Moving a freezer from one room to another

Moving a fridge is complex, and there is no secret trick that will make it easier. However, you can simplify the task by being aware of moving a freezer from one room to another.

There are several obstacles to overcome when moving a refrigerator and freezer from one room to another, but none are overwhelming. A typical kitchen refrigerator/freezer weighs roughly 300 pounds when empty, first and foremost. Second, moving a refrigerator around is awkward, even on the lighter side. But most importantly, when being transported, a refrigerator must remain as straight as possible to stop oil from entering the coolant tubes.

Moving a freezer from one room to another

Moving a freezer from one room to another

To keep the refrigerator functioning correctly and to ensure everyone’s safety throughout its journey, moving the fridge or freezer in your home requires some forethought and preparation. Use these pointers and recommendations to move a refrigerator in your house.

Clean Up the New Area

Ensure you have a spot cleared for your fridge to go before moving it and that the path is clear of any clutter. Place the refrigerator where the door can move and a plug outlet available.

Remember that unless the refrigerator is connected to a water system, you will not be able to use any built-in ice makers or water dispensers if you’re moving the fridge permanently rather than just removing it from the path for a kitchen makeover. This could have an impact on where you put the refrigerator.

Clean out the refrigerator

It’s time to empty the fridge now that you understand precisely where you’ll place it and have a clear, secure path to get there. All food, as well as drawers and shelves, are included as you don’t want anything to spill, roll around, or shatter inside the refrigerator when you move it.

You can safely leave food out on the counter since you’re merely transferring the fridge to a different part of the house, and it should not be out of service for too long. Place it in a cooler with some ice if you’re worried about something defrosting or deteriorating before you can put it back in the fridge.

Set aside all of the shelves, drawers, and racks. If they require a little cleaning, you can wipe them down or wait until the refrigerator has been transferred.

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Prepare the refrigerator for moving

The fridge’s doors should then be fastened so that they do not flap open as you transport them. They may unintentionally injure your surfaces or fingers and whatever else they strike. To secure the refrigerator’s door, wrap a rope around the appliance. Next, repeat the process for the freezer. Slide the fridge forward with the assistance of a second person to access the plug and water system. Before unplugging the refrigerator, shut off the water supply to it. All along the water pipe connecting to the fridge, locate the spigot handle closest to the appliance and crank it clockwise to close the valve. To ensure the supply is turned off, use the refrigerator’s water dispensing feature to test it. Then, turn the water supply off. Lastly, disconnect the refrigerator. With a cable tie or another piece of rope, fasten the water supply pipe and the electrical plug to the fridge (or to the rope encircling the refrigerator). If necessary, vacuum the refrigerator’s back while you’re at it to prevent dust throughout your house when moving your fridge or freezer from one area to another.

Advice for Moving a Fridge or Freezer: A Furniture Dolly

Your fridge can be moved between rooms in one of two ways: on a portable dolly or by sliding it along the floor. If you’ve got at least another person assisting you, both are considerably simpler and safer. If you need to move the refrigerator over steps, putting it on a dolly is undoubtedly the best option. Use a big bungee cable to tie the fridge to the dolly so that it won’t fall off by placing the bottom of the dolly underneath the appliance as close to the center as you can.

To lift the refrigerator, gently turn the dolly back. Take your time and ask someone to assist you in guiding the fridge as you move it because it will be heavy. Be careful not to tilt the refrigerator further than necessary to prevent clogging the cooling tubes with oil. Even when the fridge is upright, the oil may still be present in these tubes, preventing your fridge from adequately cooling.

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Refrigerator Slides Across the Floor

You can permanently move the fridge across the floor if you do not want to deal with a household dolly and do not need to move it very far. The problem, of course, is that you do not wish to damage the surface as you go; therefore, you’ll need to decide on a technique to shield it.

Try putting padded furniture movers beneath each corner of the refrigerator if you have them. The use of cardboard is a more affordable choice. Move the protective covering into position while lifting each edge of the fridge with a flat pry bar.

This approach works well as long as the cardboard or furniture movers stay in place, but if you have to cross carpet or if they slip, go with the plywood approach.

Two thin pieces of plywood that are big enough for the full fridge to slide on top are needed for the plywood approach. One part of plywood is first laid in front of the refrigerator, then the fridge is slid onto the wood with assistance, as refrigerators are heavy) at the beginning. The second piece of plywood is then slipped onto the first and placed on top of the refrigerator. Repeat this leapfrog technique until you have moved the fridge directly to its new location. Move your initial plywood piece in front of the fridge, slide it on, and then do it again. Then, move it off the last plywood piece and onto the ground.

Reconfigure the refrigerator

Remember to connect the water supply (if necessary) and plug in the fridge before you formally park it flush against the wall. Since it has not been disconnected for very long, it should quickly return to its ideal temperature. The racks and drawers in the refrigerator and freezer should be removed and put back together. Replace the food, then congratulate yourself for doing a great job!



Moving a refrigerator or freezer is a challenging and tiresome operation. If you want to install it in a different room or relocate it to a new location, doing so is unsafe and can cause a lot of trouble. After reading this comprehensive guide, we hope you can move your refrigerator from one room to another without any difficulty. I appreciate you staying with us!

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