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LG TV Black Screen of Death

LG TV Black Screen of Death

This article discusses the common issue of Black Screen of Death that occurs in LG TV’s, and we will go over methods to fix it and give you some knowledge on the most probable reasons why you are seeing it in the first place.

Let’s discuss why you see LG TV Black Screen of Death.

LG TV Black Screen of Death

LG televisions are always of the highest quality, whether they are the low-cost NanoCell versions or the spectacular OLED ones. They can, however, develop a few difficulties, just like any other electrical device. Some prospective customers are particularly concerned that LG TV displays might suddenly go black.

Every Smart TV nowadays has a chance of going through a screen problem at some point in its lifespan. Sometimes it may just be a software issue or a momentary performance hiccup, while other times it might be something as concerning as a hardware issue. 

If you’re having problems with your LG TV, try troubleshooting it before calling customer care. This method frequently works, and it may help you save money and prevent the frustration of being without your home entertainment.

Today we’ll discuss the LG TV’s Black Screen of death which often leads to users seeing no picture yet still receiving sound. Many LG television users have had this problem after a few years and so if you are experiencing the same problem, you might as well read on to find out what’s causing the LG TV black screen of death and how to get your way around it.

Why does my LG TV turn on but show no picture?:

If you are someone who has gone through the issue of having a problem with your LG TV where it does not show any picture yet still gives out sounds, then one of the causes of the LG TV black screen may be a short-lived problem that might potentially be causing the black screen of death on your LG Smart TV. 

If your TV goes black at random, it might be due to a backlight issue. To resolve the issue, go to “Standard” mode and ensure that your backlight is set to the lowest level. If the problem persists, you should replace the backlight.

Another reason could be outdated firmware on your TV. If your LG TV firmware/software is not up to date with the latest version released by the manufacturer, you may see an LG TV black screen of death. 

Loose wires can be a reason for this too where if the cables are not correctly plugged into the receiver, your LG Smart TV may display a blank or glitchy screen. Lastly, a hardware fault can also cause a black screen of death if your Smart TV’s backlight is not working or if your TV has an issue with its power supply.

How to Fix the Black Screen of Death?:

Check the cables:

Many people will disregard these Smart TV repairs and will end up failing to verify whether the HDMI cables are correctly plugged into the HDMI port. Sometimes, a faulty HDMI cable might cause a blank screen on your Smart TV and so, you should ensure that the HDMI cable and any other cables linked to sound and video are correctly plugged into their respective ports. 

If not, simply unplug the cable for 5-10 minutes to drain the excess electricity from the TV before plugging it back in. If this does not work either then, try inserting the HDMI connector into one of the available ports on your Smart TV. 

You can also try and switch to one of the other HDMI ports on your Smart TV. If the problem is with the HDMI port, trying to plug the HDMI cable into another HDMI port on your LG TV might fix your issue. If the new HDMI cable resolves the problem, then there is a very high chance of your previous cable being faulty. 

You can also try another power outlet since damage to the power socket might also occasionally result in a blank screen on your LG TV. Also, check sure your wires aren’t dirty or dusty since this can severely impede the connection and potentially cause a black screen. 

To clean the HDMI socket, take a can of compressed air and blast it into it. Furthermore, you may apply a contact cleaner to the HDMI connector, which when inserted will clean the contacts in the HDMI socket.

Check for Hardware Issues:

If none of the above work, you can check to see if the backlight is on or off. You can use a flashlight to examine this. Turn on your TV and turn up the volume to see if you can hear anything, then approach near to the TV and flash the torch on the screen. If you can see an image, it signifies that your backlight is damaged and probably needs a replacement.This indication means that your backlight is faulty. In a situation like this, you may seek assistance from the LG staff and customer support. 

Another possible problem involves the mainboard and power supply of your Smart TV and in such cases, you should contact LG for assistance or email them for online support and from there onwards they will be able to take care of your issue and help you fix it.

Factory Reset your LG TV:

The black screen on an LG TV differs from the black screen generated by a transient malfunction or a backlight issue. In that case, the black screen is broadcasting, but they may utilize applications and other settings that are functional.

When you turn on your LG TV, you will see the LG logo, then no signal, and finally a black screen, but your applications and settings will still work. To resolve these difficulties, you must reset your LG TV to factory settings by following the instructions outlined below.

1)Select all options from the settings menu. Scroll down and click on general.

2)Next, choose Reset to initial settings and click OK to confirm. After resetting, you will no longer have an LG TV black screen.

If your remote isn’t working, you may also reset without using it.

Power Supply:

Another cause of this issue is a power supply problem, most likely with the electrolytic capacitors. When capacitors begin to fail, they produce power outages. The TV may begin to take a long time to turn on, fail to come on, or switch off at random. To resolve the issue, either replace the faulty capacitors or replace the power board.

Satellite Box:

The resolution setting on the cable/satellite box may be lost at times. On the front of the box, press the RES or Resolution button until it is adjusted to 480p or higher (preferably 1080i). If this button is not present on the box, use your remote to access the Info menu. In the information bar at the top of the screen, the TV will indicate the current resolution for that input. If the TV is getting 480i resolution, you must contact your provider to have the resolution on the box adjusted before proceeding.


There are a few instances when you can perform the above tests as well as everything else we’ve discussed today without resolving your LG TV’s black screen. If this occurs, use the technical knowledge we’ve provided here to select the best technician. 

You already have a general understanding of the kind of repairs that may be required. You also have a general concept of when it is time to replace or repair the TV in order to save excessive investment. You may consider the suggestions at this point to make the best selection.

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