Samsung Monitor Menu Button Not Working

Samsung Monitor Menu Button Not Working

It’s possible that the menu button will cease working or respond incorrectly, regardless of how carefully you care for your display.

Samsung Monitor Menu Button Not Working

When we talk about durable technology, Samsung has a long history, and for good reason: the brand is reliable, long-lasting, and provides users with exactly what they want in a variety of areas. For monitors, the image works in a variety of lighting conditions, has a plethora of useful functions, and is a long-term investment. If your Samsung monitor isn’t operating properly, continue reading to find the best solution.

If your Samsung monitor isn’t turning on by the menu button despite the fact that the power supply is firmly inserted into both the outlet and the monitor, check to see if electricity is present within the outlet. Check to see if any circuit breakers have been mistakenly turned off.

When you turn your Samsung monitor ON, a light indication through an LED power light will show that power is present. This light will illuminate when the monitor is turned on, indicating that power is present, and that appropriate operation is possible. If you try to turn on your Samsung monitor and it won’t turn on, keep reading to see what the most likely cause of the power outage is.

First, double-check that both ends of the power cord are attached to the monitor. The power wire should be firmly placed into both the outlet and the monitor’s back. If one of the ends is loose, the device may quit functioning.

Samsung Monitor Menu Button Broken: 

Your Samsung monitor includes an on-screen display menu, or OSD, for adjusting the monitor’s brightness, contrast, color, size, and skew. These settings adjust the display to suit your personal preferences or the brightness of your work environment.

Optimally adjusting the OSD settings makes the screen easier to see and may reduce eye strain when working long hours in your business. The Samsung OSD resides within the monitor itself, so it functions independently of the operating system and does not require additional software.

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It’s possible that your display has an OSD Lock feature. Most OSD (On Screen Display) Menu settings are locked with this function, so they can’t be modified accidently. You may lock the menu on Samsung displays so that your settings are safe and cannot be changed. Please follow the steps below to lock and unlock your monitor.

What’s OSD: 

An on-screen display (OSD) is a control panel on a monitor screen or television screen that allows you to alter display components such as brightness, contrast, and horizontal and vertical alignment.

An on-screen display is often triggered via buttons on the bottom of a computer monitor. One button, for example, may bring up a display of the brightness and contrast levels, which can be modified by clicking the up or down arrow keys on the monitor.

An on-screen display on a television can normally be triggered either by the television set’s buttons or using the remote control. Television on-screen displays are becoming increasingly complex and interactive. In addition to visual calibration, the on-screen display may allow you to read program information, search for program, or set parental controls for certain channels.


Push the jog button to see the settings, then press Up and select Menu by pressing the Jog Button in again for models with a jog button. Hold the jog button to the left for 10 seconds while on the Menu screen.

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The menu will disappear right away but keep holding the Jog Button left until you see a small light flash once under the Samsung emblem. When you return to the menu page, you’ll notice that some items have been greyed out and are no longer available for selection.


On your monitor, locate the Menu button and press and hold it for 10 seconds. The Menu will appear at first, but after 10 seconds of holding the Menu button, it will vanish.

Certain options have been disabled, and the Menu has been locked.

Measures You Need to Take to Enable Monitor Button:

Disconnect the monitor for about 30 minutes; this will cause it to “reset” and perhaps solve the problem. If that helps, switch off the screen rather than making it go into standby the next time you shut down the computer to avoid future difficulties.
If the capacitors had swelled. You should be alright if you replace them, try a different method, and insert the inverter board from a laptop or monitor into the screen while using an external power supply. It becomes a little gloomy now, but it’ll work.
Purchase a new monitor… Buttons are overused and 90% of the time, fixing it will be too expensive. It’s strongly advised against attempting to repair it by busting it open. CRTs are capable of killing you!

The power switch must be replaced. I’ve seen this happen a few times, and the springs inside get weak and no longer hold the contacts in place, allowing current to pass.

The cache section is a collection of temporary files, logs, and memorized information from programs you’ve installed on your device. If you don’t clean this collection, it may start causing difficulties, such as slowing down the monitor or causing the back and recent buttons on your Samsung monitor to stop working. Make sure you clean it thoroughly. It affects the internal performance and then slowly and gradually the system gets slow and touching buttons send signals with glitches and take extra time.

When your monitor keys are affected by normal software virus, restarting your device is a brilliant move. Long-press the Power Button to restart your device. If you’re lucky, the menu button will work properly as soon as your monitor starts.
If any of the options are not working, you need to take your monitor to a professional technician or to the company’s help center to figure out what’s the actual matter. If you are incapable of finding any solution, then the best option is to get your monitor changes, or the menu buttons renewed.

These are a few of the most popular DIY techniques. If these don’t work, there’s either some hardware damage or a more intricate software issue that’s beyond the scope of a layperson’s knowledge. In this case, it’s better to seek advice from a professional. Visit a reputable repair shop, and the best option is to go to an authorized service shop

Irrespective of how well you care for your monitor there is a potential that the menu button will stop working or respond improperly. The cause could be anything from a simple software bug to hardware failure.

However, because the menu button is one of the most important buttons on your device, it’s quite unpleasant when you run into this problem. When your monitor’s home button stops working, you won’t be able to do anything with it. It’s critical that it’s fixed as soon as feasible.

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