MacBook battery cycle count over 1000

MacBook battery cycle count over 1000

Are you looking for a solution to a MacBook battery cycle count over 1000? This article is the solution.

The battery cycle count is the number of times the battery is drained and recharged. For Instance, if you use your MacBook and charge it to 100%, drain it entirely over one session or a couple of days and then do the same thing again, that’s a battery cycle. Every cycle doesn’t need to have the same charging levels. 

MacBook battery cycle count over 1000

Batteries in MacBooks have a finite life. The newest model of 13 inch MacBook Pro is known for 1000 cycles. It might not sound like a lot, but if you finish and recharge the battery every day, you can quickly get two to three years out of it. 

The battery is made to hold up to 80% of the original battery capacity at 1000 cycles of charging. One thousand battery cycles don’t mean that your MacBook will stop charging after this; it means that your battery’s Charging capacity will be reduced to 70%. When your battery cycle count reaches over 1000, you can see a deteriorating performance of your battery, and that’s when you need a replacement, but don’t worry, you can save your battery life in many ways. There are so many ways to optimize MacBook battery health.

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How to secure battery life:

If you have a MacBook, you can’t stop using it to save your battery life. Instead, you can take some steps to maximize the time your battery lasts.

There are so many ways To optimize your battery and use it for a longer time; the main thing that drinks your battery is the brightness; the hack is to dim the brightness or use lower power mode; it lengthens the battery life before you charge it again. It also helps you if you’re out of the home to work on your device a little longer. 

You can switch off background apps, and power drains such as Wi-Fi, location, Bluetooth. Try to use fewer battery apps; for Instance, switch to Safari from Chrome and Firefox. If you plug in an external device to your MacBook, such as an SD card or a cable to send data, remove it as soon as you’re done with the work. Social media apps like Snapchat and Netflix consume more battery so try to close down other apps while using these.

Video games also consume a large amount of your battery fast; it’s better to play games on heavy apps, preferably on computers or devices that don’t limit battery cycle counts. YouTube also tends to drain the battery fast.

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The major drawback that we don’t recognize is the usage of MacBooks while charging them; Even apple iPhones are discouraged from using when they’re charging Because the amount of charge it’s getting equals to the amount of charging it’s draining, so the battery acts up and sometimes malfunctions which leads to poor battery life and breakdown of devices.

Replacing your MacBook’s battery:

The standard price for battery service is between $129 to $199. You should look at first check that your MacBook is under warranty. Our protection plan is purchased. Before deciding to replace your battery, you need to figure out the current cycle count; sometimes, over 2000 cycle counts reduce battery life to 75%. Some people suffer a reduction to 60% after 1000 battery cycles, depending on the usage and the extremity of the charging and draining of the battery.

You can quickly check the current cycle count by holding down the Alt key, clicking the apple icon, and choosing the system report; the next step is to click on the power from the left side of the panel and see your battery cycle counts under the health information.

You don’t need to worry. If your cycle count is over 1000, your battery life can still work. It doesn’t mean it needs a replacement immediately. 

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The battery is built-in MacBooks are designed to handle several battery cycles. The company says the battery of MacBooks is designed to hold up to 80% of its original capacity at 1000 complete charge cycles. But usually, it works more than that. Some people surpass over 2000 battery cycle counts and still have good battery health.  

What does the battery icon tell

General know-how of battery health is usually done through the battery icon. Click on the battery icon in the menu bar, and you see any of these four Notifications:

  • Normal 
  • Replace soon
  • Replace now
  • Service battery.

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