Liftmaster Keypad Programming no Enter Button

A garage door opener is the best device to keep the garage safe from intruders. Almost every garage door opener comes with a remote control or a keypad that allows entering the passcode and this way your family members like your kids or other home persons can enter your garage by putting in the right code. The keypad is a convenient way to access the garage because it allows only authorized persons to enter your garage.

Sometimes, a UPS guy can also leave a package inside your garage if he knows the pin so that can be comforting because no one would like to keep the expensive package outside where anyone can take it away.

In this article, you will learn how to program a Liftmaster keyboard without an entering button as well as with an entering button. 

First, you need to put your garage door in operate mode to do this stuff and later you can put it back before placing the faceplate and restoring the power.

Let’s take a look at the process in detail.

Liftmaster Keypad Programming no Enter Button

Why do you need to program the keypad?

Having a keypad allows you to be anywhere so that family members can access the garage without your existence. That’s why the keypad allows you to add, change, or add new pins when you are moving to a new home, giving it to new tenants, lost the remove, forgot the code or someone else knows the code who wasn’t supposed to know it.

LiftMaster Keypad Programming No Enter Button

So, at this point, I assume you don’t have the remote control and you cannot have the keyless entry into your garage. These are the steps to program the keypad without entering the button.

Unplug the door opener

First of all, you need to disconnect your garage door opener and then you will be able to access the inner working as well as you won’t be able to get accidental shocks as well because there is no more electricity in the garage door opener.

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Remote The Faceplate

Now, simply remove the faceplate

Switch the Mode

Now, you need to find the dual program switch which is by default on the operating mode. You need to set it to program mode and then you will be able to change the pin code.

Change the Pin

Once in the program mode, enter a unique pin and write it down somewhere so that you don’t forget it later. Don’t use a complex pin and don’t either use the simplest pin as well. Once you put the right pin code, now, switch the mode back to operate mode and try to check if the code is working or not.


LiftMaster Programming With entering Button

Now, let’s say you have the enter button, this is how you will program your keypad with the enter button.

Find the Learn Button

The first and foremost step is to find the learn button on the top of the garage door opener. Try to use a ladder to access the learn button and when you have found it, just press it at least four to five times if you are not using the MyQ control panel. If there is a MyQ panel installed, just press the learn button twice and you will be able to insert a new code.

Enter the Code

Now, you have to set the new four-digit unique code within the time frame of 30 seconds. So, hurry up and put the code as fast as possible. The rule of thumb is to select the code before this process and then just insert it immediately when you get the option to insert the code to do it within the time limit. Make sure that the code is easy to remember and also try to put it somewhere where you can access it later in case you forget the code.

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Lights will Blink

Once you have entered the code, the LED lights on the garage door opener will start blinking, that’s a sign that the code is officially set and now you need to test the code.

Test The Code

Now, you need to insert the new code again through the keypad to make sure the code is working fine. But, if somehow the code didn’t work, try doing this process again and it will work.

Sometimes, unauthorized persons can know the code and can compromise your security, so you should immediately take action against it to stop the potential chance of theft.

Choosing the Pin

You should always choose a pin that is easy to remember and hard to forget. Forgetting the code can be annoying and frustrating because now you may have to reset it which can be daunting for some people. 

So, don’t try to choose an obvious pin but you can choose a specific four-digit number like your year of birth, your postcode, your credit card digits, or your phone number digits.

So, this way, you can prevent unauthorized persons to enter your garage.


What is a LiftMaster?

LiftMaster is a well-known manufacturer of home security devices including garage door openers, and they also produce garage door accessories like keypads, remotes, and other useful accessories.

Lift Master Products

LiftMaster is a big brand that produces a range of garage door openers like wall mounts, chain drives, smart, and belts.

Wall Mount Garage door openers are installed on the wall near the door allowing you to maximize your garage space without any clutter or wire or device.

Chain drive garage door openers are modern and more powerful, and they are built for heavy doors or for those homes where the doors are used regularly.

Smart openers are used for smart homes allowing you to control the garage door from anywhere, by just connecting it with a cellphone connection.

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Belt Drive

These garage door openers are great for those who don’t want any noise in their households but still need a powerful gadget. So, a belt drive garage door would be an ideal option to go with.

LiftMaster Keypad is Not working 

If your keypad is not working, you need to see if the batteries are functional or not. Next, you need to look for frayed wires. Finally, check for broken keys inside. If nothing from all these options, then you need to buy yourself a new keypad or a complete garage door opener set.

All in all, a Liftmaster garage door is an expensive gadget for the security of your garage. This article allows you to program the keypad without the enter button.

Just keep in mind that keep the PIN private and don’t use an easy pin that any random person can guess easily. Learn button is always located near the antenna so that you can easily access it.

That said, Liftmaster is a great brand that offers this amazing garage door opener that uses a keypad as a security method to help those enter who don’t have a remote control. Liftmaster also offers you replacements parts, keypads, receivers, remotes, and then can also come to rescue you anytime.

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