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My monitor is upside down?

My monitor is upside downMy monitor is upside down?

My monitor is upside down?

You can sometimes unknowingly turn your monitor upside down but don’t worry because there’s an easy fix for this. Simply press both CTRL and the ALT key together and when you also press the up arrow alongside this, the screen should be corrected. 

There can be a few combinations and a few attempts to get to the right orientation but it shouldn’t be too hard. 

How do I rotate my screen back on my monitor?

There are quite a few combinations you might want to try! If you want to go to landscape mode, then press Control, Alt, and Up arrow. If however, you wish to go to the landscape but flipped, then press Control, Alt, and down arrow. Finally, if you want to do portrait mode click Control, Alt, and left arrow.

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How do I invert my screen?

  • If you want to flip the screen upside down, you can press control and Alt and the down arrow. 
  • If you wish to rotate your screen 90 degrees to the right, press control, Alt, and the right arrow.
  • If you have to rotate it 90 degrees to the left, then press control, Alt, and the left arrow. 
  • Finally, if you want to return the screen to its original orientation press control, Alt, and upwards arrow. 
  • So, you can revert back your screen to normal.
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How do I change my monitor to vertical?

  • You have to begin by selecting the option for Start.
  • Then Select Settings and go to System.
  • Once there, you can click Display, and then select a screen orientation that you find from a list in the dropdown.  
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