Samsung TV Self Diagnosis not available

Samsung TV Self Diagnosis not available

In this article, we go over the scenarios where some users might find themselves confused and frustrated where certain setting options on their Samsung TV show up as unavailable or are greyed-out. This article discusses a few methods that might help you maneuver through these problems and hopefully get your TV going.

Samsung TV Self Diagnosis not available

Samsung TVs offer adequate performance for the majority of purchasers, although they can be expensive when compared to other manufacturers. They perform well enough in general and are among the greatest TVs on the market, particularly if you desire gaming functionality.

Samsung TVs are well-known for their technical achievements. These let users stream various shows, browse the internet, connect Bluetooth devices, and do a variety of other things, but they must be updated and maintained. So, what should you do if your Samsung TV shows some essential setting options as unavailable or pops up a message saying, “Function not available”?

When you want to alter your settings, you might be expecting a smooth and error-free experience, but, even one of the most premium TVs can end up with unexpected errors or dysfunctionality. However, this may not always be the case.

While watching television, you may notice that certain options are greyed out. When you attempt to choose such options, you may receive an error message stating that the function is not available.

Usually, if a menu option is greyed out or if it says the function is not available, it does not mean that something is wrong with your television. It simply implies that based on the existing source, settings, or connections, a function or some settings are not available. 

If your Samsung TV is not connected to the internet, for example, the settings for Software Update and Contact Support will be greyed out since those options require an active internet connection.

Why are you seeing greyed-out functions?:

The answer to this question is very much dependent on which of the functions do not seem to appear to be functioning properly. If specific options aren’t available, you are most likely in the wrong mode and if you are unable to download apps, then you will most likely need to factory reset your Smart Hub. 

You can try the methods discussed below to see if it fixes your issue, and if you don’t, you can always go back, and factory reset your device which usually fixes most of the issues with a device.

When you are having trouble with your television, performing a factory reset may be the best option. The good news is that, while this is an option, it may not be required in all scenarios.

How to fix the “Function not available” message:

On your Samsung Smart TV, if you are experiencing issues such as apps not working or a blank screen, reset networks, restarting on its own, Netflix stuck on loading, or any other issues, and you are attempting to factory reset your Smart TV or the option to self-diagnose issues with your TV might be greyed out or disabled. 

This usually means you cannot factory reset your TV or run a self-diagnosis, and this issue has been seen in most Samsung TVs and it can be easily fixed by following these few steps.


We’ll begin with the most basic solution. If this is a recent occurrence, you may be able to resolve it by doing a soft reset. To execute a soft reset, just hold down the power button until the TV shuts off, then wait three minutes before turning it back on. 

Now check your applications to see whether the problem has been addressed. If it isn’t, proceed to the next step on our checklist.


If the applications appear to be malfunctioning, Smart HUB may just need to be rebooted. Follow the steps below to reset your Smart HUB in no time:

  • From the main page, navigate to “Settings.”
  • Select “Support.”
  • Find and select “Self-Diagnosis.”
  • Select “Reset Smart HUB.”

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, a Smart Hub reset restores the settings to factory defaults and deletes any data associated with your Samsung account. Following a Smart Hub Reset, you must reconnect your account to any services and re-establish Smart Hub service agreements.

After you’ve reset your Smart HUB, check to see if you’re still having trouble downloading apps. If you don’t, that’s enough; you’re done. If you continue to experience issues, proceed to step three on this list and try an update.


Some settings will require you to exit Smart HUB and enter antenna mode in order to be changed. If you arrived at this page because parts of your settings were greyed out, this is by far your best option for correcting the problem.

Fortunately, doing so is as simple as hitting a button. Literally. Simply click the Smart HUB button on your remote to enter antenna mode. Return to your settings, and they should all be available immediately.


Sometimes a simple update is all that is required to get everything back up and running. Simply go into “Settings,” find “Support,” click on it, and pick software update to upgrade your Samsung smart TV. Once the update is complete, your television will need to be restarted.


If everything else fails, you may always conduct a factory reset. Simply follow the procedures below to make a factory reset:

  • From the main page, navigate to “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and pick “General.”
  • Enter your pin after clicking “Select Reset.” It will be 0000 if you never generated a pin.

It is a really stressful scenario because everything appears to be broken, and when you go to reset your Samsung Smart TV’s settings and you see that the reset option is greyed out or blocked, all of it makes the whole situation frustrating and much more annoying. 

To fix this, you should close any programs that are open in the background and check to see if the factory reset option is now available. In most cases, this fix does help, and the factory reset option becomes available again.

Please keep in mind that if you conduct a factory reset, you will lose all past modifications you made to your TV. So, if you’ve changed any settings, you’ll need to go back in and re-adjust them.


Samsung’s reset options for televisions may be exactly what you’re looking for to get everything back up and running. However, before doing any sort of reset on your own or utilizing the Remote Management tool, double-check the following:

  • Check that the physical connections are in good working order and that they are securely attached.
  • Check that your network/internet connection is operating correctly if you have a Samsung Smart TV.
  • Check to determine if your television has the most recent firmware update.

If your television isn’t responding to your remote, try replacing the batteries and seeing if it works again.

One thing to keep in mind here is that, if you are wondering that simply unplugging the television from the power supply will reset your Smart TV, then you are wrong. What this rather does is that it turns the TV off. And so, later if you connect the TV back in, it will resume from where it was left just as if you had used the remote to turn it on and off. To modify the settings, the settings menu may be used.

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