Oculus Casting Stuck On Loading

Undoubtedly, casting from Oculus is one of the most remarkable features of the device, and considering how powerful the VR is, casting problems are typically rare to materialize. However, user forums are full of complaints concerning the same casting issue- Oculus is stuck on loading! 

This drawback of the Oculus makes the device less than perfect, where the user cannot cast their VR games or view their VR content on different devices such as television, PC, or smartphone. 

Therefore, to ensure you can quickly remedy Oculus casting stuck on loading and resume regular operation, we bring you an article dedicated to proposing effective troubleshooting methods! 

Oculus Casting Stuck On Loading 

Currently, the problem of Oculus casting stuck on loading that you are facing can originate from multiple factors, among which the essence of the problem is related to connectivity issues. 

Often while you are eager to instantly have your Oculus casting on another screen, in a rush, you may forget or skip out on the crucial step of connecting the devices to the same wifi network. 

Though this is one reason for connectivity, another one is that maybe the wifi network you are attempting to connect to is down, because of which pairing the casting device to the Oculus is problematic. Oculus Casting Stuck On Loading

For the most part, connectivity issues are all about Oculus casting stuck on loading. Still, occasionally the app and its software being used on the VR headset may not support casting in the first place. 

Before proceeding to quickly remedy Oculus casting stuck on loading, make sure to have the phone, headset, and the device you are casting connected to the same wifi router, and if that still does not restore casting as it should, implement the effective methods that we state. 

Effective Methods To Fix Oculus Casting Stuck On Loading:

Relocate & Restart Wifi Router: 

The most common place from where software glitches may result in Oculus casting stuck on loading is the wifi router which is bound to experience such glitches from time to time. Especially if you have not switched off the router for days or even months, a glitch in the software will occur. 

Nevertheless, a way around dealing with these glitches in the router is to unplug it for at least 30 seconds and then plug it back in, hoping for the casting issue to be resolved. Once done, again try pairing your device with the Oculus. 

Perhaps, another similar issue is the placement of the router, which hinders the connectivity of the casting device to Quest 2. Even though nowadays modern wifi systems are good enough and immune to be problematic because of placement, relocation is still an ideal way to resolve the casting issue. 

Disconnect Devices From the Router: 

Most internet-providing routers can only cope with connecting a certain number of devices at once. After all, if and when multiple devices are connected to the same network with unlimited traffic, the router will stop functioning optimally. As a result, you will face casting issues. 

With all the devices connected to the wifi router, it is very easy for the router to get exhausted and not provide a stable connection. So while you face Oculus casting stuck on loading, disconnect a few of the devices or all of them for the time being and reconnect later. Or you can also, apart from your Oculus and the casting device, disconnect all others and make another attempt to cast Quest 2. 

Cast To Another Device:

Is it the Oculus casting stuck on loading only happening on one device or all the other devices in your home as well? You should find out this by determining whether casting works on another device besides the one you are using to cast right now. 

The answer to this question can help you narrow your troubleshooting options because, often, the casting seems to work on some devices while not on others, indicating that the problem is within the device and not your Oculus. 

To resolve the issue on the device, you may update the software on the device, check the internet router for an issue, and restart the device you were attempting to cast to. 

Reconnect Wifi: 

For this remedy, consider disconnecting your Oculus from the internet and then try connecting it again. Press the key on the right side of the controller of your Oculus, which will instantly reveal the page for quick settings. 

Select wifi, then turn it off and be patient while the Oculus disconnects from the wifi. Then after waiting for a few seconds, turn the wifi back on again and reconnect the network to the headset. 

While connecting and reconnecting wifi on, Oculus, always connect the headset to the network on which the device you are casting is connected.

Update Oculus:

Casting remains a relatively new feature on the headset, so developers are all the time working on it so that you can have a seamless and unproblematic casting experience. Therefore, it makes reasonable sense to have installed all the latest updates as a prevention technique for casting issues. 

Check your Oculus for any updates in the About section in the setting, and if you find an 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How do I fix my Oculus stuck on my loading screen?

There are many ways to deal with this situation; scroll up in the article! 

Why is casting not working on Oculus?

Casting may not work because the Oculus and the device you are casting to are not connected to wifi or the same wifi router. 

Why is my Oculus stuck on connecting to Oculus?

Oculus might be stuck because the internet might have gone down. 

Why am I unable to cast my Oculus Quest?

Oculus is not casting because maybe the app you are casting from does not support casting. 


Although oculus casting stuck on loading is an issue that occurs infrequently, we have provided you with several practical and effective methods for quickly remedying the challenging problem.

Good luck troubleshooting!

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