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No display on monitor but CPU running?

No display on monitor but CPU running?

No display on monitor but CPU running?

No display on monitor but CPU running?

If you are sure that your CPU is running but the monitor still displays nothing, then you might have a problem exclusively with the monitor. Your monitor might be defective, outdated or might just need to be replaced. 

The easiest way to confirm is to see if its power light is on or off. You can always try to plug it off and then plug it back in to see if that makes a difference. 

How do you fix a computer that turns on but no display?

There are a few ways to fix a non-displaying monitor however, the easiest one will always be to simply shit off and then turn it back on. However, do by powering it off in power-saving mode. Press down on the power button for a few seconds till it shuts off. 

Then, you can turn the PC back on to see if it turns back on normally. You might also want to check out the connection between the computer and the monitor. Another area to check might be the video card. 

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Why is my monitor not displaying?

There are quite a few reasons why your monitor might not be displaying anything. The first is that there might not be a proper connection established between the monitor and the signal cable. If you have checked the connection and that’s not it then you might want to also look at the video card as well. This could be faulty, might need replacing, or needs to cool down. 

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