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Monitor says no signal and goes to sleep

Monitor says no signal and goes to sleepMonitor says no signal and goes to sleep?

Monitor says no signal and goes to sleep

many monitors these days are showing a bug stating no signal and shortly afterward the monitor display a message that the monitor is going to sleep. This issue is more prominent in HP pavilion devices comparative to other brands.  

These issues arise due to the faulty display adapter or it might be due to the suspended keyboard issues. The problem could simply be resolved by some simple steps that don’t require any technical assistance. 

The monitor shows no signal and goes to sleep

If you’re someone who uses a PC for gaming or everyday productivity tasks, then it is highly likely that you have come across this problem where the monitor says, “No Signal” and then goes to sleep. And this problem might seem big, but fortunately, it can be usually fixed fairly easily.

Fortunately, this type of issue is generally simple to resolve. If some of the more popular fixes don’t work, it may be a sign of a hardware problem that has to be investigated for repair or replacement. You can try the following methods and see if any of these gets the job done for you.

The first one is an easy check; you begin by tracing the cable from your display to your computer to check that there are no loose connections. For example, a faulty HDMI cable might be preventing your PC’s output from being viewed and vice versa.

It’s also possible that the display cable is the source of the problem. If you see any cable damage or if the cable is relatively old, replace it. This can occasionally fix any problems with your monitor’s display right away.

Another problem that might be the reason behind the “No Signal” error on a display might be that your PC monitor is ignoring your PC’s graphics output. Most display monitors have several input ports, such as VGA, HDMI, and DVI. This can happen if your monitor’s input source is set to the incorrect device.

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Sometimes, the monitor’s resolution may be causing the “No Signal” message on your screen. A PC monitor has a limited number of display resolutions that it may employ to display your PC output. If your PC’s graphics card is set to a display resolution that is higher than what your monitor can show, you will most likely get a blank screen or a no signal warning. 

Fortunately, resolving a blank monitor screen after altering your display settings is a simple procedure. If the display abruptly loses resolution after you change the settings, all you have to do is wait for around 15 seconds and the Windows will revert the monitor to its default resolution.

If you’re certain that there isn’t a software issue like outdated drivers resulting in a “No Signal” message on your display, you can try testing a different monitor or PC as part of your troubleshooting attempts. Replace your computer’s display with a spare and if the problem persists, it is likely that you have a hardware problem with your computer that needs to be investigated further.

In some scenarios, your graphics card may be the cause of the error on your monitor as in some cases an outdated driver version may cause this error to pop up. If you’re getting a blank screen on a new monitor, it’s possible that you need to update your graphics card driver. 

As previously stated, your PC may occasionally select a resolution that is outside of the range permitted by your monitor. Similarly, your monitor may support resolutions that your graphics card does not, especially if you’re switching from a 60Hz to a 240Hz display.

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However, this problem is generally fixed easily by upgrading the graphics card drivers.  To obtain access to new features and problem fixes, it is advised that you update your drivers regularly.

Keeping the above methods in view, you can let out a sigh of relief as a “No Signal” can usually be fixed pretty easily as it can be a result of loose cables or software incompatibility. If only the above methods don’t work, you may consider looking into other PC components and investigating if some other part is causing the issue.

Why does my monitor say no signal when a computer is on?

If the computing is on but the monitor screen displays a pop up saying no signal then that means that, there is some problem with the connectivity between the two devices.  The most common fault may be due to improper connection of video cable hooking up monitor with the computer. To resolve the issue some simple troubleshooting steps could be applied starting with reconnecting the cable with the HDMI port. 

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What does it mean when it says monitor going to sleep?

When the computer is connected to a monitor screen but after switching on, it turns out to be going to sleep indicates that there are some issues with either the software or hardware of the monitor entering sleep mode will not disturb the power functioning of the device but rather windows will stop initiating. Some simple troubleshooting steps could easily resolve the bugs leading to sleep mode. 

What to do if the monitor is going to sleep?

As we have stated earlier that monitor will go to sleep mode when the monitor is not properly connected to the computer or there are some hardware or software issues. To troubleshoot the problem and resolve it you can take some simple actions that don’t require any technical assistance. 

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Start by either pressing the spacebar or clicking the mouse.  Most of the time a simple click could turn off the sleep mode and start the windows normally. 

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