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Lost Tesla Key Card: How To Tackle The Situation?

The Tesla keycard helps you to access the Tesla Model 3, but if, in any case, you have lost the Tesla keycard, don’t panic. Dig out this article to find the solutions.

A Tesla keycard is a crucial asset that needs to be protected at every cost as it communicates and validates the phone keys to operate with Model 3; however, in the end, we all are human, and due to mismanagement, we can lose it anywhere.

If, in any case, you have lost your Tesla key card, immediately revoke it to prevent access to your vehicle. Canceling the Tesla keycard is simple and can be made through the car menu on the screen.

But revoking is not a solution; what to do for this purpose? How to find a lost Tesla keycard replacement or how to keep it safe? To find these answers, you can devolve into this article.

Lost Tesla Key Card

Lost Tesla Key Card

Relax if you don’t like holding the Tesla car keys with you everywhere. There is an alternative for keys; yes, a Tesla key card is the best solution to lock or unlock cars easily. 

This pocket-sized keycard is compatible with Tesla’s Model Y, Model 3 vehicles, and the 2021 Models X and S. It is frustrating if the key card gets lost, especially if you are out of home and the car is parked in the office or shopping mall parking lot. 

If, in any case, the key is lost, use the phone or other NFC gadgets to unlock the car, or else you can find the key card with a phone. You can also do a replacement, but remember that replacing a key card is not easy – it is costly and time-consuming. 

Lost Tesla Key Card: Some Useful Alternatives  

If you are the one who lost the Tesla key card, go for some alternatives and unlock the car as soon as possible. Get inside, go back home and relax a bit. 

Let’s have a look into the alternatives in detail!

Solution 1: Try Using Phone Key 

If the Tesla key card is lost, you can first see if the phone is used as a key because models Y and 3 allow you to unlock the car with the phone key. By using this, it is a breeze to lock or unlock the car.  

Solution 2: Find The Lost Key 

Don’t just sit and wait for any miracle to happen. Try to find the lost key, and one can do this by using the Tesla app. The phone communicates to the Tesla key almost the same way it works with other devices. If it does not work, try to get a replacement. 

Solution 3: Get a Replacement From Tesla 

Unfortunately, you lost the Tesla key card, and the car is locked; either you can use the car keys or buy a new key card from Tesla. But this is not an easy task because Tesla is a renowned company and its vehicles are not ordinary. You need to face many security checks and verifications. 

After passing all the checks, when you get the new card, program it with the car and pair it with the app. Don’t forget to do this, as it will help you to track the lost key comfortably in the future. 

Way To Use The Key Card On Tesla Cars?

If you want to unlock the Tesla card with a key card, take it out from the handbag or wallet because it will not be recognized when lying inside the bag as its access gets blocked due to interference from other objects and cards. 

Place a card flat against the b-pillar among the rear and front doors. It is just a few inches underneath the camera. 

You will hear a single chirp when unlocked, but it works when the feature is enabled, but if the light flashes, it indicates that the vehicle is still unlocked. Remove the key; you are ready to drive away and go where you want. 

The Bottom Line

Tesla’s keycard holds massive importance as it uses RFID (radio-frequency identification) signals and connects with Model 3. If, in any case, it gets lost, the communication with Model 3 will become challenging. 

So, dig out this article to find alternative solutions to effectively deal with this issue.

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