Quietest Paper Shredder to Buy in 2021

Quietest Paper Shredder

Looking for the Quietest Paper Shredder? You’ve come to the right place.

Shredders allow you to properly dispose of documents and prevent someone from saving confidential information. We’ve compiled our 7 picks for home offices and small businesses, breaking down their features to help you choose what works best for your needs. Whether you need a shredder to handle an occasional check or one that can get rid of CDs and chew on staples, we can help you narrow down your options.

Quietest Paper Shredder

Our comparison table will also help you to select the best one according to your needs:

Sr. no Product Features Price
1Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Medium


●       secure shredding your document into unreadable particles,

●       solid shredding into tiny particles

●       silent and doesn’t disturb anyone beside you,


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2Bonsaii Updated 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder


●       perfect for security and solid endurance

●       minimize sound levels,

●       but sometimes paper jamming issues,


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3AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder 


●       torn into finer small particles,

●       chew cards and staples, less security,

●       disc shredding, second or backup option,

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4Rexel 2101942UK


●       Shredding legal,

●       financial or highly sensitive sheets/documents

●        Ideal for a 3-person use or office setting,

●       Most paper shredders,

●       longest-running,


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5Aurora AS420C


●       worth spending,

●       patented cutting technology,

●       anti-jam,

●       overhead and overloading,

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6Swingline 20-Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial Shredder


●       superior,

●       beneficial,

●       largest shredders,

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7Fellowes 62MC Micro-Cut Shredder


●       quiet for a powerful machine,Buy on the Amazon

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1.) Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Medium

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 100% Jam Proof MediumThis is a paper shredder where the name says it all. Fellowes Power shred does a splendid job living up to its name. It can not only shred paper, but also staples, credit cards, paper clips, CDs and DVDs, junk mail; if he can name it, Power shred can destroy him.

One of the great selling points of Power shred is its claim to be 100% jam-proof and in one of my colleague’s experience, it did a good job delivering on that promise. She wouldn’t count on it not getting stuck if you tried to overload it, but using it correctly can overcome any destruction situation.

The Power shred runs for up to 20 minutes, with a 30-minute cool-down afterward. I think 30 minutes is a bit long, but it is understandable considering the amount of energy used. 20 minutes is a good amount of time to run so I’m not too upset.

Fingers attached to your hands while using its insertion slots & it is also narrow for hands to go into but happy medium with hand detection sensors; sense when the hand is too close, also has jam-proof blades sometimes.

You can reverse the direction, unstuck anything & use it as a home shredder because it can detect the trickery problem or level ground for better results.

This unit standing at sand may vibrate against the floor even it is a thick anti-vibration mat so, keep it on a carpet, out of the way, far from your coworkers even employees’ work, or rest for safety.

It can shred the large stack of paper with a low-level buzzing sound, less annoying even incredibly vicinity are trying to focus on their work by using its soundproof system.

Sometimes show poor capacity but actually its high-security level for home or small office use even security rating of p4 so, it can fairly deal with the thick stack of paper & with standard weight sheets.

Its quiet product reviews, impressive units are recommended by manufacturers because it uses a great cross-cut unit & data is difficult to reassemble while using this excellent shredder.

What I don’t like is the removable container. Although its six-gallon size is adequate, it is not the best design. It’s messy, spilling bits of paper every time I remove it, and I have to fight to put it back in the shredder.

The slot itself is amazing, and the Power shred doesn’t cut you off on power, but its poor container design prevents it from getting a perfect grade.

  • Quiet Paper Shredders/ Unique Place And Importance
  • Right Kind Of Security- Keep Your Information Secure To Prevent Identity Fraud Or Theft
  • Deals With Ordinary Sheets Of, Get Rid Of Those Annoying/Irritating Noises,
  • Adorable Shredder/Grinds
  • Shows Cluttering Or Décor Or Flexibility
  • Disturb Your Colleague Or Peers Or Companions,
  • Slicing Or Dicing,
  • Loaded/Stoppage/ Standby Mode,
  • Discarding Sensitive Data
  • Paper Dangerous In The Wrong Hands- Lack Of Practice

2.) Bonsaii Updated 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

Bonsaii Updated 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper ShredderWith 240 minutes of continuous runtime and the ability to shred credit cards, CDs, and more, Bonsaii Paper Shredder offers the capacity of a commercial shredder at an affordable price.

The Bonsaii Paper Shredder offers large-scale capacity and superior performance compared to other home shredders but still costs less than $ 300. The 4S30 offers a 10-sheet shredding capacity, so you can shred quickly even larger documents.

