Why Is My Roborock Offline – Let’s Get All Possible Reasons

What would you do if your device app displayed “roborock offline”? Finding the cause behind this status is a straightforward action you should take. Numerous factors undoubtedly make roborock inaccessible online, but poor network connectivity is the most common.

Most people have this problem because of simple and silly blunders. Some of them are; the switch might not be plugged into the socket, the wire might be broken, or the wall socket might not be supplying the correct power. If your robot vacuum suddenly stops working, check for these issues first.

Is your roborock still not working? Obviously, there’s another serious problem that will require expert assistance. Everything from mechanical to technical issues and their workable solutions are discussed here. Let’s take a glance at this.

Roborock Offline

Why Is My Roborock Offline – Major Causes

When a device cannot connect to a router, “Roborock offline” will appear. In addition, there are a plethora of causes that led to this problem. For clarity, we’ve separated these issues into two distinct parts.

  • Wiring Problem: Wiring problems that can be happened with the charging or power cables may be one of the causes of Roborock’s offline. The wires aren’t giving off a steady or sufficient charge because of damage or poor installation.
  • Network Problem: Roborock gadgets cannot function without a reliable and constant WiFi connection. If your device is positioned far from your network, the signal strength will inevitably decrease, forcing it offline.
  • Dead/Low Battery: It’s possible that the gadget is offline due to a lack of power or a low battery. Before anything else, ensure the device is connected and appropriately charged. Perhaps it ran out of power while doing a cleaning mission and could not connect. So, make sure to look at all these things.
  • Outdated Version: A software problem is another potential reason behind Roborock being offline. If your Roborock gets offline, it may indicate the presence of a bug in the current version and require updating the robot’s software. A few cases may indicate that the gadget needs to be reset.
  • Roborock Decentralized: Although it doesn’t happen often, occasionally, Roborock’s servers experience downtime. The fact that is selecting a different nation as your location solves the issue.
  • Faulty Sensors: A problem with the device’s hardware, such as its motors or sensors, is another possibility for the offline status. Further, a mechanical problem can be fixed if the robot is having trouble finding its way around or picking up dirt.

Troubleshooting Roborock Offline Issue

You can get your Roborock vacuum back online by fixing issues that take place with the network or the device. To identify and fix the real issue of Roborock offline, try to follow these suggestions.

  • Verify WiFi Connection

The WiFi network getting disconnected is the most apparent reason a Roborock machine is offline. After a long period of not being connected to the router, the gadget will disconnect automatically. It’s possible that the internet is down or the router is malfunctioning.

As a result, ensuring your router can connect to the internet is the initial step in troubleshooting your Roborock offline. If you’re having trouble accessing the internet from your device, try connecting another device to the WiFi network.

Having internet connectivity by another device indicates that the router is functioning correctly. You can always reboot the router if this fix doesn’t work with your device. To reset the network, disconnect it, wait for at least twenty to thirty seconds, and reconnect it to the socket. Now, verify whether your gadget can access the internet in a new location.

Note: Your vacuum will need to be reconnected to the network after rebooting a router or any other type of modification in the router.

  • Adjust The Position

Further, distance from the router will reduce the strength of the network connection. If the vacuum is in the farthest corner of the home, it may not get a signal. Due to this, the device application displays the “Roborock offline” notification. Walls or obstructions can also block the radio wave signals of the internet making it weaker.

Expand the network signal throughout your home by relocating the vacuum closer to the router or acquiring a network range extender. Of course, you’ll need to restart the robot and reload the app after relocating it. Still dealing with the Roborock offline? Let’s try another solution.

  • Make Constant Internet Connection

It is essential to maintain an internet connection for Roborocks. However, avoid connecting it to your phone or computer’s internet if you want it to keep working while you’re away or on the phone, as it will pause cleaning if it detects that you’re not at home.

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Robotic vacuums are made to move around your house and identify the places that need cleanup: this mapping/tracking is only possible if the vacuum cleaner is linked to the internet.

If there is a problem with the internet, the vacuum cleaner will spin strangely in a circle without cleaning anything. A WiFi range extender is the only way to keep the device linked to the internet. 

