Microphone Not Working On Calls AirPods: Reasons And Fixes

Microphone Not Working On Calls AirPodsIs your microphone not working on calls AirPods? No worries, it happens – you are not alone! There are several reasons behind this error, such as configuration issues, dirt, low battery, and so on. Whatever the reason is, the solution is not very tricky!

You can walk through this article to unfold the possible reasons that make the microphone nonfunctional and their solution.

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Microphone Not Working On Calls AirPods

There is no rocket science; your AirPods microphone stops working for various reasons. Blocked microphone port, dirt, and debris on its surface, the low battery could be the main culprits. So try to figure out the problem first and then look for solutions. Remember, AirPods are an expensive device; you have to be very careful if cleaning them yourself. 

Microphone Not Working on Calls AirPods: Possible Reasons: 

The AirPods microphone stops working for any small or big reasons. We are here for some of the most common reasons. Let’s discuss them in detail because you won’t take the next step without knowing them. 

  • Low Batteries:

When the AirPods run short of battery, they might face a struggle in performing fully. It is suggested to charge them fully and try to check out the voice from the microphone. It is seen that a nearly dead battery might lose the volume and AirPods face difficulty in connecting with other devices, and the microphone loses power and control. The mic is not working, the main reason must be dead AirPods, and another person might not hear you properly. 

  • Dirty AirPods:

The main cause of the microphone not working on-call AirPods is the presence of dirt and debris on its surface. As you wear them in the ears for a long time, it is seen that earwax and dirt build up on the AirPods with time, and due to the negligence, it stuck with the microphone, and it stopped working. In this scenario, always try to clean the surface first, listen to music, and check if it starts working. 

  • Damage or Mechanical Problem:

This might be the worst scenario, but this is possible due to mechanical damage; the microphone stops working. If your AirPods are exposed to water many times, or you dropped them many times, chances are higher that they damage internally. This is a rare case because people mostly care for heavy investments but still, you cannot avoid this fact. 

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Microphone Not Working on Call AirPods: What To Do?

The worst scenario indeed, but no worries. Every issue has a solution. Let’s figure out some possible solutions to make the microphone start working again. 

  • Put the Airpods in the Case and Try Again:

Believe us, this is a  simple trick, and it works great, especially when the microphone stops working. If you face this issue, put them back in the charging case for about 30 seconds, remove them and try again. By doing so, the Bluetooth connection will reset, and everything will come back to normal.

  • Clean your AirPods:

With the passage of time, earwax and other dirt particles start building on the surface of AirPods and gradually cover the microphone, and even fully block your voice. In this case, it is suggested to clean the mic and try to clean it regularly. 

Cleaning the dirt and debris from the surface of AirPods looks simple, but remember, it is an electronic device, and you have to follow some steps to clean them in the right way. Experts suggest taking a toothbrush or similar item to remove grime or dirt from the AirPods surface. They said you could also use a Q-Tip for cleaning out AirPods, just like you clean your ears. Avoid using soap or water that will only worsen the case, and chances are higher that you permanently damage the microphone. 

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  • Update the AirPods Firmware:

Microphone Not Working on AirPods, another reason might be outdated firmware. If you want to know about your current firmware version, go to settings, general about, then search for AirPods. If you notice outdated firmware, try to update it as soon as possible. Go to the Wikipedia page for checking the latest versions. 

To do this, connect the AirPods to the charging case and put them near your iPhone, which must be connected with an internet connection. Check it again after 30 minutes, and it might get updated. 

  • Charge Your AirPods:

People who forget to charge their AirPods case might face the microphone stopped working issue. To avoid this situation, it is always recommended to charge the AirPods; this is not a time-consuming task. It hardly takes 30 minutes to charge fully. 

Our Wrap Up:

Microphone Not Working on Calls AirPods error is common yet annoying. If you face this issue, do not rush to a tech-savvy person or browse different sites; here, we have stated some common issues behind this error and how to troubleshoot. So read the article from top to bottom and handle this problem timely.

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