Roomba Keeps Docking and Undocking

When Roomba keeps docking and undocking, you should look for different things like dirty charging contacts, dirty sensors, clogged and dirty filters, faulty sockets with lower voltage, and a handful of other reasons preventing Roomba from docking and undocking properly. For troubleshooting, you can clean it properly, perform a hard reset, or check the batteries of Roomba.

Roomba Docking Problems

Sometimes it’s the Dock that malfunctions, and sometimes Roomba itself are not behaving normally, and that’s why the cleaning sched, ule is disrupted, and Roomba would neither dock nor get and eventually won’t clean.

Roomba Keeps Docking and Undocking

How to Fix Roomba keeps docking and undocking?

Let’s investigate what causes Roomba to undock and, shortly after, return to base so that you can adequately charge your Roomba and get desired cleaning results.

Cleaning the Filter

Roomba misbehaves when the dirt filters are clogged with dust, grime, and nasty stuff, due to which Roomba keeps coming back to the base without completing the cleaning session.

That’s where you come in because Roomba can self-empty the bin or self-charge it but cannot self-clean the dirty filters.

To clean the vacuum filter, remove the bin by pressing the Bin-release button, pull the filter out, and clean it either by washing or simply tapping it with something to dust off the build-up dust and put the filter back and position the bin back as well.

Once you have cleaned the filter, Roomba must start cleaning or go to the Dock for recharging, but if Roomba still docks and undocks strangely, check if the filter door was closed correctly or not, or move to the next step.

Hard Reset Roomba

A quick reboot or restart can fix software-related problems, and the rebooting process can differ for different Roomba models.

Soft reset of Roomba is much like a reboot, but it can remove software bugs but cannot remove hardware issues; to do that, you can press and hold the dock button and leave when Roomba beeps.

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Hard reset will revert Roomba to default settings. It will remove all configurations and customizations done with the Robot and all the bugs and errors with the Roomba, and after the update, you get to have a brand new Roomba model.

To Hard reset Roomba, press and hold the clean button for at least ten seconds, and when the light indicator flashes, release the button, and Roomba will restart like a new model.

When you reset Roomba, the LED will swirl in white color, which means the Roomba is going to, which art and solid green light, will indicate that Roomba is turned on back.

Re-insert / Replace the battery

The rThe Roomba battery compartment has slightly extra space, which means the battery can cause problems for various reasons, which could be why Roomba might be docking and undocking. You can unscrew the battery compartment and re-insert the battery and fix it in its original position or tape it so displacement never happens again.

If this doesn’t help, try to replace the battery because a dead battery won’t speak for itself, so it could be why Roomba is docking and undocking. Roomba battery requires proper maintenance. It can recharge in 2 hours; master that it must be disconnected from the power source, but battery should never be kept uncharged and must be stored in a cool or dry place to prevent degradation.

Remove Obstructions

Roomba docking station requires at least 1.5 feet of clear surroundings to perform accurately. Still, if the home base is placed in a well-trafficked area or there are lots of obstacles like shoes and boxes manicure around, then the IR ( infrared ) signals might not be able to reach to the Roomba. Similarly, Roomba must be within a six-foot radius of the Dock to detect signs properly, but if there are obstacles or the sensors are dirty, you can try to remove the obstacles and clean the sensors. Hence, Roomba communicates appropriately with Dock and doesn’t docks and undock randomly or frequently.

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If nothing helps, try changing the location of the base somewhere the base’s location, and Roomba can quickly identify dock.

Create a New Path

Creating a new cleaning path for your Roomba can prevent Roomba from unnecessarily docking and undocking again and again because if the mapping isn’t correct, that means Roomba is going to behave strangely. Still, they are smart enough to do that by scanning your household and floor types.

For that, you can simple access you can simply access your innovative mapping and press New Map and press start, press 

Roomba will operate now on low-power mode and must dock after undocking, and if this doesn’t happen, you g not the culprit.

Clean the Charging Points and Sensors

Charging poles or Dock and Roomba can get dirty or oxidize over time or after vacuuming sessions. If dirt builds up severely, it will prevent Robot from maintaining a secure connection with the electrical contacts of the Dock, and that won’t let the Roomba get the required charging causing Roomba to duck and undock. A quick solution can be to clean the metal plates with a dry/wet napkin or a microfiber cloth and rub them with alcohol and wipe them with the dry cloth.

Similarly, Roomba comes with a plethora of sensors like four front cliff sensors, two rear cliff sensors, two home base charging points, two robot contact points, two bin sensors, and inner/outer sensor ports which can get dirty over time, and, without proper cleaning, they, perform improperly. So t, dry clean all thimproperand ensure there are no stickers on the bumpers or the Roomba placed by you or the kids.

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That was all about why Roomba is docking and undocking indefinitely. One more thing to keep in mind is that keep Roomba away from spills on the floors because it gets wet which can prevent Roomba from properly docking and undocking.

So from you, Roomba, keep docking and undo your, just do a thorough cleaning of the Dock as well as the Roomba. Don’t forget to check the electrical outlet, breaker, or power cable because they can be damaged, causing Roomba to dock and undock due to lack of power.

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