Lost Both Tesla Key Cards?-What Should You Do

Imagine the anguish and astonishment you would experience when you reach towards your car to realize that you lost both Tesla key cards. What to do next is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

What if you dropped it somewhere in plain sight only for someone to pick it up? It’s also possible that your key cards have been stolen. So, if you have lost both Tesla key cards, you can get a new one and deactivate the old keycards by performing the necessary steps.

The user cannot program the new Tesla key cards. Tesla will need you to prove your identification to program new or fresh key cards. Additionally, there are additional Tesla requirements for canceling old keycards and ordering new ones. 

Let’s learn more about the details.

Have You Lost Both Tesla Key Cards?

Regardless of where, or when you misplaced your key cards. Your key card might be in possession of someone else, anyone who may not possess the best of motives. If you have lost both Tesla key cards, you have to do two things as given below:

  • Deactivation of the missing card
  • Replacement of the missing card

You can use a backup key card and your own phone to deactivate a single key card if you’ve lost it. Let’s descend to learn more about how to deactivate your keycard completely.


You can cancel access if a key card is misplaced or if you don’t want it to be used to unlock your automobile. The two basic techniques for deactivating the missing keycards are as follows.

By Using The Spare Key

In the first case, you can disable the Tesla key card by utilizing a backup key that you may have in your luggage or possibly somewhere within your car. You must access your Tesla central screen to make the required adjustments in order to disable the missing card. Follow this quick pattern:

  • Click “Controls” first, followed by “Locks.”
  • Select the key you would like to deactivate from the column of connected key cards. Those items will also be shown if you occasionally access and begin your Tesla with your smartphone or key fob. After selecting the key, click the trash symbol.
  • When the system prompts you, scan the backup key card of Tesla on the key reader. Similar to entering your Windows profile password when performing a major transition process, this is a verification step to ensure that you are performing the deletion.

Multiple key cards could be linked to the car, which presents a challenge for some owners who want to delete the right card. If you are one of those people who are concerned about this issue, don’t worry since we also cover this topic here.

You will run into significant issues if you deactivate the spare key card you have instead of the misplaced one; since then, you won’t have a backup card to eliminate the missing one.

  • The keys are organized by Tesla based on when they were last used. As a result, the key card that was most previously used will be at the forefront of the list, for example, if you used the alternative key card to unlock the car.
  • Your backup would be last on the list if it had been kept hidden and unopened. Additionally, it ought to indicate your key card on the screen if you touch it on the scanner by the cup holder so you can be certain.
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By Using The Mobile App

The scenario mentioned above is great if you have a backup key card. However, what happens if you lost both tesla key cards? So you can use a smartphone or a key fob. You could certainly do it. However, what if you had a dead phone from forgetting to charge it? And your lover or spouse has the key fob?

First of all, don’t worry; solutions are still available. The good news is that for the bulk of people, the likelihood of this situation occurring is not very high because it is quite unlikely that you would not have a backup key card, your phone would not work, and you would not have a car key to use.

  • The worst-case situation is highly improbable, thanks to the possibilities and options that Tesla has offered. But if it does, take these two actions: The first step is the most important one. You’ll need to acquire a phone and contact someone you believe has access to the vehicle/car through the Tesla app. 
  • This will probably be your spouse or another close relative who owns/drives the vehicle and has a connected device to it. If you are unable to borrow a cellphone, you may need to ask a passerby to install the Tesla app.
  • After entering the application, have the companion use it to unlock the vehicle remotely. Now, you should be able to continue traveling and bring the Tesla back and secure it safely within the garage until you have time to deal with the Tesla key card situation perfectly.

Even though there are a few steps, asking somebody to install the App for you could be somewhat unpleasant in the worst-case situation. But you’ll probably discover that a lot of people will feel quite sorry for you, especially if you explain that you have lost both tesla key cards was robbed (as opposed to accidentally lost) and that you have an urgent need.

In any case, cell phones are now more quickly than ever, so the procedure won’t actually take very long. You never know—you might even make more than one new best friend.

After deactivating the missing Tesla key card, you must focus on obtaining replacement cards. In the sections below, we’ll go over how to do this both when you have a backup card and when you lost both Tesla key cards.


