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Oura Ring Too Loose

Oura ring is a smart little fitness gadget that is trending due to its wedding-ring-shaped design as it easily goes on your finger unlike a heavier smartwatch and keeps track of your day-to-day activities to give you scores about your health, heart, and sleep.

Oura Ring is designed to be reliable and cannot be resized but if you notice that it starts getting lost on your fingers, then you can try changing the finger switching the finger doesn’t always turn out to be a good option as sometimes the ring is either too tight on other fingers causing discomfort or too lose resulting in frequent slipping when the hand comes in contact with water or sweat.

You can also try the ring size adjuster to reduce the increased sing size so you don’t have to change the ringer for the ring and it will adjust back to its original shape after using the adjuster.

Oura Ring Too Loose

If Oura ring is too loose for the pinky then consider wearing it on the middle or index finger as those are the biggest fingers than the pinky. But, if your ring is loose for the index then you have the only option left is to wear it on the thumb.

Wearing on the thumb is not a bad idea wearing the Oura ring on your thumb is that a major artery lies beneath your thumb that will help the sensor to accurately track important metrics of your body. So just make sure Ring sits comfortably on your thumb and doesn’t slide off due to sweat or gaps then you are sorted.

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Can Oura Ring be resized? 

Oura allows one return or exchange which means you can get it resized, change the color, or even style as well for one time. So, if you are facing sizing problems with your Oura ring, consider taking the help of Oura from the app or the website.

Should my ring be a little loose? 

Wearing too tight ring on your finger will not only be uncomfortable but you will end up with your fingers swelled. So make sure the ring is neither too tight to hurt you nor too loose that it falls off or slips off easily.

What if I lose weight and my Oura Ring doesn’t fit? 

Ours only allows you to return the ring for re-sizing, re-shaping, or changing color within 30 days of purchase. After that, if you got successful in losing weight and the ring became flexible for your fingers, then the only option would be to use a size adjuster to reduce the diameter of the ring to make sure the internal components are not damaged during that as you won’t get a replacement for those especially the battery.

How do I know if my Oura Ring fits?

The accurate fitting of the Oura ring is when you wear the ring in such a way that the sensor bumps against the skin and is facing toward the palm of your hands.

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 How can I make my ring tight?

A common solution is to use sizing beads to make the Oura ring tighter as it’s an economical way to reduce the size of your Oura ring to make it fit again.

Should a ring move on your finger?

Yes, a ring should be flexible enough to move on your finger but not so much that it easily comes off while moving it on your finger. So be careful about the flexibility of the ring as you cannot afford to lose such an expensive ring.


All in all, if your ring is too loose, consider asking for a resize from the company. If not, try changing fingers, using a size adjuster, or consider using sizing beads which is the cheapest solution to shorten the size of the ring.

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