Right Airpod Keeps Disconnecting The Most Proven Troubleshooting Methods

Right Airpod Keeps Disconnecting


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Are you facing the Right Airpod Keeps Disconnecting error? Do you think it is a fixable issue? Yes, it is! Here we have stated the methods and their steps!

Often, a few blessings become a pain, and the same is the case with technologies; the tools and gadgets that we are enjoying once become a problem at the moment. Yes, I am talking about the Right Airpod Keeps Disconnecting.

Many of us are in trouble: the left airpord is perfectly going well, but the right airpod keeps disconnecting and affecting the gaming fun. Perhaps you are also the victim of this issue, but there is no need to lose your heart or regret your investment.

Here we have held your back and listed down the ultimate causes and solutions of the Right Airpod Disconnecting error. 

Right Airpod Keeps Disconnecting: Possible Causes

Both AirPods sometimes disconnect fully and stop working, but the central question is: What causes one AirPod to stop working? Some common issues arise even if you are using the latest versions. Reasons may vary, from simple to complex. But some of the noticeable causes are:

  • Software issue 

Why does my right AirPod keep randomly disconnecting? This is an issue that might happen due to a software update or when you accidentally change settings.

  • Signal interference issue 

Keep in mind that all wireless devices are highly susceptible to interference, and this is the cause of the Right Airpod keeps disconnecting issues.

  • Hardware issue

The issue may lie in the external hardware of your suitable airpord, due to which it disconnects in the middle of the call. 

  • Ear Wax On The Speakers

When you frequently use AirPods for listening to songs, or calls, it is possible that ear wax gathers in the speakers and creates a blockage of signals. This is a big issue, so don’t try to take it lightly. Always make sure to clean the Airpods after use.

  • Right AirPod Fell down 

Sometimes accidentally, the AirPods fell from your hand, as it is a small and lightweight device. But remember, one-time falling does not damage it badly, but when it falls several times. Chances are higher than it will damage internally due to which it stops working.

  •  Wrong settings

If the device to which your AirPods are connected is not configured with the correct settings, it is possible that you lost the Connection with both or sometimes with the right AirPod. To ensure the AirPods remain connected with each device you are pairing them with, it is good to review the Bluetooth settings. 

  • Low battery

Why do my AirPods keep cutting out in one ear? Unluckily this happens. Do you know why AirPods are wireless, and that is why they need enough charging to give full performance? 

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When the battery dies, it automatically disconnects from the paired devices. Therefore, to keep them in a working position, try to check the charging level from time to time.

  • Firmware issues

Last but not least, right Airpod Keeps Disconnecting might exist due to outdated Firmware. A lot of users report the issue with the recent version 6.8.8 update. Some users even report that they came across audio problems after the update. Right AirPod disconnects after 30 to 45 minutes of music playback and after 10 seconds during calls.

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps To Overcome The Right Airpod Keeps Disconnecting Issue

Why does one side of my AirPods pro keep disconnecting? The reasons for this issue are discussed above. Alright, this is the issue that is now in front of your eyes, but what to do now to fix it out. Try the below-mentioned method. We hope one of which will work for you. Let’s get started!

  • Update the Firmware

Sudden disconnection of right, left, or both AirPods might happen due to the result of older versions of Firmware on your AirPods. To see if there is any update available for your Firmware on the AirPod, try to do the following on iPhone. 

  • Ensure that the AirPods are present in the case and connect with your iPhone. 
  • Now open the Settings.
  • Tap General and about.
  • Please scroll down to find the connected AirPods and tap on them.
  • A screen will contain all details about the AirPods and also Firmware’s latest version.
  • To update Firmware, connect a lighting cable with the charging case from the bottom and leave the case next to the iPhone; it is suggested to leave them overnight. 
  • If there is any new update available, it will automatically start updating. 

If the right AirPod continues showing disconnection issues, this is the time to follow some drastic steps.

