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MacBook Pro locked with Find My Mac – Easier Ways to Troubleshoot

MacBook Pro locked with Find My Mac

Is your MacBook Pro locked with Find My Mac? No worries, we have a solution for you! Read ahead and fix your issue.

Buying a laptop is an expensive deal and then losing it is like losing a long investment, and then getting it back is also a long process to go. Similarly, the laptop that is locked is also terrible.

A laptop is a long and heavy investment; thus, everything about the laptop is super-serious. One more issue that the user can face with the laptop is MacBook Pro locked with Find My Mac. 

Did you also lock your Mac? While using the Find My Mac laptop gets locked, so what could be the solution? Wondering?

Stay along with us for an answer!! 

MacBook Pro locked with Find My Mac. 

Carefully check the list present on the right-hand side; keep scrolling down to see Find My Mac.

  • Ensure that the box located next to it is checked.
  • Click on Allow. 

That is all! Now, whenever unluckily your MacBook gets stolen, iCloud Find My Mac utility will help you out in this regard. Use it to track your MacBook Pro easily.

Tip: Whenever you go to a coffee shop or anywhere else with your MacBook Pro in your bag, make sure to delete sensitive data or store it on any other device. When you use macOS’ securely empty Trash feature, generally, it is prolonged. So for enjoying fat work, we suggest you use CleanMyMac X’s Shredder. It will delete folders and files securely and also delete locked items without showing Finder errors. This is so easy to download and use. Once downloaded, install, select the Shredder utility and choose those files and folders you wish to erase. Don’t forget to press shred at last. 

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Activation Lock and Find My on Mac

Find My app comes with several features, one of which is known as Activation Lock. The activation lock will turn on by itself when you set up Find My on your Mac. This is so helpful as it helps your MacBook Pro not be used by others without your permission. It also helps when the MacBook Pro is snatched or lost.

Important note: Activation Lock is only available on Mac computers with the Apple T2 Security Chip or Apple silicon. 

When you set up Activation Lock, Apple ID and password is needed before anyone can:

  • Try to turn on Find My on your device
  • Sign out from the device
  • Reactivate or Erase the device

Activation Lock remains on when you remotely erase or lose your device. In this scenario, Apple ID and Password are required to reactivate the MacBook Pro. If you erase all settings and content, Activation Lock will turn off. If many persons use your MacBook Pro, the Activation Lock will only turn on for the first person who tries to set up Find My. Find I will turn off by using that person’s Apple ID and password. 

Important Note: Always remember your Apple ID and password, and choose something secure and unique. It should be like that. No one else should guess it. Please write them in a safer place which is only known to you.

How to Turn Off Find My Mac

As discussed earlier, Find My Mac is a macOS feature that helps you locate the stolen or missing device whenever you sign in from or the Find My iPhone app in iOS. You can see the location of your Mac on the map, and it also plays a sound if the Mac is not far away from you. People suggest its users enable Find My Mac on Apple devices for all these advantages, especially MacBook Pro.

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But there are certain cases where you have to turn it off. For example, when you are going to sell the device to someone else, you have to disable it because the new user will be unable to do this without your ID and Password. And when you take it to the Apple repair shop, they ask you to turn off ‌Find My‌ Mac. No matter whatever the reason is, read below to know how to turn it off.

  • Steps to Follow When Turning Off Find My Mac

Here are a few steps which you can use to turn it off.

  • Go to system preferences
  • From the Preference, panel click on iCloud
  • Keep scrolling down to see Find My Mac, and untick the checkbox.
  • Now enter Apple ID and Password.
  • Click on Continue.
  • See the top left corner of the window, click on the red dot and close the preference pane.

That is all, now Find My Mac is disabled. By doing so, MacBook Pro stays protected from Locked because of Find My Mac. 

That’s all about MacBook Pro locked with Find My Mac; I hope your issue will get fixed!

The Key Takeaway

Due to the use of Find My Mac, our MacBook gets locked, and it is not something to be worried about because there are many solutions to this problem. If you are the one who is also caught in this problem, you can sort it out by going through this article. 

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Our proven ways will not disappoint you ever but ease your journey, so here you go!

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