Oculus Air Link Laggy

Oculus Air Link is an incredible feature that allows for a wireless connection between your PC and Oculus Quest 2 But this outstanding attribute makes many users counter the performance issue in the form of lag. 

Well, the Oculus Air Link Laggy is the result of the poor connectivity of the wifi, Improper wifi resources, un-updated software, and other several factors. These factors collectively affect the smooth functioning of Oculus Air Link.

So, if you want to enjoy interruption-free VR casting or Streaming. Then be part of my company as I am going to uncover all the possible causes of Oculus Air Link lagging. 

Oculus Air Link Laggy

If you are witnessing the lag or a delay during the casting of Oculus Quest 2 by using the Oculus Air Link. This may occur due to the following reasons:


  • Background processing 
  • Unstable Wifi Connection 
  • Non-update the use of the Window
  • Distraction in the way of wifi connection 
  • The huge distance between the devices 
  • Error in default Bitrate value 
  • Improper graphics. 

Oculus Air Link Laggy

Let’s find out the solution to these causes by moving toward the center of this article. 

Ways to Fix Oculus Air Link Laggy:

Here are several ways that help you to deal with the delay or lag that comes in the way of Oculus Air Link while casting. 

 Proper Internet Connectivity:

The very first thing your need to ensure for smooth VR gaming is the connectivity of the internet. If your internet is not working properly, then you won’t be able to enjoy the proper VR gaming experience as it will cause Oculus Link to lag.  For this 

  • You can use the strong wire or a cable containing CAT 5 or 6 to connect your Pc and Oculus headset. It will allow the Oculus Air Link to work appropriately without any distortion. 
  • If you are using Wifi or a Wireless connection, then make sure that it provides 5 GHz or 4 GHz of internet. 

Distance Between the Router and the PC:

Another common but ignored cause is the distance between both devices. People feel that distance doesn’t matter and does not cause any lag. But, believe me, it does. 

Ideally, if your looking for a stable Oculus Air Link connection then the best way is to have a router in the room where you have your Pc. 

Well, The most recommended distance between both devices is 1m. So, to avoid latency make sure that both the devices must be in the premises of 1m. 

However, If changing the distancing of the devices does not work then do for resetting or returning your Network router 

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Resetting the Router: 

You can reset the router as well to get fine wifi connectivity for this. 

You can alter the mode of the network by picking 802.11ac or you can select 802.11ax as well. Other than this, always prefer the wifi Channel whose width lies between the range of 40 to 80 MHz. 

Repairing Of Oculus App: 

Another possible solution to Fix the lag is repairing the Oculus app on your Pc. To do this, 

  • Close your Oculus App and then restart your PC.
  • Now open the control panel. 
  • From the control panel, select uninstall programs.
  • Then scroll down through these uninstall programs and find the Oculus app. 
  • Next, right-click on the Oculus app to Select the repair icon. 
  • Now you are confronting the screen that provides you with the Instruction to repair 
  • By following the on-screen instruction, repair the app. And then Once again restart the Pc. 
  • Let your Pc on again and then click on the Oculus Quest App. 
  • From this app go to the main menu and select devices to pair up with your Oculus Quest Headset. 
  • Next from the device click on the device setting and go for the Air link and then select your device. 
  • Make sure that all the graphics of the app are capable with the Pc hardware if you want to protect casting from laggy.
  • Once you complete the process, restart your Oculus Quest device to ensure the proper setting. 

Updating of the Window: 

Lagging or latency is caused if you keep on running your Oculus Quest up on the non-update window of the Pc. If you want to get rid of this frustrating thing then update the window of your Pc as soon as possible. To do this 

  • Open the setting of your pc 
  • Select the update option, and install it if your Pc is not updated. 
  • Now reset your Pc again and install the Oculus app in it so that you can enjoy interruption-free casting or streaming.