  • Disconnect your AirPods, then reconnect them

Even if the right AirPod only faces the disconnection issue, you can still try to disconnect AirPods and connect them again. This will help to resolve several problems.

  • Firstly put both AirPods in the case and close the lid; wait for at least 15 seconds.
  • Open the lid, press and hold the setup button present at the back of the case.
  • Wait for the light to flash amber, then white.
  • Delightfully, the AirPods are reset
  • Now try to connect the right AirPod first with the iPhone to ensure the issue has been resolved. To connect both, hold them beside the iPhone by turning Bluetooth on. 
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Straight away, move to the next step if Right Airpod Keeps Disconnecting issue persists.

  • Clean your AirPods

It is possible that Right Airpod Keeps Disconnecting issue exists just because of dirt, so this is time to clean them carefully. So clean them with proper care and special cloth. This is the ultimate solution since you don’t have to damage surfaces, leave scratches or marks on the surface.

  • Check The Right AirPod Internally

If you think your suitable airpod is damaged internally, try to go for a repair. Because this is a sensitive and small device, we recommend not doing this at home; it needs care and professionalism. Take them to any professional and give a trough check. 

  • Contact Apple Support 

Apple after-sale services are one of the best globally, so before going through all the steps given above. The right AirPods are still creating trouble, then contact with Apple support. They will check and tell you the leading cause. If the damage is severe, you only have to replace them. Unfortunately, there is no other solution.

  • Replace Them

Unluckily if the issue is not resolved after doing all the hacks mentioned above, there is only one solution left. We think it needs to be replaced entirely. It comes with both left and right AirPods. When you buy a new one, but when you will use them, handle them with care. Keep a proper check, keep them safe from dirt and scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Does My Right AirPod Keep Randomly Disconnecting?

The problem may lie in the internal sensors of the AirPods that determine whether they are in the ears, to the microphone, or down to Bluetooth interference.

  • What To Do If One Of Your AirPods Keeps Disconnecting?

If one of the AirPod is disconnected, then go for re-establishing the Connection With the iPhone.Some other steps that you can follow are:

  • Keep the iPhone and AirPods close to each other.
  • Disable the Bluetooth on your iPhone and reactivate it.
  • Disabling Automatic Ear Detection may work best.
  • Avoid wireless interface.
  • Deactivate automatic Switching.

Try following them, and we are sure they work for you.

  • Why Does One Side Of My AirPods Pro Keep Disconnecting? 

When your AirPods run out of battery, they disconnect from the paired devices. They randomly disconnect when the battery comes to a low level, so always keep them charged. One side may disconnect due to internal hardware issues or blockage in the signals. 

  • Why Do My AirPods Keep Cutting Out In One Ear? 

There are many reasons: why do my AirPods keep cutting out in one ear, and solutions are different. It might happen due to software problems, battery issues, or maybe Bluetooth connection issues.

  • What Causes One AirPod To Stop Working?

As discussed above, many times, the reasons may vary. Sometimes the suitable airpod accidentally falls off and is damaged from inside. When you try to connect it, it disconnects sometimes. One of the reasons is the unnecessary dust, ear wax that gathers in the speakers, and audio stops coming to your ears. 

  • How do I Factory Reset My AirPods?

If AirPods stop working or refuse to pair up with other devices, it is time to perform a factory reset. Follow simple steps. 

  • Press and hold the setup button for about 15 seconds.
  • Keep holding the button until the status light starts flashing amber a few times. Then it flashes white. 
  • This is the sign that your AirPods have been reset fully.
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So, that is all about Right Airpod Keeps Disconnecting – we hope it will work!

Our Wrap Up

This article has briefed on the ultimate fixes of the correct Airpod disconnecting issue; if you are also suffering from this issue, you can try them.

Instead of mourning over the issue, dumping out your airpod, or visiting the customer service, better to try these quick and effective troubleshooting methods.

So, go ahead and try!

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