Oculus Casting Black Screen

An Oculus is undoubtedly one of the most useful and valuable purchases that you can make. From using the Oculus for amusement by playing virtual reality games to utilizing it for other practical measures such as studying or simulations- the Oculus is all you need! 

However, if you abide by using the Oculus religiously, you must be aware of the casting of the black screen, also known as the “death screen.” More often than, you get a black screen while trying to cast from your Android or iPhone, iPad or tablet, television, or Chromecast Ultra. 

In other scenarios, you can cast on your iPhone while unable to cast on your iPad, or vice versa. This issue arises regardless of whether your devices (iPhone and iPad) are connected to the same internet router or a different one. 

Even when the Oculus may declare you to be connected, the only outcome you can witness will be a casted black screen. Therefore, the question that we must address tactfully regarding Oculus casting black screen is to devise effective ways to restore the device to a normal screen. 

Oculus Casting Black Screen

Typically, whenever the Oculus casting black screen issue arises, the users of this virtual reality headset come up with their own troubleshoots, attempting to solve the issue. We are more than certain about our stance and are sure that you, at some point, might have also done this. 

Though the troubleshooting methods of reconnecting or restarting the Oculus and the casting device may seem to work sometimes, it is not every day that you will get lucky with your tactics. Therefore, you must have effective backup measures. Oculus Casting Black Screen

There are various reasons explaining the Oculus casting black screen, and only once you have had a detailed look into the causes will you be able to look for adequate solutions. Trying to do so otherwise is only a waste of your energy and time, so let’s take a more detailed look into Oculus casting black screen discerning the causes and solutions!

Common Causes Of The Oculus Casting Black Screen:

Causes for the Oculus casting black screen ranges from easily identifiable and simply solved problems to more complex and technically handled issues. For this reason, you must learn all the possible and common causes of the Oculus casting black screen and immediately troubleshoot them. 

Lack of Sufficient Charge: 

The more manageable causes for the Oculus casting black screen are likely to be for the batteries of the virtual reality set to be dead or lack a sufficient level of charge to source the Oculus fully. 

Lacking an ample charge in the batteries prevents the headset from powering on, or even if some charge compels the Oculus to power on, the screen may start to cast again after some time, driving you to the problematic Oculus casting black screen. 

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Updates & Changes in Settings:

Another reason why Oculus casting black screen is occurring is that the headset has not completed its update or has not been updated. For a device to deliver its optimal functioning, it is necessary and indeed a pre-requisite for the device to be fully upgraded to the update that has been introduced. 

The case differs no more for the Oculus, and it is mandated on you as a user to update your Oculus to the latest software released by Facebook technologies. For instance, if the update has been interrupted or is stuck at a particular percentage and you are simultaneously trying to use the Oculus, then the “death screen” will materialize in casting. 

Similarly, if you have reset the passwords for your Oculus, and the device is not logged in, the update will be hindered again, resulting in the casting of the black screen you dread.

Damaged Hardware: 

A possibility that should be taken into consideration is the damage to the hardware. For example, if the firmware of the Oculus has been corrupted, or the device has suffered a severe fall from your hands and onto the ground, then the Oculus casting black screen is an outcome you should be prepared to deal with. 

App May Not Support Casting:

Even though this may not seem like an apparent issue to Oculus users, it is indeed a fact and true that not all apps support casting. Have you ever considered the possibility of only a single app on your Oculus Quest 2 having a casting issue?

Every time you click on the app for it to work on the device, the Oculus casting black screen starts to happen, and without giving the situation a thought, you just proceed to restart. Stop there, and notice!

Most of the users are unaware, but not all apps offer support for casting, and it is crucial for you to have verified the app for casting. Check the app page and determine if the app is permitted to cast, and if there is no information, then quickly browse on the fast Google search. 

Fixing Oculus Casting Black Screen: 

There are multiple ways for you to fix your Oculus casting black screen. These solutions demand nothing of you but only for you to act strategically and cautiously, ensuring you have fulfilled all the steps we state in the following proposed methods.

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We will start with our quickest remedies for you and Oculus casting black screen and eventually progress to the technical ones. 

Charge Headset/ Replace Batteries: 

The first and foremost solution for Oculus casting black screen is to ensure the headset’s batteries are 100% charged before you use it. While this may seem straightforward, a compulsion that follows with charging the Oculus is to utilize a compatible charger. 

The definition of a compatible charger for your headset will be a USB-type charger with an amperage output of more than 2A. This is essential because the lower the amperage of your compatible charger is, the longer it will take for the Oculus to complete charging.  

Supposedly, your alleged compatible charger for the Oculus does not charge then; in that case, try using a different one. For this, we recommend you purchase a new charger with an amperage exceeding 2A to have a convenient charging experience. 

Update Oculus:

With the incoming updates, the casting issue of the Oculus is being resolved; hence, it is time you update! Firstly, press the button on the controller specified as the Oculus button. Secondly, go to settings and accession the section which says “about,” and lastly, choose to install updates. 

Re-use the Oculus to see if the casting black screen has resolved; leave the headset on charge. 

For instance, if you have fulfilled all your attempts at charging the Oculus with your compatible and despite that, the only outcome that you have is a black screen, then leave your headset plugged in. 

The reason for this proposition is that previously if your Oculus was trying to update and was unable to do so, now with being plugged into the power socket and left unbothered, it might just succeed at updating. Also restored to its ordinary operation with no casting of a black screen. 

Connect Oculus and Casting Device To Single Network:

For your casting to function seamlessly, it is typically demanded that the Oculus and the alternative device be linked onto the same network-providing router. Through this, one device “piggybacks” onto another, resulting in an effortless casting.

After facing Oculus casting a black screen, you should instantly check whether both devices are connected to one network. Consult the settings of your phone, computer, television, and Oculus, which will be your guide here. 

Nevertheless, with the latest technology and modern network-providing devices, activating one SSID with the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands is a task. But a way out of this is to split the bands from the settings of your router and have both your devices connected to one band- either the five or the 2.4 GHz. 

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After the network division, reconnect the Oculus, preferably first with the 5 GHz network since it has a faster connection and speed, proving ideal for casting. Let’s say that does not work, then shift to the alternative option of 2.4 GHz.

Boot and Reboot Oculus: 

Finally, it is time to propose the widely and typically used remedy of all times for Oculus casting black screen- boot and reboot Oculus. Although boot and reboot are two different methods, they are interchangeably used by the users. 

Start by performing a reboot on the Oculus by pressing the button for power, which will result in a plain black screen for at least 10 seconds. This will allow the device to have a hard reboot, fixing your primary issue of the Oculus casting black screen. 

You can also boot the Oculus through the menu for the bootloader only when you have failed, making the device undergo a reboot by pressing the power button. Press and then hold the button for down volume and power again for 10 seconds. Then highlight the boot device option with the buttons for sound and conclude the booting process by finally pressing the power button. You have booted your Oculus! 

Bottom Line: 

Following the thorough examination of the causes of Oculus casting black screen, we have suggested to you respective remedies to restore the functioning of your device to the ordinary. 

Every time your Oculus faces a black screen during casting, you must immediately know where to start looking to solve the problem. Always start with the most accessible solutions and then further build up your strategies from there!

Good luck! 

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