Plus, this shredder is tough enough to cut not only paper, but also credit cards, CDs and DVDs, paper clips, and staples, saving you time and making it easy to remove junk mail, files, and documents. The micro-cut piece creates tiny particles that protect your personal information.

The shredder’s 240 minute continuous run time allows you to shred large amounts of material in one session. After 240 minutes the shredder only needs a 10-minute cool-down time, making it a great choice if you have large shredding jobs or plan to use the shredder frequently during the day.

It carries with safe sense to stop hands when the paper opening is touched

It holds an excellent sleep mode feature that shuts down after 2 minutes of inactivity.

It deals with the legal, or highly sensitive documents easily.

Automatic jam detection identifies when the machine is overloaded, preventing a jam from occurring. And online customer reviews mention the relative quietness of the shredder, noting that it’s easy to have a normal conversation while it’s running.

  • Shreds into micro parts instead of long strips,
  • 240-minute continuous runtime,
  • Automatic jam detection,
  • Energy-saving system/capable of shredding paper,
  • Cds, staples, credit cards, and more
  • Most productive/irritation-free,
  • Top quiet paper shredders/ quietest paper shredder
  • 56 decibels,
  • Best performance/speed,
  • Easily chews on credit cards, CDs, staples, and DVDs,
  • Shredding a ton of documents
  • Larger casters would roll more smoothly
  • No safety shutoff

3.) AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder 

AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder If you tend to shred a couple of sheets of paper here and there rather than in large batches, the AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Credit Card & Micro-Cut Shredder is probably the best fit for you.

The 6-blade high-security micro-cut shredder produced shreds ranging from square micro-cut sizes to cross-cut rectangles; they were inconsistent, especially compared to the reliable shreds from the 12-blade high-security micro-cut shredder.

But for the price, this is the most efficient paper shredder we tested with a high P4 security rating, and we would have no qualms about using this model to shred standard personal information around the house. It has a smaller page capacity, which means you need to feed it only a few pages at a time; Shred three to four pages at a time for optimal performance and to avoid shredder jams.

If you want to go with a premium quality choice then go for it. Although, it’s a bit price/heavy on the pockets, its great micro-cutting technology, easy operation, and superb medium duty shredding is more effective over its expensive nature.

However, it is unable to shred optical disks even not with its insert slots but you can pursue it without wasting a minute.

You can use it as a longer/shorter shredding, plastic &transparent window even shred everything because it is top above them all.

During our tests, the shredder was able to handle a stack of up to eight sheets at a time, but it was a struggle. This model also got stuck four times during our testing when we stuffed a thick batch of folded sheets or pages with a large paper clip, so don’t expect it to suffer from the abuse of a busy office. Unlike larger, more expensive AmazonBasics shredders that have removable trash bins, this six-blade version consists of just a plastic can with a shredder unit that snaps into the top.

  • Powerful machine,
  • Emptying the bin,
  • Large bin capacity/heavy-duty quiet paper shredder,
  • Easily shreds cards, CDs, and DVDs without complaint,
  • Superb quiet operation/impressive sheets speed,
  • Security level,
  • Home or small office,
  • Cut a lot of documents in a day,
  • The lid is difficult to remove or carry,
  • Shredder grabs,
  • Yellow and red warning light

4.) Rexel 2101942UK

Rexel 2101942UKThis Rexel shredder is a small model but capable of shredding anything from bank statements to utility bills to credit cards, but keep in mind that it won’t shred CDs. However, it does support GDPR compliance, protecting your business from identity theft by disposing of your documents in a safe and compliant manner.

Suitable for A4 size paper, it has an automatic start and stops function that will also run in reverse to clear paper jams. This shredder works in small bursts, running up to two minutes continuously before it needs to go into a cool-down period.

Its sheet capacity metric just maximizes the run time & quicker the speed that allows efficient handling, pass to the feeder, improve its duty cycle, cool down time & also avoid the overheat, overload, malfunction for good work.

Shut off and cool down the process with the average of 10 minutes run time & this kind of professional use shredders, even commercial or industrial shredders uses minimal cooldown sessions due to high heavy use.

You can use it consistently and continuously because of its consistency and reliability make it different from other shredders.

Its inwards/outwards use, deep shredding, smaller device, level of security, cheaper, the noiseless department makes it so different from others.

Important to note that shredder with high-security level affects, high-level productivity, by using the best formula, even with a faster and better rate.

