Roomba Stops Charging After a Few Seconds

If Roomba stops charging after a few seconds that means Roomba isn’t charging properly and you may see strange behaviors like Roomba docking and undocking or the charging light going off and so on.

The reason, why Roomba stops charging after a few seconds, can be a displaced or dead battery, dirty sensors, clogged filter or dust bin, or dirty charging points, and to troubleshoot this problem you can do simple cleaning and maintenance of the Robot or try resetting it.

Roomba Stops Charging After a Few Seconds

How to Fix Roomba Stops Charging After a Few Seconds

Roomba is supposed to keep charging when the battery is drained but if you are considering the off charging light as Roomba not charging momentarily then you may be wrong because Roomba has installed this function in the latest Roomba models in which the charging light will go off to save energy so that Roomba can charge 100% as soon as possible. Therefore, the Roomba charging light goes off, which many people think is the Roomba stopping to recharge after a few seconds.

Roomba is equipped with Li-ion batteries, which are durable and reliable and are meant to last around 400 charging cycles. Plus, the battery takes around 2 hours to charge either you check it on the dock or your charge it without the port with a dedicated cable charger which you should only do when the port isn’t working correctly.

If you are worried due to the charging light on the Roomba, then you must know that different models have different light indication settings like

  • Roomba 500 and 600 series show a blinking light every four seconds
  • Roomba 700, 800, and 900 models show blinking light after 60 seconds,
  • Roomba models that belong to series i3 and i7 has no blinking light,

Similarly, you can always check the charging status by pressing the CLEAN button on the Roomba, and if the battery light indicates solid green light, that means the battery is charged; flashing amber means it’s charging, and flashing red means the battery is dead.

If you have made sure that Roomba isn’t charging on the dock after it goes back to the dock or you put it on the dock then try to verify this by manually charging the Roomba without the dock.

To charge Roomba without the dock you have to find the dedicated charging ports on the Roomba and plug the power adapter into the Roomba and insert it into a working socket and make sure the outlet is in the wall, not an extension cord or a strip so that it can support energy requirement of Roomba. If you still see that Roomba stops charging after a few seconds or minutes then it’s time for troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Roomba Not Charging After Few Seconds

Solution 1: Try the Power Cycle

The first thing that you should try is to figure out what’s causing the trouble if it’s your dock then unplug the dock from the power source and also remove the cable from the dock as well and plug the cable back after a few minutes and hopefully, this power cycle should remove anomalies the dock is facing and should start charging the Roomba without interrupting the charging process.

If this doesn’t work then move to the next method

Solution 2: Check the Charging Points of Roomba and Dock

The electrical charging poles of the dock and Roomba can get dirty over time and if you don’t clean the dock and Roomba after the vacuuming session then the dirt buildup can get severe and can prevent Roomba metal plates to make a secure connection with the charging entries of the dock that can cause Roomba to stop charging after a few seconds.

If that’s the case then you should get a dry and wet napkin or get a microfiber cloth and use some alcohol to remove the oxidized layer as well as the nasty grime and debris stuck on the charging points and make sure the charging contacts are making a secure connection and now Roomba shouldn’t stop charging. If dirt isn’t too severe you can try compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust particles from the dock as well as the Roomba.

Solution 3: Displaced or Dead battery

If you have just received the shipment of your Roomba and you put it on a charge which you should do and charge it overnight for prolonged battery life but if the Roomba stops charging after a few seconds that could mean the battery is displaced from its position and due to the deposition of the battery isn’t letting the Roomba charge properly. You can fix that by opening the battery compartment and re-insert the battery or adjusting it to its original place don’t forget to pull the yellow tab from the battery because that is meant to be pulled.

Once you receive the fresh Roomba charge it overnight because that extended charging will improve the battery life and prevents it from degradation but you can only do that with a new battery because doing this regularly can harm your battery therefore you must know that battery must be discharged after 2 hours because it takes 2 hours to get fully charged and after that, it must be stored somewhere cool and dry. 

The battery is supposed to last for around 400 charging cycles and after that battery loses the ability to hold a charge so if Roomba stops charging after a few seconds see if that battery is old enough to hold a charge or not.

Solution 4: Cleaning Dirty sensors or Replace them 

Roomba is equipped with a plethora of sensors like four front cliff sensors, two rear cliff sensors, two bin sensors, and inner/outer sensor ports which can get dirty over time or can get faulty over time. You can try cleaning the sensors with a dry napkin to make sure they are catching the infrared signals and can effectively go back to the dock for charging but a faulty sensor may cause problem that can affect Roomba charging ability to keep charging uninterruptedly.

Solution 5: Clogged Filters or Dust bin

Roomba misbehaves when the dirt filters are clogged with dust, grime, and nasty stuff, due to which Roomba won’t charge properly.

That’s where you come in because Roomba can self-empty the bin or self-charge it but cannot self-clean the dirty filters.

To clean the vacuum filter, remove the bin by pressing the Bin-release button, pull the filter out, and clean it either by washing or simply tapping it with something to dust off the build-up dust and put the filter back and position the bin back as well.

Once you have cleaned the filter, Roomba must start cleaning or go to the Dock for recharging, but if Roomba stops charging after a few seconds strangely, check if the filter door was closed correctly or not, or move to the next step.

Solution 6: Hard Reset Roomba

If you are worried that hard resetting may lose all your settings and customizations then you can try to reboot Roomba or try a soft reset. But if nothing works in your favor that the last option is to hard reset Roomba to remove glitches and bugs in software or hardware so that it can charge continuously without stopping or pausing.


That was all about why Roomba keeps pausing charging after a few moments and I hope that this article will solve the problem because if Roomba isn’t charging completely it won’t clean properly making you feel sorry for your investment.

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