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My monitor keeps going to sleep?

My monitor keeps going to sleepMy monitor keeps going to sleep?

My monitor keeps going to sleep?

If you have been experiencing your computer going to sleep again and again then there might be a problem with the graphics card reader. In many cases, it might be defective but in most, it usually just needs an upgrade. This is especially true if you have a more heavy-duty card in use.  

How do I stop my monitor from going to sleep?

  • The first step in the process to stop your monitor from going to sleep is to select the Power Options in your computer’s Control Panel. 
  • The next step would be to select the option to change these settings. You might already see your current power plan there. 
  • Moving on, you can select the option that allows you to select Never for the Put the computer to sleep mode. 
  • Finally, all you have to do is save your changes, and you are done. 

Why does my monitor go to sleep so quickly?

There are quite a few reasons why you might be experiencing this problem with your computer. If you have a Windows 10 especially, this might be caused by an automatic lockout feature. This ensures that if there is little or no activity for a while, your computer might log off or sleep. This might also be due to your screensaver settings but outdated drivers might also be a cause.

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Why does my monitor keep shutting down?

If your monitor is prone to shutting down continually but your computer is still on, then your problem lies with the motherboard or the video card. However, that’s not the only culprit since your computer might also be switching off randomly due to an old or faulty video card. The video card might also overheat with extended use and it will help to shut it off for a while. If nothing else works, then maybe it is time to replace it. 

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