently managing the electronic niche. LG is also leasing in the market due to its customer-centric values. So, if you have bought an LG TV, be satisfied as you have got something worthier. Using the LG with the AirPlay is all fun as it improves the screen resolution by showing content on a bigger screen; moreover, TV audio is also improved.

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When an AirPlay creates an error, the user can restart the connection, improve the net connection, or restart the TV as well as the mobile. You can read the article thoroughly and figure out some practical solutions for more detail.

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