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Oura Ring Battery Replacement ( A Handbook )

Is your Oura ring battery on its last legs?

Don’t worry, a simple battery replacement can bring new life to your favorite tracker.

Here’s what you need to know.

I love Oura ring, this small intelligent, and smart ring is a brilliant piece of technology.

This super-accurate, sleek, and premium wedding band-shaped tracker is just a perfect alternative of big wearable brands making bulky fitness trackers or smartwatches.

Wearing this ring gives you comfort all day, while you get busy in your day-to-day activities, Oura gets busy tracking your health and fitness metrics like,

sleep tracking with sleep stages and periods of wakefulness, readiness score, heart rate, HRV, temperature tracking, steps counter, calories burned, and recently it has started tracking Blood Oxygen Saturation levels during your sleep.

But, the SpO2 feature is causing a serious battery life problem among users and reportedly this feature cuts 50% of battery life, causing users to be mindful about battery life, missing days of sleep tracking due to dead battery during sleep, and even some people are seriously thinking to shift to other trackers but they are not as accurate as Oura Ring.

Oura Ring Battery Replacement

Oura Ring Battery Replacement

Those facing this problem can contact support for a replacement. For that, you must be under a warranty period of two years. Although the return policy doesn’t include replacement they are still offering replacements for the defective battery issue.

Oura is a reputed brand known for exceptional customer support. So if you think your battery fades out quicker than 7 days or the battery not holding the charge even for 24 hours then contact Oura support through app or website. Keep in mind that you will get a replacement within the warranty period at no additional cost to you. 

Contacting support after the warranty period has passed won’t result in a replacement but you will get $50 off being an existing customer. 

Battery replacement can be avoided at all if you take care of the battery by not putting it on charge for too long or keep the battery charged more than 80% all the time. But, this tiny electronic device works like all other devices and has a shorter battery lifespan than other wearables.



Oura ring is a state-of-the-art technology that is neither larger nor heavier and this tightly integrated wearable has clever features but it lacks user-replaceable battery feature which is a headache for many users.

By the way, the ring features rechargeable and consumable Lithium polymer ( LiPo ) battery cell with capacity to last for at least 7 days on a single charge. The battery operates at near-maximum capacity but over the time the battery performance declines as well but overall it can last for years.

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Although the battery’s life span is 2-3 years but there are certain reasons due to which battery can degrade, deteriorate and starts depleting quickly and when battery is draining quickly you must think about techniques to prolong the battery life one of the best approach to extend or prolong the battery life is to never leave it fully drained.

Let me share with you all the reasons that cause the battery to degrade.

Battery life totally depends on how old is the battery, what type of features are you using in the ring, frequent partial charging and incomplete firmware updates. Similarly, frequent naps can also cause battery to drain quicker. Although you get two years of warranty but under these circumstances the finite lifespan of battery is disturbed leading to less capacity and performance.

Similarly, repeated charging/discharging or overcharging is also another great cause of battery to degrade or you can say it’s a product flaw but too much charging does damages the battery and paying attention to this can help you preserve 80% of battery longevity.

Lately after the release of blood oxygen sensing feature in the ring has surged in the negative feedbacks about the battery life because this feature works when you are sleeping and it use red and infrared LEDs to track the blood oxygen and that impacts the battery life negatively consuming a large portion of the battery, leaving little to no battery when you wake up and that annoys most users.

Those worried about battery reduction can turn it off from the burger menu going into the breathing regularity option and toggle off the SpO2 feature.


Keeping battery health tips

Oura ring battery is installed in such a way that you cannot replace it but there are ways to take care of the battery to extend its life and performance and below I have shared some points to help you boost or enhance the longevity of the battery life.

The minimum battery power you should keep is 30% and don’t let it go down. Keep it plugged regularly to keep the battery at higher levels but you can definitely take a break occasionally while taking shower, swimming, or running.

The biggest threat to the battery is when it dies so make sure to never let it reach 0% and for that you can activate the battery level notification from the three lines burger menu and then go into the settings and the notifications.

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Preserving battery life can also be a huge win like when you are not wearing the ring, just put it on the power saving mode. Similarly, place the ring in a cool and dry place and that also helps with preventing battery from deterioration. A factory reset can also help you preserve battery life and finally unpair all the connect devices and turn off Bluetooth as well from the app.

Don’t forget after putting the ring on charge as overcharging also kills the battery. Keep an eye on the charger when you see. the charged LED stops pulsing, that’s a sign of fully charged battery and you must take Ring off the dock.

Similarly, when you place it on the charging dock, put the ring on Airplane mode and don’t forget to use official USB charging cord with 5V DC wall adapter that will ensure ample power.

Finally, battery is prone to damage near heat or freezing temperature and therefore, you must keep in mind to remove the ring when going in hot tubs, saunas, or ice baths.

Does Warranty Cover the Oura Ring Battery?

Oura ring comes with powerful battery of 1-year limited warranty period. Normal wear and tear isn’t going to damage the battery but you must know that battery performance declines over time gradually and that is the case with pretty much all electronic devices. Publically, Oura claims that they do not cover battery replacement but if you have a faulty unit under the warranty period, then contact Oura support from official website to get professional help and you will most probably receive a replacement.

Battery drain issue


The battery drain issue with Oura Ring is the biggest contributor in negative reviews about this reputed brand and causing the rating to go down on Trustpilot. As they don’t sell on Amazon but on their own site, you are still missing a lot of objective customer reviews as well.

Users are annoyed by the deterioration in battery performance but many people claim that battery performance reduce after using the blood oxygen feature but over time battery stops holding a charge for a long time and sometimes it won’t last for even a full day. For users, this can be a terrible experience to keep in mind all the time that they have to charge the ring as soon as the battery depletes so this reduced battery lifecycle is getting annoying for everyone.

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A big reason for the battery to degrade over time is trying to charge it using the laptop or not through the proper channel. Not charging the Oura ring with a proper dock and wall mounter charger will result in a dead battery as the battery won’t be getting proper voltage if you are trying to charge it from a laptop or through other charging methods like wireless charging.




All in all, Oura is a stellar fitness tracking brand and growing fast with their modern and exceptional ring gadget that accurately tracks stages of sleep, periods of alertness, calories burned, steps, and a lot more but the latest SpO2 feature is impacting the battery runtime seriously. If you start seeing the battery capacity decline over time, try our battery conservation tips to extend the battery life.

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