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Oura Ring Battery Drain ( Decoding the Mystery )

Your Oura ring may be a small device,

but if it’s draining its battery faster than a speedboat,

it’s time to put on your detective hat and investigate the battery drain.

Oura Ring is a beautiful and sleek wedding-shaped trendy fitness tracker that is intelligent and smart enough to track your

sleep stages, calories burned, steps, HRV, heart rate, body temperature, SpO2, and a lot more.

Many customers are facing the Oura Ring Battery Drain issue these days and recently the negative feedback about the Ring’s battery life has spiked with the arrival of the SpO2 features.

Because many people are saying that since when they started using the SpO2 feature,

the battery life is cut in half which means the Blood Oxygen Saturation sensor is taking a lot of power than other features combined.

Oura Ring Battery Drain Issue

Let’s take a look at the reasons and other problems attached to the battery drain issue causing panic among the users who are paying hefty prices for this nifty gadget.Oura Ring Battery Drain

Why is my Oura battery draining so fast? 

There can be many reasons for the Oura battery to drain fast but the biggest of all is the frequent charging/discharging of the Ring or overcharging which means putting it on charge and then not removing even when the Ring has charged at maximum capacity. That causes serious damage to the battery leading to shorter battery life, shorter capacity, and reduced performance. 

Although there are a few tips to optimize your Oura ring to boost or enhance the battery life ( Discussed below ) if you don’t handle the root cause, you cannot solve the problem by optimization.

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Among another handful of reasons is the exposure to Ring water ( Oura is water-resistant, not waterproof ) and hot or freezing temperatures when you go to the Sauna or for an ice bath, make sure to remove the Oura ring otherwise the battery will be affected negatively and won’t hold a charge for a long time like 4-7 days and you will end up with 24 hours or 2 days of battery backup.

Battery drain issues can also be caused when you don’t charge the Ring through the official adapter and cable but rather using local or unauthorized cables and adapters that means no consistent supply of power charging from a laptop or car constantly degrades the battery and you end up with a quickly depleting battery.

Taking care of the battery includes using the Ring in power save mode during the day, and setting it up for low battery alerts through the companion app. Not using the workout, heart rate, and SpO2 features excessively, and keeping the battery more than 30% always as if the battery keeps reaching 0% all the time, that is also a reason for the battery to gradually lose the ability to hold a charge over time.

Why isn t my Oura ring holding a charge? 

Oura ring usually won’t hold a charge when the battery is at 0%, the charger is not connected properly, or the firmware is outdated. For the firmware update, you can take steps from the companion app but when the Ring is not charging, either the battery has died or the charger is not working and you may see a red light blinking on the adapter indicating something is wrong with the charger.

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Can Oura battery be replaced? 

Oura Ring comes with a tiny little Lithium Polymer battery that can last for 2 years if used and taken proper care of. But the bad thing is that the battery is rechargeable but not replaceable like other fitness wearables which means you must change the battery which you cannot do by yourself unless you break the ring. So, you ask for an Oura Ring Battery replacement which will only work if you have warranty time left for your Ring otherwise you will be charged for a new ring with a $50 discount for being a new customer. To get a replacement you can contact Oura support through the app or website but they have an official statement about not replacing the battery.

How many years does the Oura ring battery last? 

Oura Ring battery is designed to last for 2-3 years but improper use without proper care can lead to a shorter lifespan and degradation before time. That will start causing quick battery drain issues and you will start annoyed because you won’t be peaceful about waking up with a dead Ring and missed sleep cycle.


Oura Ring is a flashy technology but this brilliant technology with little battery demand proper care that can guarantee longer battery life and a peaceful mind about the Oura ring.

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