  • Best budget pick/inexpensive/cheaper,
  • Solid shredding speeds/fast,
  • A lot of punch,
  • Micro cutting shredder,
  • Credit cards along with cd’s, DVD’s and staples chewed,
  • Removable pull-out bin,
  • Jam-proof/eliminate paper jams,
  • Safe sense technology, sensor function to prevent accidents,
  • Silence shred technology minimizes sound levels,
  • Easily deal with sensitive documents,
  • Much deliberation, quietness,
  • All incredible despite/lower security level,
  • Cross-cutting,
  • Primary device/energy savings/quietest,
  • Reliable for your spending
  • Corporate espionage,
  • Good company for the small office,
  • Tossing printed data/trash,
  • Price friendly/less expensive,
  • Determining quality is most suited for effectively getting rid of fraud or loss.
  • Moderately priced business shredder

5.) Aurora AS420C

Aurora AS420CAn excellent and affordable option, the Aurora AS420C Light-Duty Desktop Paper Shredder is ideal for occasional use. The top of the 4-sheet shredder is 4.5 inches wide and can handle 20 pounds of paper, staples, paper clips, and credit cards.

This partial-cut shredder is most secure & give most jumbled results with every size of particles & shows a standardized system, a rating system that goes from P1 to P7, even it works with 0.47-inch particles, 0.03-inch particles, compress them properly,

It’s manageable/frictionless blades has different cutting style with most sophisticated blades has differentiated options to handling bigger volumes,

Aurora AS420C uses square inches, even the U.S government use these shreds at P7 to deal with classified particles, particles compacted, handle shredding CDs and even credit cards, emphasis type and decibel level,

Its product descriptions, units, reviews show you positive response & also highlights the bigger workload, with the average number of paper, sheets in tatters within about 10 seconds,

However most high-quality shredders use a different size that matters according to the needs, picking the perfect shredder with the greatest advantage leads you towards success,

Having a shredder/verses for tossing your paper into the trash, saving space, a stack of paper, then taller your shredder for bigger storage space, infrequent emptying sessions that swing between high & low according to the situation.

If it is causing any obstruction then you must understand the entire problem, mostly it is due to the bulk of the paper waste.

Its average noise level between 60-70 decibels, easier to move, sharing with other people, silent operation, more bulky quality, controls/feed credit cards makes it different from others.

Its clips and staples tossed in with the paper, jap protection system, reverse the rotation, expel an item that can’t pass through, most reliable shredders, single insert slot, miscellaneous paper attachment,  flip guard, slot, safe sense shield symbol makes it unique rather others.

This shredder manufacturer is a powerhouse machine that sometimes loses any digits without any logic

With its 2-minute autorun, you can quickly get rid of multiple receipts or documents without having to manually turn it on. The blades have a thermal safety switch to shut off the unit when it overheats, preventing damage or a fire.

  • Energy saving system reduces energy consumption,
  • Auto-reverse/thermal protection,
  • Simple interface
  • Top quiet paper shredder/great value for money,
  • Capacity level/ insertion slots
  • The minimal sound operation,
  • Cool down period is long,
  • Personal office,
  • Price-conscious and seeking good value for low price,
  • Bit pricey/costly…

6.) Swingline 20-Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial Shredder

Swingline 20-Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial ShredderFor big jobs and high throughputs, the Swingline 20-Blade Commercial Cross-Cut Shredder is ready for the task.

This shredder is ideal for a home office where you need to shred large volumes quickly and need a shredder that is reliable and easy to operate. This Swingline shredder can handle DVDs, CDs, credit cards, paper clips, staples, and paper.

The cross-sectional design results in a small shred size of 0.16 inches by 1.75 inches, for maximum safety. This shredder is also equipped with a bin sensor that alerts you when the bin is getting full.

The unit is backed by a two-year limited warranty and the cutter comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Government agencies used this electric shredder with practice & dispose of sensitive information properly with a neatly organized system.

Its low sound, mass shredding, longer and efficient workability, shredding paper to discuss for long durations, quiet and heavy capacity workload, even it can deal with the largest shredders, makes it superb.

Remember that keep every bill you’ve got, scan it, save it, keep eye on important documents online on an external drive, and shred the rest.

Suggestions guide you on how to commit corporate espionage, how to locate hopeful identity thieves, how to save personal information, how to dispose of shredded waste properly even piece it back together.

Its calculable multiplication, the maximum number of sheets, consistent and reliable shredding, consecutive running time, cutter blades, interruption, and ultra-low noise makes it different.

You can use different types of shredders, basic user shredders, heavy-duty shredders, etc.

