Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes off

When the Roomba charging dock light goes off, that doesn’t mean the Roomba isn’t charging, or there is any error or problem with Roomba or the dock.

Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes off

Roomba charging dock light goes off on purpose because Roomba added this feature to save energy to ensure Roomba gets charged up 100% as quickly as possible without wasting even a bit of power on the blinking green light.

Roomba has made this change in the recent robot models, but still, previous models have flashing or solid green light functions like 

  • Roomba 500 and 600 series show a blinking light every four seconds
  • Roomba 700, 800, and 900 models show blinking light after 60 seconds,
  • Roomba models that belong to series i3 and i7 has no blinking light,

Similarly, you should also know about the beeps Roomba gives to understand the errors Roomba faces when the battery is dead, hot, or needs replacement.

Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes off

Does Roomba Light Turn off when charging?

The light on the base will go on for approximately four seconds and then turn off and remain off while the Robot continues to charge, and once the Robot has fully charged, you will see the fixed green light indicator showing that the Roomba is fully charged. In addition, there are other battery indications like amber means it’s partially set, pulsing amber means setting in progress, red light means discharged, and flashing red light means Roomba is about to die due to the drained battery.

Should the Roomba light be on when charging?

Depending on the model of Roomba lights, Roomba lights can go off after 60 seconds to conserve energy Still, if you want to check the battery status, you can press the CLEAN button, and the light will illuminate. If its amber light, which means the battery is charging, and if it’s a solid green light, that indicates the Robot is set.

Why is My Roomba Docking Station Not Working?

Roomba dock can not work due to many reasons. The charging poles could be dirty, stopping battery transmitters from making a secure connection, the sensor might be faulty or dirty and couldn’t send proper infrared signals to Roomba, or the dock is clogged with dirt that you can see from the bottom of the pier from the transparent tube and unclog it. Finally, you can check if the adapter cable is physically damaged or if the outlet is not providing energy. Try to change the outlet or check the breaker from the electrical box and then plug the adapter correctly into the socket. If nothing works to get it fixed until they charge your Roomba without a dock from the wire with regular charging, the cleaning schedule will be disrupted, and you won’t enjoy self-emptying and self-charging. 

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How To Know if Roomba is Charging correctly?

To ensure Roomba is charging correctly, you can press the CLEAN button on the Roomba, and the light indicator will tell blink accordingly to guide you about the charging situation.

Should I leave Roomba plugged in all the time?

Keeping Roomba plugged in constantly won’t be a good thing for the battery as it will degrade it. By the way, Roomba can stop charging when the battery is complete, but you should still remove it from charging and store it in a cool or dry place to prolong battery life.

Does Roomba automatically dock when the battery is low?

Roomba has the feature to dock automatically when the battery is low, and you don’t have to press any button or use the app to send it back to the home base. But, if there are obstacles around the dock or the Roomba, a person may need help to make the way clear for the Robot to dock properly for recharging.

How Often does Roomba need a new battery?

Roomba batteries can take around 2 hours to charge fully and lasts about 400 charging cycles. That means the battery can last for roughly 2-3 years depending on the care and usage. Because the battery needs proper maintenance, it must be kept in a cool or dry place and must not be overcharged or not be kept uncharged, and so on.

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How to Fix if Roomba is Not Charging?

When you see that your Roomba isn’t charging, make sure that it hasn’t encountered any error to quickly figure out why Roomba isn’t charging few of the mistakes that you must know about are

If Roomba

  • Blinks once mean the battery is not connected.
  • Two, three, or five blinks, a charging error is occurring
  • Six blinks mean the battery is too warm
  • Seven blinks mean the battery is too hot or cold
  • Eight blinks mean the battery is not connected
  • Nine  blinks mean Roomba has an error related to the battery

Other than that, you can check Roomba’s electrical poles or charging points to see if any dirt, grime, gunk, or oxide layer is stuck. Then remove it with a microfiber cloth and alcohol because trapped poles won’t be able to connect with the dock properly.

Dirt can accumulate on wheels, and over time, the buildup can get not only gross but more significant, causing an increase in the height of Roomba and, that prevents Roomba from connecting with the charging points of the dock,, so you should clean the caster wheels as well, as the main,, wheels, regularly.

Battery displacement is a big problem that happens with Roomba during shipping, Still, you can easily adjust the deposition battery by opening the battery compartment and fixing it in its original position, and it will start charging.

Roomba comes with rechargeable Li-ion batteries, but if you don’t take proper care of them, they can die quickly, and you may have to replace them.

The restart can fix software-related problems, and the reboot process can differ for different Roomba models.

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Soft reset of Roomba is much like a reboot, but it can remove software bugs but cannot remove hardware issues; to do that, you can press and hold the dock button and leave when Roomba beeps.

Hard reset will revert Roomba to default settings. It will remove all configurations and customizations done with the Robot and all the bugs and errors with the Roomba, and after the update, you get to have a brand new Roomba model.

To Hard reset Roomba, press and hold the clean button for at least ten seconds, and when the light indicator flashes, release the button, and Roomba will restart like a new model.


If Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes off you don’t have to worry because that’s just to conserve some energy of your Roomba so that it can quickly get charged.

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