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My monitor is cutting off the edges?

My monitor is cutting off the edgesMy monitor is cutting off the edges?

My monitor is cutting off the edges?

If you’re wondering why your monitor gets cut off at a certain area, this is because of a process called overscan. This happens because the aspect ratio of the image on-screen has been stretched more than it should fit the screen. However, many TVs will mostly come with options to automatically fit the image to your screen.

How do I fix the overscan on my monitor?

It is quite easy to fix overscan on your computer. All you have to do is to view the OSD Menu on your monitor. Here you have to make sure you get to the Aspect Ratio setting and from there you can switch the settings on Auto mode. 

Some monitors will even come with an overscan setting and this can be changed as well. You can simply press 1 on the monitor and select the Manual Image Adjust then select overscan and click on 1 to select this box. Then you can press 2 to exit this.  

How do I make my computer screen fit my monitor?

  • The first step is to go to your Settings and select Display.
  • When you are there, to better fit the screen, you can change your screen resolution. If you want a smaller and automatic adjustment, you can click on the overscan option. 
  • There will be a slider that you can move. Shift it and the screen’s image will start to shrink or get bigger.
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Once this has all been established, you can then manually adjust or use the overscan option to make final adjustments. Then, you may exit this menu. However, it is vital to reboot your computer for the changes to be implemented. 

How do you fix Overscaling?

If you want to find out how to fix over scaling or scanning, we have the easiest fix for you! All you have to do is get to the settings of the TV or monitor you are using. With this method, you will be opting for the device’s internal settings for aspect ratio and resolution. The result will be higher picture quality overall.  

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How do I adjust the edges in Windows 10?

To adjust the edges in your Windows 10 device, all you have to do is right-click on the desktop and go to Display settings. 

Then you will get to the display scaling settings and you can adjust the edges with ease. 

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