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My monitor speakers are not working

My monitor speakers are not workingMy monitor speakers are not working?

My monitor speakers are not working

if the monitor speakers are not working there might be more than one reason for the fault. Therefore you have to check the causes one by one and troubleshoot to resolve the problem and let the speakers work again. Start by checking if the monitor’s speakers are mute or not. Vernon inspect than cable connecting the monitors with the speakers and ensure a proper connection. 

How do I get my monitor speakers to work?

To start the working of speakers on a monitor, first of all, you need to pair both the devices either using the wireless connectivity or the cable connections. If you are using external speakers power them on and check if the monitor is muted or not.  Then check the audio icon to display the audio playback. If there is no problem with the connections then the speakers will start playing the audio that you have selected. 

What do I do if my monitor has no speakers?

Many standard monitors are coming without built-in speakers and this is not considered a downside since the onboard speakers are usually of cheap quality. But having them on board is better than missing them out altogether. Therefore you should try to get a monitor that has built-in speakers. But if it doesn’t have one then there is not a big problem since you can use external audio devices for playing sounds through your monitors.

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Why is no sound coming out of my speakers?

If there is no sound coming out of the speakers then there must be some issues either with the cable connections or with the power of the speakers. If you are using external speakers make sure that those devices are properly tuned and powered on.  You also have to check if the monitor speakers are muted or not for playing the sound through the speakers. 

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