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Oura Ring Sizing Without Kit ( Save Money and Time )

Want to order the sleek and stylish Oura ring but don’t wanna spend extra money on the sizing kit? 

Here’s an ingenious way how to get the right size for your Oura ring without spending extra money on the sizing kit.

Although Oura Ring sizing without a kit will be slightly difficult it’s doable.

I am pretty sure that you will be able to find the right measurement of your finger without ordering the sizing kit that contains 8 different plastic rings ranging from size 6 to 13. Sometimes it’s not the cost but the uncomfortable process that scares people of wearing these low-quality rings for as long as 24 hours just to get the right size.

Oura Ring Sizing Without Kit

Before going into the details of Oura Ring sizing without a kit, you must gather information about the sizing of Oura ring and to help you with that I have shared a table below. Do keep in mind that these are not actual ring measurements but are close enough that you will end up with the correct ring size for your finger.

Oura Ring Too Loose

For your information, ring sizes for women range from size 3 to size 9, and ring sizes for men range from 8 to 10-1/2. 

First, take a deeper look at the chart, and then you will be read at-home methods to find your ring size.

Sizing Chart for Oura Ring:

1mm = 0,04″, meaning an Oura ring size 8 equals a 0.74″ inner diameter

Oura Ring SizingInner Diameter in mmInner Diameter in cmInner Diameter Near The Sensor Bump in mmInner Diameter Near The Sensor Bump in cm

Oura ring dimensions and weight:

The Oura ring in size 8 measures 16.8 mm or 0.31 inches and weighs 0.15 ounces. The full Oura rings’ weight ranges between 0.1 and 0.2 ounces (4-6 grams). Oura Ring sizes are slightly different than standard US ring sizes

Oura Ring SizingOura Ring WeightOura ring weight (gr)Inner Diameter Near The Sensor Bump in mmInner Diameter Near The Sensor Bump in cm
6.00.1 Ounce4 gr15.241.52
7.00.1 Ounce4 gr16.011.6
8.00.15 Ounce5 gr16.831.68
9.00.15 Ounce5 gr17.681.77
10.00.15 Ounce5 gr18.491.85
11.00.2 Ounce6 gr19.291.93
12.00.2 Ounce6 gr20.072.01
13.00.2 Ounce6 gr20.942.09

Sizing Oura Ring Without Kit:

Let’s explore how you can find out your ring size without ordering a sizing kit.

If you go to any nearest local jewelry shop, you can use the standard wide-band US ring sizer to find your size. If you are outside the US, use the conversion chart to convert the ring size into the US ring size.

If you own an Oura ring already, use that as a reference to order your 2nd or 3rd Gen Oura ring to get proximity of size.

If you have a 3D printer, you can print a ring sizer of your own but for that, you may need to use high-quality materials to ensure a smooth finish.

You can try to wrap a string or paper around your finger and use it to find the ring size. Make the intersection of the ends with a pen. Find the diameter of the ring, measure the string or piece of paper with a ruler, and then divide the result by 3.14 ( or Pi ). Now, look at the charge and choose the closest measurement to find the ring size.

When measuring, ensure your fingers are warm because weather impacts the finger size and in cold temperatures and early morning you will get smaller digits. Similarly, your dominant hand’s fingers are slightly bigger than the other hand’s.

Sizing Tips

Do keep in mind that measuring ring size without a sizing kit can sometimes end up choosing a too-tight or too-relaxing size due to which your whole investment can go in vain, let me tell you in more detail.

If you get successful in finding the right ring size that means the Oura ring that you will receive will be perfectly fit for your desired finger and wearing a perfectly sized ring will ensure accurate tracking of heart rate, heart rate variability, calories burned, steps, SpO2, sleep stages, and wakefulness. 

If the size isn’t correct like if the ring is too tight, you won’t be able to wear the ring for a long time due to discomfort as you are supposed to wear the ring 24/7 to help the ring collect data accurately. Similarly, if the ring is too flexible, the sensor won’t make contact with the skin due to which the ring won’t be able to track body metrics as the sensor needs to create. a good contact for tracking.

So, make sure to choose the right finger as well as the right size so that when the ring comes you can wear it comfortably and get busy in your day-to-day activities without worrying about the ring.

How can I measure my ring size without a tool? 

There are various methods to measure the ring size without a tool like wrapping the string or paper around your finger. Using an existing ring you wear, using a ring sizer from a jeweler’s shop, and so on.

Can I order the Oura Ring without sizing? 

No, you cannot order rings Without giving them a size because they need a size to send you a unique size according to your finger. 

How do I find out my Oura Ring size?

Oura ring size is different for both men and women as discussed above in the article. The easiest way to find the ring size is to order the Oura Ring sizing kit that comes with 8 rings ranging from 6 to 13 sizes. You can try wearing these rings on your thumb, index, middle, ring, or pinky finger to see which size fits perfectly on which finger. Once you got a perfect size Oura ring, you won’t be able to replace fingers as well because changing fingers won’t help the Ring to track proper data or sometimes the ring won’t sit snugly on other fingers.

Can you resize an Oura Ring? 

Oura Ring cannot be resized or reshaped unless you request the brand within 30 days of purchase. If they notice that you lost or got some weight after wearing the ring, Oura won’t consider a replacement.

All in all, Oura Ring is a reliable and beautiful little fitness gadget that is trending lately and offers state of an art sizing process. Our rings are true to size and don’t run small, thanks to the durable materials for making this little health tech.

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