Roomba s9+ Docking Problem

Roomba S9+ docking problem is a common issue and a lot of Roomba owners face this because the traction issue sometimes keeps the Roomba stuck on the dock and sometimes won’t let it dock.

Although this is a manufacturing problem but to get rid of the Roomba s9+ docking problem you can try placing a short pile carpet beneath the base so that wheels can easily mount the base with improved traction. 

If that doesn’t help then you should look for other reasons causing Roomba s9+ not to dock like dirty faulty sensors, dirty or broken charging points, obstacles in the way of Roomba, and so on.

Roomba s9+ docking problem

How to Fix Roomba s9+ Docking Problem

Try these troubleshooting techniques to see what is the reason behind your s9+ not docking and how you can make it dock so that Roomba can properly charge to perform vacuuming sessions according to the schedule.

Move Roomba dock to a new location

If the dock is placed somewhere near obstacles like furniture, toys, pet home, shoes, or other boxes then chances are the dock may not be able to communicate properly with the Roomba to call it back to the dock. 

Make sure that the dock has 1.5 feet of clear surroundings in order to work properly so that the infrared signals can easily spread over to detect the Roomba and Roomba can detect those signals to scoot its way back to the dock to recharge.

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Cleaning Charging Poles of the Dock

Dirty charging contacts can also create docking problems and therefore you should carefully clean those charging points of the Roomba s9+ to make sure it properly docks. Sometimes the oxidized layer or grime can stuck on the charging contacts and therefore you can remove it with compressed air, vacuum it, or wipe it off so that those metal plates can make a secure connection between the Roomba and the home base.

Cleaning or replacing Roomba’s sensor

If the sensors are dirty they won’t pick up the infrared signals released by the dock or if they are faulty well you can guess what will happen then. So try cleaning the sensors hoping they are working fine but if still nothing happens then either contact Roomba support or order replacement sensors replacing the sensors may require technical knowledge which could be beyond your skills.

Why is my Roomba not leaving the docking station?

Roomba may not leave the dock until its fully charged and the reason behind could be the displaced or depositioned battery, dirty wheels, dirty charging metal plates, dirty or faulty sensors, and so on stopping Roomba to get a proper charge.

How do you clean the Roomba docking sensor?

Get a wet or dry napkin or a microfiber cloth and simply wipe off the grime but if its too thick then use some alcohol to quickly sanitize it as well as remove those tough stains.

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How does a Roomba know where its dock is?

Roomba features confinement sensors that detect IR ( infrared ) signals released by the dock sensor to detect where the dock is and crawls or scoot back to the dock to recharge and empty the bin.

Can you use Roomba without a docking station?

Yes, you can use Roomba without a docking station as the dock just charges or empties the bin Roomba operates on its own or through the app on your smartphone but it needs to be charged either on the dock or without the dock.

Can you directly plug in a Roomba?

Yes, when your dock isn’t working due to reasons like dirty charging poles, clogged bin, or faulty sensors then you can directly charge your Roomba and find the dedicated charging port of the Roomba and plug the cable in it and then into the wall socket not in an extension cord or a light strip.

Can you have 2 bases for one Roomba?

You can have 2 bases for one Roomba but not all models share bases so you must know that which Roomba models can share a home base and which don’t.


If your Roomba s9+ isn’t docking then you have the list of fixes in this article that you can try to resolve the problem. I hope that after this article your Roomba won’t behave strangely.

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