It is also used as a commercial shredder, for slowing down the process, small machines, high-capacity machines, as a outsources their document shredding, as a protector of your privacy, client’s privacy, counterintuitive, self-employed, send disposing of, incinerators.


  • Continuous operation without cool-down,
  • Capacity to shred 20 sheets at a time,
  • Nonstop jam-free technology,
  • Shreds credit cards, CDs, and more
  • Low-pitched sound,
  • Outstanding cutting speed/particular shredder,
  • Cross-cutting technology, great value for your home,
  • Paper clips,
  • Safe sense technology stops shredding upon entry of hands
  • Silence shred technology for silent shredding,
  • Energy savings system for lower energy consumption, pricey, decently capable shredders
  • Accommodate big sizes/no more rushing outside,
  • Prolonged shredding experience/accentuate/old large bulky,
  • Spying and data theft

7.) Fellowes 62MC Micro-Cut Shredder

Fellowes 62MC Micro-Cut ShredderThe Fellowes 62MC Micro-Cut shredder is an incredible choice for a wide variety of shredding needs, offering reliable performance and outstanding features. In testing, it was able to shred continuously for five minutes at a time, breaking up stacks of 1 to 10 sheets without jamming. He was unfazed by staples or a pile of junk mail, including plain paper, stiff paper, and a fake credit card.

There are other benefits: The 62MC’s pull-out basket has an extra-large 5-gallon capacity that requires more than 100 sheets to fill. The shredders it produced were the best among the shredders I tested, at just 9mm by 3mm, making it almost impossible to reconstruct shredded documents. The container is easy to remove and emptying it in the trash does not generate large columns of paper dust. I also appreciated the fact that the 62MC isn’t especially loud or booming in operation.

This incredible shredder runs smoothly with anti-vibration, internal insulation is actually built for durability and performance.

It is made of metal that’s why it has a good quality of handling vibration & sometimes producing more noise even with frictionless blades, & although sometimes it produces noise due to less oiling, screeching but the level of noise vary regarding situations.

This strip-cut shredder just cut your documents straight, into ribbons by using its sharp blades

This type of shredder is the quietest, easiest to put back together, cross-cut shredder, has complicated blades that cause more noise, converts your private documents into paper confetti for your convenience.

The shredder sits on braked wheels, so it’s more portable than its 21-pound weight would suggest, and its ruggedness means you don’t have to worry about it tipping over on your toddler.

  • Recommended alternative/great usability,
  • Highly reliable safety features/excellent shredding speed,
  • Difficult caster attachment,
  • The lid is heavy,
  • Shredding heavy or bulky loads of paper,
  • Eco-friendly design,
  • Micro cutting technology,
  • Carbon-neutral protecting the environment,
  • Sheets and cards are relatively easily shredded,
  • Visual appeal altogether/trust/fantastic shredder,
  • Collecting waste/premium device,
  • Combines/bucks,
  • Monitor the shredding,
  • Rechargeable batteries,
  • Destruction of your sensitive papers

Buying Guide

What you need to know before buying a paper shredder:

Before diving into the more technical specifications of paper shredders, it is important to understand the differences between the strip, cross-section, and micro-cut models.

As the name implies, strip shredders only cut the paper into thin pieces. It is not very secure, considering that the pieces can be reassembled to recover confidential information. For that reason, they have become obsolete.

To get the most out of a paper shredder, choose one that has all the features you want to use. Basic paper shredders only handle plain paper and some heavier cardstock; however, the more advanced designs are capable of cutting and cutting DVDs, CDs, credit cards, and even staples and paper clips. Shredding capacity is also important to consider, so take a look at the specs to find the “sheets per pass” for the model. This refers to the number of sheets of plain paper you can handle at one time.

Finally, determine the shredding rate. The average home shredder, for example, shreds up to 10 FPM (feet per minute), while office shredders run closer to 30 FPM and higher. Keep in mind that just because a paper shredder has advanced capabilities does not necessarily mean that it will have a high shredding speed. Due to their finer cutting technique, micro-cut shredders tend to have much slower shredding speeds.

No matter your budget, there is a shredder to fit it. Portable or light-duty shredders start at $ 30 to $ 50. Mid-range shredders capable of shredding bulkier cost $ 50 to $ 90. High-end shredders that are primarily used in offices cost $ 100 to $ 100. 300.

Buying Guide

When you get your fingers to get near the machine the auto-reverse system kicks in and according to the amount of paper you’re feeding. When you know how much paper is too much because you have to take care of the cool-off periods as well when shredding a lot of documents to process. The small and effective recovery of the document jams is also important and when you have swivel wheels the illustrations help you cut the paper into inch-wide strips.

