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Roomba Charging Contacts Not Working

Roomba charging contacts are where the entry point of Roomba to receive power, but sometimes these charging points don’t work due to several reasons making Roomba useless.

Roomba charging contact won’t work when they are covered entirely in the dirt, when the charging point is melted due to excessive heat caused by several reasons, or when the charging points are pushed in and not able to make contact with the charging poles of the dock preventing Roomba to recharge.

Roomba Charging Contacts Not Working

Roomba Charging Contacts Not Working

Let’s troubleshoot the Roomba Charging contact to figure out why they are not working and how you can clean them, replace them, and make them work.

Cleaning Charging Contacts

Roomba charging contacts can get dirty over time, If not taken care of properly, gunk can build up, covering the steel ultimately, causing discoloration and resulting in a rust-colored ring preventing the charging poles from making a secure connection with the charging poles of the battery, giving you near-dead roomba.

To clean these super dirty charging poles, you have to remove the dock as well the Roomba from charging and unplug from the power source and use a soft brush or toothpick to peel the severe grime and then wipe clean the metal plates with a damp melamine foam-like a magic eraser and don’t be too harsh while cleaning because putting too much pressure on the charging points can push them inside, and that can raise a new problem for you.

Charging Contacts Pushed in

If, by chance or due to any reason, the charging contacts are pushed in, there is no way of getting them back to their original position once displaced except you open the Roomba apart and fix the charging poles from inside to set them on their original work and if they are melted and pushed in then consider replacing them which is explained in the next step.

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Replace Charging Contacts

When you have figured out that your charging contacts are pushed in or not working correctly even after cleaning, you have to replace them. Here’s how you can return the charging contacts of Roomba.

  • Flip over the Roomba and remove the yellow brush head
  • Remove the battery plate as well as the battery with the grey pull tab
  • Unscrew the bottom plate or Roomba and turn Roomba face up
  • Press the release button and get out of the bin
  • Use the opening tool, remove the retaining band and then face the plate
  • Lift the top plate off, and there you will see electric poles and wire connections
  • Release the connector and remove the charging contact backings
  • Gently pull the bars from the side beside the cliff sensor

Maintenance Tips for Charging Contacts

Roomba charging contacts are made of silver, but fixed in plastic casing, meaning they must be adequately treated, or they might get pushed in, melt, or get dull.

To maintain the charging points of Roomba, you can try different things like

Never let Roomba overcharge and timely discharge it once fully charged because excessive charging will overheat the battery and the charging points.

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Excessive heat can make the charging contacts hot and melt the casing, and who knows where things go after that?

Always clean the charging contacts gently, and do not put too much force while removing gunk from them, as they can be pushed in.

Why is my Roomba not connecting to the charger?

Surprisingly, Roomba won’t connect to the charger if the charging port is not working correctly, the physical wire is damaged, the outlet is faulty, or maybe the battery is either fully charged or degraded enough that it won’t hold any more charge.

How do I know if my Roomba battery is bad?

Roomba comes with battery indication lights telling you the battery status to understand different situations of battery life when the battery light is solid green, which means it’s fully charged, and amber flashing means it’s charging. Red flashing means the battery is dead.

How many years does a Roomba battery last?

Roomba battery can charge in 2 hours with or without dock and can last for around 400 charging rounds or 200 cleaning cycles. Suppose this time duration has been completed, then out of goodwill. In that case, you should consider replacing your battery and treating your new battery well, like discharging it after its full charge and preventing it from overheating. Also, store it in a dry or excellent place to extend the battery’s life.


In a nutshell, if you take care of your Roomba properly and keep it well-maintained and well-nursed not only from the top but also from the bottom like the sensors and the charging poles then you can prolong the working of your Roomba and it may never run into error or problem.

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