 You can also use another option to deal with the lagging of the Oculus Air link which is the installation of software i.e. Oculus Killer Tool. 

Installation of Oculus Killer Tool:

  • Go to the website of this software and follow the on-screen instruction to download it on your Pc 
  • Once the downloading of this software is completed, launch it on your PC. 
  • This software will automatically tell you about the setting of your Oculus Quest 2 keeping in view your hardware. 
  • Select the Optimize option to change the setting that provides you with a lag-free VR game. 
  • Now go to your Oculus Quest app and select the option i.e. devices. 
  • From the device move toward the option of Air linktoo find out the capability of your hardware. 
  • After dealing with the delay using Oculus Killer- tool, restart your computer to find out whether the Airlink is working properly or not. 
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Selection of Bitrate Value:

Well, if you want a hurdle-free VR experience then follow the following steps to adjust your Bitrate value. 

  • First, open the Oculus Quest app. 
  • Then go to the device option and click on the Oculus Headset. 
  • Once you enter the Oculus headset then go to the device setting and search for Bitrate value. 
  • Well, here you will find that you have two options i.e. automatic setting of Bitrate value or custom. 
  • If your device is set on the Automatic bitrate value then it means that the device will adjust itself according to the connectivity of the internet. 
  • You can change the setting for the custom as well. If you do that, then set between the maximum and the minimum bitrate value. 
  • To get the appropriate or quality connection then the most suitable and recommended value is 70 Mbps for minimum value while the maximum value lies around 150 Mbps. 
  • After making these changes, test the Air link again to check whether the lagging disappears or not. 

Priority Window Process:

Another solution to overcome the Air link lagging is to set the High Priority for  OVRServer_x64.ex. To do this, here are the simple steps to follow 

  • The very first step is to open the task manager for this you can press ( CTRL+ALT+DEL) or(CTRL+Shift+ESC). 
  • Now from the task manager go for the “details” icon.
  • Then Look for OVRServer_x64.ex, right-click on it, and then select the high priority. 

Up-To-Date Graphic settings: 

There may be a possibility that the graphic of the device causes the lagging. So to check it you can update the graphic settings 

Click on the Quest app on your PC, pair it with your Oculus headset then select the graphics setting. For decreasing the render resolution rate. 

If you feel that it is the issue then find the optimal value for the graphic by increasing or decreasing the resolution rate and allow Airlink to work appropriately  

But still, If you still feel latency then update the entire graphic software. 

Graphic software: 

To update the software

  • Install and launch the DriverFix on your Pc. 
  • Once it is launched, click on it to open up. 
  • It will detect all the possible issues of the drivers. 
  • From the list of issues, choose the issue you want to deal with. 
  • After selecting, let the driver fix and install the new driver for you. 
  • Once it is installed, reset your Pc, create the link between your Oculus Headset, and observe whether there is any lag or not. 
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Buy an Effective Wifi Router: 

After trying every possible solution. Then invest in the Competent Wifi Router. Although they are expensive you can deal with the lagging instantly. 

The most capable routers are: 

Well, choose any of the compatible routers and get rid of Air Link latency. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the possible recommendation of the PC To set the Air Link? 

The most important recommendation is to check the capability of the Oculus Quest app to deal with the Connectivity of Oculus Quest Air Link. 

What happens if I prioritized the Visual Quality Over the Performance Of Oculus Link? 

If you prefer the Visual quality to that of the performance then it will cause lag or delay which is quite frustrating. 

Is there any influence of other Software or application that is causing the Air link laggy? 

Yes, other software like antivirus or firewall may interfere with the performance of Oculus Link which may affect the smooth working of the game. If your want to identify this cause then the best way is to disable the software or applications that you installed on your Pc. 

Final Crux:

All in all, by following any of the above mention solutions, you can easily get rid of Air Link Latency.  However, remember that the silent cause of the delay or lag in air link performance is your Wifi Connection. So, keep a greater consideration on it as well.

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