You can ensure your robot is always online by installing a wireless access point in your home or using a WiFi extender. Establishing a reliable connection is crucial for your machine. 

Always verify that your potential new internet provider has excellent coverage in your area and promises to maintain that coverage in the future before making the switch. If you’re considering switching WiFi providers, it’s essential to do some research to ensure the new one will provide reliable service both now and in the future.

Handy Tip: you can enhance the range of your robot vacuum by investing in a signal booster, which amplifies your WiFi signal and broadcasts it in all directions.

  • Modifications In The Roborock Settings

If the aforementioned network-based fixes haven’t done the trick, the Roborock itself is likely to blame. So first, refresh the network configurations by disconnecting the WiFi network and connecting again without changing maps and other settings.

Hopefully, the robot vacuum will operate again when you’ve reset the network settings and reconnected to WiFi. To reset the Roborock’s WiFi, push and keep the dock and spot buttons (placed on the outer body of the vacuum) for Five to ten seconds or until the “Resetting WiFi” audio prompts play.

Is your robot’s WiFi light blinking gently? Don’t worry; it’s normal as it searches for a network. Furthermore, you may have another option of deleting the Roborock from the app. Select the vacuum from the home screen, then push the menu button (three dots).

Choose “Delete Device” and then confirm your choice. Finally, it’s time to re-establish the connection between your home router and the Roborock robot vacuum.


  • Roborock Factory Reset

To completely clear out your Roborock vacuum cleaner and return it to its original settings, you must perform a hard reset. This is because your whole collection of maps and configurations has been erased. After resetting, it can be reconnected to the network and used to create a new home map.

Follow these steps to return your Roborock vacuum to its original settings:

Hold down the “Home” and “Charge” buttons for 3 to 5 seconds. To factory reset your device, hold the home/recharge button and push the “reset button.” The LED WIFI indicator is located next to the reset button.

Hold down the option of “home button” until the device docks or charges. A “Restoring initial version” audio prompt plays, the home button flashes, and after around 5 seconds, you can leave by pressing the button.

Have some patience; this should take no more than 5 minutes. Once the power button stops and the WiFi light blinks, you know the gadget has been completely reset to factory default settings.

When you perform a hard reset on your vacuum, it will stop communicating with your wireless network and return to its original firmware. You need to upgrade the firmware and then re-configure the wireless network.

  • Change Wire

When cleaning, many individuals stretch their vacuum wires too far to avoid switching plugs. The outcome is the Roborock plug flying out of the socket and the power going out to the device.

Extending the cord this way risks the wires inside being disconnected, thereby cutting off your device’s power. Unfortunately, this is only sometimes obvious; in many cases, the user won’t even realize it’s occurring or has already occurred.

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It’s common for customers to pull the plug from the socket by jerking the wire itself in our shop. Unfortunately, this isn’t good for the wire and can break the prongs that plug into the wall. So when unplugging a vacuum, let’s do ourselves a favor and use both hands on the plug. 

Handy Tip: Unfortunately, if you determine that your wire gets completely damaged, you can try replacing the wire to avoid roborock offline status.


Is Your Roborock Offline – Some Least Causes

As I have mentioned in the opening paragraph, our Roborock goes offline due to some stupid and peculiar little mistakes. There’s indeed no shortage of silly notions, but here are some of the most frequent ones:

Least Causes

  • Using the wrong mobile app
  • Choosing the wrong region and blocking location access.
  • Poor WiFi router configuration.
  • Heat-related battery issue
  • WiFi is far from the router

Fixes For These Problems

The vast majority of problems are minor and straightforward to fix. However, it’s essential to remember that throwing these concerns under the rug now may become severe headaches later. 

For instance, the battery may suffer irreparable damage if it is not charged regularly or let sit for a long time. To address the most typical issues, try the following steps.

  • You can switch to a different cloud data centre by changing the region you’re currently in. When there are server problems, switching to a different location is necessary. Verify whether your gadget can access the WiFi in a new location.
  • Verify that the battery has sufficient charge before using the device; Roborock offline displays if the battery is dead while away from the charging base. To make sure the Roborock is charging, you’ll need to move it to the port physically. App refresh will enable it to come online once it is powered on and connects to your network.
  • Inspect the application; If you’re using an older version of the MI home and Roborock app, it may have trouble recognizing your connected devices. Simply visit your device’s app store to get the latest version of the app. If you update your app and then reconnect all your devices, you won’t notice any differences.

