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Monitor enters power save mode on startup

Monitor enters power save mode on startupMonitor enters power save mode on startup? I have the answer for you.

Monitor enters power save mode on startup

Given below is how to get the monitor out of the power save mode.

How do I get my monitor out of power save mode?

To get your monitor out of power save mode:

  1. Click on the power icon on the bottom right hand 
  2. Choose the ‘power options’
  3. Now, over the ‘high-performance option’, click on the additional plan option
  4. Click on ‘Change plan settings
  5. Choose the option ‘never’ next to turn off the display
  6. Choose never in ‘Put the computer to sleep option

Or you could:

  • Remove and replace video card
  • Restart computer
  • Plug into power supply

Why is my monitor saying power saving mode?

Your monitor is saying power saving mode due to:

  1. Low battery levels
  2. Minimum to no activity on device
  3. The button-cell-type battery of your computer, located on the motherboard, is empty

Basically, it happens when your monitors remain idle for a long time and some monitor manufacturers tend to develop some technologies to make the monitor’s electricity efficient for that this features comes into play.

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