Model 3 Windshield Wipers Skipping

If your Model 3 Windshield Wipers Skipping, don’t feel yourself trapped. Simply hit this article and follow the discussed steps to unravel the pesky issues.

Windshield wipers in all Tesla cars keep water to the side during heavy or light rain. Obviously, when the windshield is crystal clear, bright, and clean, the sight will also become more apparent, and you will feel comfortable while driving.  

But sometimes, the Model 3 Windshield Wipers Skipping leaves annoying marks on the car’s front screen, making it difficult for you to look at the roadside. 

There are many reasons why the windshield skips, ranging from the faulty wiper motor to the worn-out rubber of the wipers; the issue lies in the blades, or sometimes they bend and do not move comfortably. 

It doesn’t always mean that the problem is in the wipers; stay with us and explore what other factors are involved in this bug. 

Model 3 Windshield Wipers Skipping

Model 3 Windshield Wipers Skipping: Why?

As discussed, various culprits lead to windshield skipping issues, such as worn-out wiper rubber, blade, etc. In addition, dust and debris on the windshield also prevent wipers from working efficiently; hence, it is required to clean them immediately. (the process is discussed at the bottom).

Model 3 Windshield Wipers Skipping: Some Quick Fixes

Sometimes windshield skips and leaves Tesla model 3 car owners wondering what should be the reason behind it. There is no fixed cause for this issue; it happens for many reasons.  

By following the quick fixes, you can eliminate this issue and stop it from happening in the future.  

Let’s dig out some of the quickest solutions to stop wipers from skipping. 

Cleaning The Windshield Might Helps 

Before planning to replace the entire blades or wipers, better to inspect the windshield first. Because most of the time, the issue happens due to debris and dirt on the windshield. 

Dust on the windshield is visible; you don’t need any magnifying glass to inspect this. Just take a good quality glass cleaner from the nearest store, lift the wipers and start cleaning. Make sure to clean the areas of the Windscreen where wipers take a rest for a long time because it is the area where a thick layer of dust is present. 

Now go inside the car and start running the wipers; we hope they will not skip next time. But if the issue persists or reoccur, move to the next troubleshooting method immediately. 

Cleaning Of Blades Is Also A Good Idea 

Once finished cleaning the windshield, the next step is to clean the blades thoroughly. Tesla Model 3 car owners do not give importance to the blades and ignore them. But remember, sometimes a proper cleaning of the blades resolves this issue, and the wipers start working again. 

Check the Blades’ Condition

Windshield wipers are outside the car and directly interact with the rain, sun, and dust. If the Tesla owners do not take care of the blades properly, they will wear out after a few years.   

So if after the cleaning of the blades, the issue remains; they probably need replacement. Check the knicks or other worn-out indications, and don’t forget to inspect the angle. 

Furthermore, car owners need to make sure that there is no issue with the wiper installation. If any problem lies in the installation, blades will not make contact with the windshield and face difficulty cleaning the water during rainy days. 

You know that water on the windshield is dangerous during driving because drivers will not see what is in front of them on the road. That is why it is necessary to check the wipers thoroughly after a few months.

Reasons Why wiper Does Not Make Contact with the Windscreen

There are many reasons why the wipers face difficulty in making direct contact with the Windscreen. Bad blades and wipers may wear out, or wipers may install inaccurately. 

Let’s have a keen look into some of the reasons mentioned below. 

Reason 1: Loose Springs

The first and foremost thing Tesla Model 3 owners can check in the wipers is loose springs. Often, the spring holding the blades to the windshield gets loose or breaks down completely, due to which the blades face problems and do not function fully. 

Reason 2: Wrong Size Blades

As a Tesla car owner, you always have to check the compatibility of the blades with the car. Sometimes during replacement, the owners make a mistake by spending precious money on the wrong size blades. That is why it is recommended to double-check the blades’ size and make sure they are compatible with your Model 3. 

Reason 3: Damaged Wiper Arm

When inspecting the wipers and blades, sometimes people come to know that the skipping issue comes due to a damaged wiper arm. Due to this, the blades do not make contact with the glass, so the water and dust will remain on the windshield. 

Is It Easy To Clean Windshield Wiper Blades? Let’s Check it Out

You know windscreen wipers clean the water from the front screen during heavy or light downpours, so why not you also clean them after a month? Cleaning the blades of the wiper is not a hectic task; it is a cost-effective and easy job that everyone can do. 

The lifespan of windshield wipers is almost six months; after that, car owners need to replace them, but if they want to increase their life, it is better to clean them every few months. 

Let’s check out how to clean them! 

Things You Need

  • Warm water mixed with soap
  • Rags 
  • Rubbing alcohol 

Process Of Cleaning 

  1. Lift the arms of the wiper and use warm water mixed with soap to clean the blades softly. Be very cautious, and don’t hurt the arm or rubber of the blade.
  2. After cleaning the blades, use a little alcohol on the rag so that all the soap is removed completely. 
  3. That is it, but experts suggest cleaning the arm of the wiper and windshield where these blades rest for a long time. 

Reliable Methods To Wipe Out The Haze On A Windshield

Anything that blocks your viewing ability while driving is risky for you and many others, including haze inside your car’s windshield. If you or your passengers smoke, much of this haze is caused by a buildup of smoke residue.

However, interior windshield haze is common even if you do not smoke in your car. Pollutants from the environment and your car’s engine are drawn up from the intake vents, according to autogeek.net, and the result is a film on the interior windshield.

Step 1: Make A Mixture

So to initiate the cleaning process, mix the white vinegar in one cup with the same water quality. Put this mixture in a bottle to proceed with the glass cleaning process. Vinegar is strong enough to cut through oily and dirt residue that some other cleaners don’t. It is safe to apply vinegar as compared to ammonia.

Step 2: Keep The Towel Apart

Put the towels on the dashboard to prevent them from dripping. Mix the vinegar and water appropriately by shaking the bottle. 

Things To Notice:

A safety step – keeping safety a priority is your duty. Take the safety goggles, and put them on to ensure that spray is not entering your eye. Don’t forget to spray the windshield’s interior with vinegar water.

Step 3: Wipe Out The Windshield

Clean the windshield with a dry and clean microfiber cloth. If one side of the cloth gets dirty, swipe it to another side or get it washed. Don’t use a soiled cloth over the windshield. 

Step 4: Repeat The Process For Crystal-Clean

So, what you need to do in this step is use the spray over the windshield again, if essential. After that, take a soft dry cloth and dry it with microfiber. Repeat the process anytime when you find a hazy windshield. Car owners can also try this strategy on the vehicle’s exterior.

Have you done these 1 to 5 steps? Good, this was all about the cleaning strategy – keep repeating it to avoid mess. 

The Bottom Line

If your Tesla wipers are not working appropriately, don’t take this problem lightly because it can put you in trouble. 

So follow some reliable and easy-to-go steps and diminish this problem instantly. This article has brought some practical fixes to deal with this trouble; you can implement them instead of contacting a contractor or panicking.

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