The moderate use of the shredder allows you to store shredded pieces of paper and being a heavy user you have to use a high-end shredder because that’s ideal for bigger businesses. The puzzle master allows you to work on paper disposal machines and the chainsaw shredders sound like an oak tree because you need to reduce the noise in your office.

which is usually banged up to incessant ticking of a clock and the modern technical world requires cautions because the valued documents are the cost-effective way for the document destruction to escape the potential of fraudulent crimes and many hard materials are used by the quietest paper shredders with low volume shredding jobs.

Because they are transported easily and the lightweight unit is best for regular basis as it has bigger capacities and the strip cutting document can be torn into long thin strips using rotating cutting blades. The crosscut paper shredder has two two offset series of cutting blades to reduce paper into tiny rectangular because it provides diamond like cutting.

The parallelogram-shaped particles are also available in a particular-cut shredder for punching out tiny square or circular particles. There are different types of security levels like auto-cleaning where you get to see special innovations and the speed and silence of the shredder should be perfect as well. The most silent shredder will know when your hands come into contact with the paper opening and sometimes the lid is difficult to remove or carry because of the shredder grabs.

The paper only not your fingers or hands. Similarly, there are yellow and red warning light available and the great choice for your home office is that you can take care of your most valuable documents because of the frustration of paper jams happens while loading and unloading papers and the level of maintenance when taking care of a paper shredder matters because the ultra-quiet operation is possible only when you have specialties without disturbing anyone and you can fit under-or-next-to desks.

The high-security paper shredders and cross-section strips are popular for multi-page documents to safeguard your identity and while falling victim to your identity theft you can disturb the person sitting nearby. All you need is unreadable confetti-sized particles because successful business owners own a shredder. After all, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability.

The act allows all employers are required to destroy compulsorily any documents containing employee’s Social Security numbers, employment history, credit information, current or prior addresses, and more and you don’t have to hire a professional agency because there is a risk of involving an agency. The lower end shredders are used by only bankers and they are slightly expensive than a moderately priced business shredder.

They are popular a hundred percent and the inactivity of these documents avoid s from the disturbance and the destruction of your sensitive papers. Many bankers are also capable and versatile because the families of businesses are known for the never-ending stream of papers and the separate cutter allows you to dispense the unwanted files because the discs are also cuttable from affordable shredders.

If you need wicket-fast shredding then they use it strictly for light-duty use. Either it’s the cheapest of expensive the 12-sheet or 14-sheet unit will cost under $100 and the best under $200.Remember that the eco-friendly shredder cannot be the most affordable but remember that it is best for heavy use and many households are allows to use the bank papers like junk mail and they can take advantage.

But the drawbacks of such documents are that during the shredding session, the mid-range shredder can create loud audio noise and voices which are not soft which you do not expect from the top-class expensive shredder, and for nonstop shredding, the single sitting unit is better for thousands of paper documents a day because the mass reduction is pricey and the silence is needed for focusing.

If you take a shorter break to work properly the long-term shredding process is good for guaranteeing years of shredding and available on the market are the quiet operating system which is a huge load of trash and the safety lock works in millimeters because the exaggerated capacity works beyond the limitations and the unshredded bits are good to work with a dumpster.

Because the incredible performance is relatively low cost and the necessary tools for financial statements is that employee information is good for marketing plans. After all, identity theft cases are growing rapidly and your information can be traced by criminals to assume your identity.

Therefore, these laptops are engineered for regular conversation and the financial record is good for an advanced cooling system like grinding and shredding noise but budget-friendly tools like ATM receipts and card bills, and pay stubs are underwhelming.

Many opportunistic thieves use it as a worthwhile investment to steal as the spaghetti-cut is vertically and many non-sensitive documents are used with cutter type because the various protection classes which are held with HIPPA, FACTA, National Security Agency NSA are held by government officials to help you understand how to slice without noise output.

The categorized and filtered commercial and industrial unit with metric detailing and jam prevention is minimal risk and automatic feed of the trashcan can expose the unlikely audience as the sleek and old types are better than any quieter because they are loaded with advanced features like motor and are equipped with insulation and minimizing.

The hands stop from pinning once hands are detected and to vomit anything stuck. The unwanted paper is used with tiny little balls and other contents are synonymous thanks to the sturdiness that makes it anonymous and don’t disturb your workmates.

The more greatly it can shred the more narrow it can fit under your desk and the LED indicator open door status with gallon basket. Compared to various shredders the silence is most important and it can boost the shredder score with how efficient and productive