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My monitor is displaying sideways

My monitor is displaying sidewaysMy monitor is displaying sideways?

My monitor is displaying sideways

if you are facing this problem and having a question my monitor is displaying sideways, then try this step to keep your problem fixed. Hit the buttons CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow. After pressing these keys together your laptop screen/monitor will get back its landscape position again. 

If you facing a little different problem, like you want to portrait by rotating the screen or upside down the screen simply apply this method, CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow or Down Arrow or Right Arrow accordingly. So, you can move the monitor display position according to your need easily. 

How do I rotate my monitor screen?

You can easily rotate your monitor screen by using the hotkeys, by simply pressing the CTRL + ALT + Arrow. For instance, if you want to move or return your screen into its upright normal rotation, press the keys CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow, this will help the screen in getting normal position again.

If you want to rotate your screen at 90 degrees, press the keys CTRL + ALT + Right Arrow. On the other hand, if you want to rotate it at 180 degrees or want to flips it totally upside down, press CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow. To rotate it at 270 degrees angle hit the keys CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow. 

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How do I change my monitor display from vertical back to horizontal?

Simple and first applied step is to press these keys together CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow, this will help in getting back the landscape position of your laptop. But if you have attached the multiple monitor options, then choose a screen to get it fixed. 

Then select the landscape option from the map orientation. Click on the option OK OR Apply. When prompted, click on the keep changes. This will completely change the position towards horizontal. And your problem will be perfectly fixed. 

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