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Reset Admin Password Mac Single User Mode

Are you searching for the answer to reset admin password mac single user mode? Glad to help, read down this article till the end to get a comprehensive answer. 

Are you a Macbook user? Have you forgotten your Facebook password? Do you want to reset the admin password mac single user mode? 

A mac user must need to change the password for many reasons as it might be due to some security or personal reasons. You have to change the Macbook password to secure the laptop; whatever the reason for changing the password is, you can change it by user preference found in system preference. 

Reset Admin Password Mac Single User Mode

However, if you want to know how to reset admin password mac single user mode, dig down this article until the end to find an answer. 

How can you reset the admin password Mac OS X single user mode? 

Resetting an admin password in Mac single user mode isn’t a challenging task. All you have to do is to follow some steps precisely. Here are a few steps that you must follow to reset the admin password; 

  • You should first enable the single-user option and then activate the Command, relaunch the Mac, and press down Command + S at the restart.
  • After this, you will see the notification prompt from the Mac OS X instructing you to activate the Command to modify the file system, so first, just to fix the file fault. 
  • The first task, which might take a few moments to begin, is to check the Mac OS X system files for faults and resolve them. 
  • The Command will open the primary Mac OS X drive as accessible, enabling the user to modify the system files. 
  • After that, the file has been launched, enter the following command to update any user password. 
  • Now, you must reset and confirm all the changes regarding the new password. 
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This is how you can reset an admin password for Mac OS X mode for a single user. 

How can you reset the admin password using single user mode?

You can reset the admin password of Mac using single-user mode by just following the below steps; 

  • Turn off the Mac and then restart it again while holding the key ‘Command’ to enter the single-user mode. 
  • After this, type “mount -UW/” and hit enter. 
  • Now type ‘launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/’ and then press enter. 
  • Type’ password username’ after replacing ‘username’ with the name of the administration account. 
  • Press enter after entering the new passcode, and also by just typing it again to confirm it. 
  • For restarting the Mac, just type ‘reboot’ and then press enter. 

By following the above steps, you can easily reset the admin password in Mac single-user mode. 

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I forget my Mac administrator password?

If, unfortunately you have forgotten your Mac admin password, then there is the easiest way to recover the password, which is as follow; 

  1. First, restart the Mac, then tap and hold Command+R until you see the Apple logo. 
  2. Repeat the step until you see the recovery mode, then click on the utilities; after this, press terminal. 
  3. Now, in the terminal window, just type down ‘reset password and press enter. 
  4. After this, type your new password, and to prevent this type of situation, just add the password hint. 
  5. Once you set the new password and password hint, then restart your Macbook. 
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How do I reset my administrator password on my Mac?

You can reset the admin password on the Mac  just by following the below steps; 

  1. Firstly, click on the reset password; if the Mac doesn’t restart, just add the critical information and reset the password. 
  2. Click done and restart your Mac, otherwise click on the ‘forgot all password’ option and then choose the admin user password. 
  3. Now a notification box will appear showing the reset password option and then deactivate Mac. 
  4. Press on the deactivate option, and Next, add all the new password information and press next, then restart your device. The resetting of the admin password on Mac is completed.


Resetting the admin password mac single user mode is not a tedious task at all; all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned, and this is how you can reset the admin password. We hope you find this article reset admin password Mac single user mode helpful and informative. 

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