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Oura Ring Not Charging ( Proven Fix Shared )

The Oura ring is designed to monitor your vital signs, but if it’s not charging, it’s time to monitor its vital signs and get to the bottom of the issue.

Oura Ring is a luxury little fitness tracker that is smart, intelligent, and stylish enough that it not only tracks your body vitals like sleep stages, wakefulness, heart rate, calories burned, body temperature, and blood oxygen saturation levels but also blends perfectly with your attire giving you style and wellness support in one package.

This small wedding ring-shaped circular band is the lightest and smallest compared to other fitness wearable brands like Whoop or Fitbit but offers super-accurate calculations as well there is something about which the users are not happy and that’s the problem related to charging.

Many people complain that Oura Ring occasionally refuses to charge but this happens all of a sudden without any apparent reason leading consumers to this mental fatigue about figuring out what the issue is. Oura ring is all about the battery life as it comes with a Lithium Ion battery that is rechargeable but non-replaceable and offers 4-7 days of battery backup per charge.

If the device is not charging it won’t work which means no motion and health tracking as sensors need the power to work and track your body vitals.

There is a number of reasons why Oura Ring stops charging and this article talks about the causes as well as solutions to help you get the Oura ring up and running so let’s get started with the troubleshooting steps.

Oura Ring Not Charging 

As you know the Oura ring is placed on the dock that comes with the package and that dock connects with the adapter with a USB Type-C cable. This is the only method by which you can charge your Oura ring.

Oura Ring Not Charging

So, let’s see what causes the Ring from charging while sitting on the dock.

Improper connection:

The most obvious reason preventing the Oura ring From charging could be the loosely connected USB cable with either the dock or with the adapter. So you can remove the cable and reinsert it into the dock as well as into the adapter to ensure proper connection and after that, the dock must blink white light to ensure the Oura ring is charging. If Oura ring still won’t charge after this step move to the next one.

Ring not fitted correctly on the dock:

Sometimes people make mistake when they place Ring on the dock and the charging problem occurs when the ring is not positioned correctly the simplest solution to fix the Oura Ring charging problem can be to properly position the Ring on the dock to ensure Ring fits snugly on the dock and if that resolves the issue then do keep that in mind next time that displacement of Oura ring on the dock can cause Oura charging problem.

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Faulty charger:

Another reason for Oura not charging is the faulty charger when the charger is not working correctly you won’t see a white light pulsating on the dock as it won’t receive any power. To fix that you can rotate the ring charger 180 degrees, re-insert the USB-C cord or maybe try a new cable entirely and this should hopefully fix the issue.

Faulty power supply:

Oura Ring must be charged with the specific adapter or power supply like the IEC 62368-1-compliant external 5Vdc USB cord that comes with the Oura ring package is the one that you should use to charge the Oura ring because it must be charged with a 15W current supply and charging with other wires can underpower or overcharge the Ring leading to battery degradation issues.

Defective ring:

Sometimes the ring itself is causing the charging problems like when the firmware is outdated and bugs in old firmware won’t let the Ring charge properly so updating the firmware from the companion app can be a solution for you. Other than that, the battery could be dead if it has aged more than 2 years then the battery may have lost the ability to hold the charge anymore due to which it won’t charge. One of the prime reasons for charging issues raises due to battery performance so the below section talks about tips on how to take care of the Oura Ring battery to ensure a longer lifespan and how to enhance and boost the longevity of the Oura Ring battery life.

Oura Ring Battery Charging and Caring Tips:

Oura Ring does a wonderful job of tracking a variety of metrics about your health but some functions like a workout, heart rate, and SpO2 suck a lot of power as their sensors and LEDs need power constantly due to which the Oura Ring suffers with shorter battery life and due to that reason you may end up put the Ring back to charging again and again and this frequent charging/discharging can degrade battery life overtime and sometimes overcharging can affect the finite lifespan of the battery reducing the battery performance and runtime.

So let me share with you the process of how you should take care of the battery and how to charge it properly to ensure a long lifespan of the battery.

Oura Ring battery can be fully charged in maximum of 80 minutes and anytime more than that is going to damage the battery with overcharging so you better keep an eye on the battery levels when the battery has charged at its full capacity, then remove it from charging. In case you are wondering, the dock gives you a solid green light indicates when the battery is fully charged and when the battery is charging then you will white light blinking.

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Never let the battery reach 0% because when the battery dies completely it impacts the lifespan of the battery. So the minimum battery life you should keep is 30% and for your convenience, you can set an alert in the companion app that when the battery reaches 30% you will get a notification. To set this up, go to the three lines burger menu > Settings > Notifications, and then click on battery level warning to set a custom limit for how much battery should be the minimum to send you an alert.

Oura Ring comes with a rechargeable and consumable battery which means you won’t be able to replace the battery once the battery has lost the ability to hold the charge or gives you seriously low runtime that does happen when the battery ages as every lithium Ion battery decline gradually over time. The good news is that you can get an Oura Ring Battery Replacement under a warranty period of two years from the date you purchase the Oura ring.

When going to bed, make sure to check the battery level of the Oura ring which should be at 30% at least. If it’s less than that do charge it otherwise you will end up with a dead Ring powerful features like a sleep tracker and SpO2 sensor will consume a lot of battery at night and in the morning you will wake up with no sleep data on the app.

When you are not using the ring, make sure to put it on the power-saving mode to save some power. Similarly, do not use the Ring 24/7 although it is meant to be used all the time to track every movement of your body to give you the best tracking Ring does need some rest as constant overusing will degrade the battery life.

Using a Ring in the shower or swimming won’t cause any problems but increased exposure to water will affect the battery as the Ring is water-resistant, not waterproof. Similarly, hot temperatures like Saunas and cold freezing temperatures like Ice baths are also not good for the Oura Ring battery and can degrade it. So the good option is to remove the Ring before indulging in these activities and you will enjoy the enhanced and boosted lifespan of a battery of your Oura Ring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I fix my Oura ring charger? 

If you are sure that the Oura Ring charger is faulty then you can get a replacement charger from the Oura Ring website. The working charger must illuminate otherwise it’s defective.

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How do I know if my Oura ring is charging? 

When you place Oura ring on the dock for charging, the dock will blink a white light indicating that the Ring is being charged. Due to many reasons, the white light may not blink and for that, you can read the guidelines shared above.

Why is my Oura ring not lighting up? 

Oura ring usually doesn’t light up when it’s not charged or is completely dead due to not being charged after using it.

Why does Oura ring take so long to charge? 

Oura ring usually charges at maximum capacity within 80 minutes unless the battery is damaged and not holding charge anymore then it will feel like the Oura Ring is taking longer to charge up but in reality, the battery is getting used gradually.

How many years does the Oura ring battery last? 

Oura ring is designed to last longer as well as the battery inside it which can last for 2-3 years if taken proper care of. 

Can the Oura ring battery be replaced?

Oura Ring battery can be replaced if it’s under the warranty period but if the warranty time has passed then you will get a new one but you have to pay for it.

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