Still, Stuck In The Problem? 

If you have just bought this item, it is highly probable that it was harmed while being shipped to you. This is only the case if you purchased it too long ago. Nevertheless, some items can sustain damage during the complicated delivery procedure, regardless of how well they are packaged As a result, you’ll have to get a repair or replacement from the store’s service department to fix these issues. Any problems that arise during the system’s distribution are not your responsibility. Don’t stress about making a purchase; if something goes wrong, you can get a replacement right away.

If you’re lucky, the seller will complete the verification process quickly, and you’ll be able to pick up your replacement device the following week. However, some customers had to wait slightly longer than expected for the updated product. You should prioritise making the dealer’s verification procedure as easy as possible.

If you want to speed up the replacement procedure, show them the receipt they gave you. The dealer will then double-check your delivery information, and your new gadget will be at your disposal within a week.

The most commonly asked question regarding the head-on issue is, “are roborock require access to the internet for operating” if yes? Then why do individuals connect their Roborock vacuums to their home networks? Let’s see all details here.

Do I Need An Internet Connection To Use Roborock?

Roborock’s internal 4GB memory allows it to save programs and maps even while you’re away from WiFi or mobile service. However, it requires an active internet connection to execute the cleaning plan that has been preconfigured.

However, while you are not online, it can clean the intended room you have set in the cleaning map and cannot reset the plan for another room without the internet.

Your Roborock can only run the cleaning program you’ve chosen for a single room when you’re not online. However, cleaning numerous rooms at once is okay because of its ability to use a pre-loaded map and cleaning routines in tandem with an online connection.

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Therefore, before departing on a trip or travelling for an extended period of time, one should configure the mapping for their intended place and tidy them before disconnecting from the internet.

Keeping Your Roborock Online: Tips and Tricks

You can avoid the problem altogether by taking any number of precautions.The three most frequent are described below.

  • Regular Updating

Updating the software on your roborock vacuum on a regular basis is one of the best methods to keep it running well. Therefore, you know you have the latest and finest version available.

Always ensure no new updates are available before launching a cleaning cycle. Make sure you download the most recent firmware from the company’s website.

  • Regular Cleanliness

Keeping up with routine maintenance on the Roborock vacuum will significantly extend its life and make it less likely to stop working. This includes eliminating hair tangles from the brush, washing the filters after each usage, and dumping the dust bin.

It is also crucial that the charging station be kept tidy. By doing so, you can avoid a buildup of debris, which could eventually damage the charger.

  • Prevent Obstacles

Refrain from blocking your robot vacuum’s route. This may assist in preventing the vacuum from being jammed or going offline. Keeping things off the floor is essential so the vacuum can pick up or knock over the dust.

To further ensure that your robot vacuum does not run into any obstructions while cleaning, you can modify its cleaning path. You can use the app or the vacuum’s actual controls.


Why is my Roborock offline – The most typical causes that make Roborock offline are a dead battery, an obstacle in its cleaning path, or an unexpected area. In addition, several significant reasons for a robot vacuum offline include a weakened WiFi signal, a depleted battery, a vacuum that is too distant from the router’s WiFi range, and an overheated battery. The previous sections may provide all the necessary information to solve these issues.


How do I get my Roborock back online?

Hold down the “partial cleaning” and “charge” buttons until a sound instructs you. The Roborock S6’s WiFi indicator light will begin a slow blinking pattern, indicating a successful reset and the subsequent waiting period for reconnection.

Why does it say my Roborock is offline?

If the robot vacuum’s battery is dead, it won’t be able to connect to the internet and will be marked as offline. To check if the robot’s battery is fully charged, simply pressing the power button will reveal this information.

How do I get my intelligent life device back online?

Determine if your WiFi network is functioning normally or if you have made any alterations, such as changing the network’s username or password. If the latter is the case, try resetting your gadget and re-adding it. If the Wifi appears to be operating well, but your vacuum is still unable to connect, the issue may be that there are abundant people or gadgets using the WiFi.

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