You can buy replacement key cards straight from the Tesla company’s website if you still possess a spare key. You must purchase at least one pair, which costs $35. They don’t come in single-unit sales. You receive two key cards and a purse to store them in the $35 bundle. When your newly added cards are received, program them by following these instructions:

  • Click the big “+” symbol in the “Keys” category under “Controls,” followed by “Locks.”
  • Put your newly added card on the card reader, and it will be instantly recognized. At that point, you can take it off.
  • Insert your backup card (which must be authorized) into the reader. The new key card will then be verified and show up as “New Key Card” on the screen.
  • Rename your tesla key card so you can recognize it in the list by clicking on the edit function.
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Things can become more problematic if you haven’t any verified keys or lost both tesla key cards. You cannot verify and program a new Tesla key card if no keys are currently attached to the vehicle. Let’s come down and find its alternative.

The best course of action is to buy new Tesla key cards and schedule a visit to your local Tesla Service Center so that a Tesla employee can assist you in programming the key cards. 

Only a Tesla staff can assist in programming new spares if you don’t already have an authorized spare. Naturally, you’ll be asked for identification, so be certain you have enough of it.

Note: You can make a mobile consultation for somebody to visit you and help you program the new key cards. The programming must be done privately; it cannot be conducted over the internet or by phone.

How To Stop It From Occurring Again?

You can handle your stolen or lost Tesla key card in the following ways. Your top goal should be to disable the lost card as quickly as you can, without letting your Tesla alone, just like you would with your credit and debit cards or several other bank cards.

  • Label Your Tesla Key Cards

Label each tesla key card with the title given to it; then you can be assured to avoid confusion about which key card is which or mistakenly deleting current cards that you will need to remain active. Tesla key cards differ from credit and debit cards with your identity on them. 

Although they are all identical in appearance, you can label or color-code these key cards with different stickers, then register those changes on your screen by entering the name of the intended sticker color. There are numerous options.

  • To Increase Security By Adding A PIN Code

Make sure your automobile has a Pin code that is essential to start the vehicle as one thing you may do before you can even lose your key cards. Accordingly, even if a burglar obtains one of your Tesla key cards, they might be able to access the automobile, but they can’t make it run or start it. This will at the very least give you some space and security.

  • Keep One Tesla Key Card At Your Home Always

Next, avoid the error of putting all of your key cards in one wallet or purse. If you have two-tesla key cards and both they are in the same purse, and you misplace this wallet, you will have to deal with the worst-case situation of having to take other phones and other items, as well as scheduling meetings with Tesla staff to get your newly purchased keys programmed.

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Therefore, always store an automobile safely somewhere, whether at home, at the office, in a bedside drawer, or elsewhere. Don’t forget to program your backup key card tesla into the system and verify it.

Despite being in your possession, an unpaired or inactive card is useless. If you go by these recommendations, you should hopefully never experience any problems if you ever lose your key card. 

Handy Tip: The iOS software “Remote S” is another option for Apple Watch owners. With this, you can control your Tesla car from your watch, giving you additional online access in the event your smartphone runs out of battery.


Lost Both Tesla Key Cards- You only need to do two things: first, deactivate your Tesla key card, and second, contact Tesla’s customer service team. Ask the Tesla staff, explain the situation in detail, and let them know you want a new one. There are a few requirements that the Tesla staff will help you with. Follow the advice above to prevent this from happening again after receiving your new Tesla key cards.


How To Deactivate Lost Tesla Key Card?

You can cancel access if a Tesla key card is misplaced or if you don’t want it to be used to unlock your automobile. Unlock your car and turn on the screen’s Car submenu to do this. Press the option of the trash can symbol next to the tesla key card you want to delete in the Locks section of the navigation menu. Observe the directions on the screen.

Can You Track A Lost Tesla Key Card?

Using the Tesla app, you ought to be able to enter and operate the car. If you don’t have a backup key card, arrange a reservation with your neighborhood Tesla dealer when you arrive home. 

Lost Tesla Key Card: What To Do

Launch the Tesla application on your mobile device. The App must still work to open the car and start the engine. If you do not possess a backup key card, make a reservation with your neighborhood Tesla dealer when you return home. If you lose both, there is no other way to obtain a new pair.

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