LG TV Lines on Screen Problem

LG TV Lines on Screen Problem

As an expert on TVs, I understand that encountering colored lines on the screen of your LG TV can be frustrating.

In this article, I will provide you with a comprehensive guide on why this issue occurs and the best ways to fix it, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy your TV without any interruptions.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with these pesky colored lines, read on for the ultimate solution.

Let’s discuss LG TV Lines on Screen Problem.

LG TV Lines on Screen Problem

LG TV is one of the most popular television brands on the market. The brand has developed over the years to include several performance-enhancing technologies, most notably the LG smart TVs.

Despite being a high-quality device, you may encounter certain issues when using your LG TV. When you switch on your TV, you may notice horizontal lines on the screen. There’s no need to panic if you’ve discovered the same thing on your TV.

Lines on your TV screen do not always indicate that it is damaged. Other variables might be to blame.

Lines on Screen:

Vertical lines on television are unusual. When this occurs, it indicates that there is an underlying issue causing the difficulty.

It might, for example, indicate that the power source is failing or defective. In other circumstances, it might indicate that the HDMI cable was not properly attached, or that there is a bad connection between the processing board and the display. Another possibility is that the image does not perfectly fit the screen.

When you see black vertical lines on your TV screen, the first thing you should do is figure out what’s causing the problem. Begin by checking your cable connections and ensuring that your external devices are operational.

You may also experiment with different channels to see if the lines appear on all of them. Recognize that lines on a TV screen can be caused by either hardware or software.

Software problems are simple to resolve. However, hardware issues need contacting the device’s maker or a professional.

TV screen lines are an annoyance that can be caused by a variety of faults with the TV. This article will discuss what causes this, whether or not it can be fixed depending on the cause, and how to fix it.

Reasons you might be seeing these lines:

Lines on the screen can emerge when any portion of a TV’s display is broken, corrupted, or malfunctioning. The LCD panel, T-Con board, and row drivers are examples of TV parts that can cause horizontal lines to emerge.

Problems with these sections can occur for a variety of causes, and the appearance of your lines might reveal a lot about what’s wrong. If the lines are brand new, one of these components was most likely damaged.

Connections between TV components can also be disrupted, resulting in horizontal lines. This might happen on its own or if the TV is broken.

If you observe colorful horizontal lines, it might be due to the T-Con board. If the other pieces do not appear to be a problem, this area of the television may be causing the lines.

How to repair horizontal lines on an LG TV:

LCDs are constructed from two thin layers of glass with liquid crystals sandwiched between them. Any mechanical damage to the glass layers might enable debris to enter and interfere with the polarizing capacity of the screen, resulting in horizontal lines. When the TV is switched on, problems with the hardware might also cause the tracks to illuminate.

LCD screens now stand out due to their vibrant visuals. As a result, the technologies used to diagnose display issues may change slightly. A single horizontal line on the screen might indicate a row driver malfunction or a damaged row electrode. A defective video driver might be the cause of a series of lines obscuring the vision.

Here’s how I’d go about making the fixes –

  1. Unplug the TV from the power source and place it flat on a soft surface. Remember that any slits or holes in the screen might allow debris to enter.
  2. A ribbon connection connects the video driver to the LCD. Check for tightness and oxidation.
  3. If the issue persists, examine the Timing Control Board.
  4. You’ll need the T-Con board’s model number and manufacturer representative to replace it. Flat ribbon wires link the main panel to the board and the LCD panel via LVDS cable.
  5. You may also need to test the LVDS harness or coaxial wire, which may need to be replaced. Look for the wire’s specs and another one just like it.

It is possible that the issue with LCD panels is not due to hardware at all. Check for software updates and troubleshoot using the tools offered. Many software issues can be resolved by doing a factory reset.

Horizontal lines on a TV screen can be repaired by restarting the television, reconnecting loose connections, and removing dust from inside the television. Horizontal lines on a television screen might be intermittent or permanent. 

However, no matter what the origins of the lines are, a sufficient understanding of the relationships and the necessary tools may eliminate the lines. If a part has to be replaced, there are always authorized professionals available to examine the hardware’s problem and replace it.

What to do if you see these lines?:

If your TV displays colored vertical lines, try softly tapping in different spots on the back of the TV; you may see the vertical-colored lines disappear altogether or reduce in intensity. If this is the case, you may just have a faulty electrical cable. 

This is not a permanent solution, but it may temporarily prevent the vertical-colored lines from appearing. To permanently resolve this, you must analyze the problem and determine whether the wire harness is loose, malfunctioning, or broken.

Horizontal lines on a TV screen can be caused by bad software or poor internal wiring. Lines may also appear as a result of mechanical damage to the display. 

Horizontal lines on TV displays can be caused by a variety of factors which include Debris – The back of the screen is a magnet for undesired particles such as dust, hair, and so on. Slits or small holes in the glass layers of the screen might function as an entryway for debris. These particles typically mess with the internal workings of the device and destroy the display.

Another reason may be loose wires or cables as previously stated, the lines might be transient as well, owing to defective or loose connections. Bumps in the wiring or an incorrect TV setting might also impair functioning.

Panel Damage can also be a reason for lines on the screen as impurities in picture rendering on the screen are frequently caused by problems with the graphics hardware. Lines are commonly used to represent these faults. Sets of horizontal lines might be caused by a malfunctioning graphics system or damaged video cable connections.


A TV screen with lines can be fixed in a variety of ways. You can, for example, switch channels to verify if the lines display on all changes, change the input source, double-check cable connections, or power-cycle your device.

However, if the problem is hardware-related, avoid attempting to repair it if you lack the necessary competence. Instead, contact the device’s maker or a technician for more information.

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