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Samsung TV Volume Stuck At 100

Swift and Accessible Solutions for Samsung TV Volume Stuck At 100

Have you ever faced the difficulty of raising the volume in your Samsung smart TV using the remote? The volume maximization doesn’t go past 100, and it freezes. The immediate reaction is to restart the smart TV or continue pressing the volume up button to increase the pace, but despite increasing the volume, the system stops and glitches, and sometimes it breaks down.

There are multiple reasons and hacks through which you can grab a quick solution to get past volume 100. But the first and foremost thing that needs to recheck to fix why the Samsung TV volume stuck at 100 is causing a problem is your smart TV remote, because if that’s where the problem is arising from, then nothing can be done to solve it.

Stay intact because we will discuss the best, quickest, and easiest solutions that you can implement at your home and get this problem fixed. 

Why is your Samsung intelligent TV volume stuck at 100? 

  • Firstly, you need a perfect sync of the remote with your smart TV because if the signals are discontinued between then, there’s a significantly less chance you can control anything with the remote. The system continuously glitches if you press the remote buttons because the signals get weaker. If it affects the efficiency, the intelligent TV screen switches off with a black flash and breaks down at one point. So first up, sync your remote properly and do test activity. 
  • Smart TVs and remotes are usually connected through signals, and the remote control features a fast-flashing LED light that emits a message picked up by the television. So it’s highly likely that there could be a bug or power issue initiating the problem. 
  • Sometimes a delay in updates and virus attacks also results in this issue. Samsung smart TVs are built to manage and process many functions that usual televisions don’t have, so extra features come with extra care. 
  • TVs are sometimes connected to speakers and sound systems that cause the volume problem, so technically the issue of why is your Samsung TV volume stuck at 100 is not the remote or you’re smart TV; it’s the speakers or the sound system that’s connected. 
  • Slight malfunction is also a key reason why Samsung TV volume stuck at 100 becomes a big deal. Get your remote checked and then figure out if it was the problem or not. 
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Once all these measures have been taken into notice, and you’re sure that everything is fixed and your Samsung TV volume stuck at 100 is not fully functioning, you need to apply one of the following methods to get this issue fixed. 

Hacks To Adjust Your Samsung TV Volume Stuck At 100 Like Never Before: 

  • Factory reset: Not everyone is well-versed with the smart TV’s remote settings and tech complexities, so don’t bother doing anything that can cause further difficulties. You can solve your volume problem by doing a factory reset on your Samsung smart TV. This feature deletes all the previous user data and clears all the cache. Applying a factory reset on smart TVs makes the volume issue very easily solved. If you’re now aware of the process to factory reset your Samsung smart TV, here’s how to do it: 
  • Turn on the TV, go to settings 
  • Click on support 
  • Select the option Self-Diagnosis and then RESET 
  • Enter security pin.

 The setup menu shows on the screen when the factory reset is completed. As a result, a reset television must be installed. Check to see whether the issue has been resolved.

  • Alter your remote: You might think remote is only used to click, and the LCD handles the rest, but in the actual case, remote performs 50% of the function, so it’s equally essential that your functions are correct when you’re doing anything to your TV. Your Samsung TV volume stuck at 100 might be due to a faulty remote. How about your check your remote and reset it. Because this problem has the most straightforward solution compared to all others, have you wondered why smart TV remotes are built differently than the other regular TV remotes, and you can’t simply use any other remote with your smart TV. The features are different, and hence the remote is also different. Here’s how to reset your remote:
  • Uninstall batteries 
  • Click on the power button for straight 8 seconds to reset the remote 
  • insert the battery again 
  • Pair it with your smart TV and do a test click. 
  • Reset volume settings: A significant fault that can cause your Samsung TV volume to get stuck at 100 could be general background voice settings. Sometimes when you buy a new LED, you forget to change the automated settings, and then you just can’t figure out the main problem, so try resetting your volume features in your LED through the following steps: 
  • open settings and go straight to the sound panel 
  • select sound settings and then expert settings
  • choose the option with reset sound and reset
  • now the settings are back at default 
  • Check intelligent TV power control: If other things are usual and without error, then there’s a very high chance your Samsung LED has a power issue. Try power recycling; it removes the app data, cache and leaves space for memory because the power source disconnects it. Leave it without any connection for about 5-10 minutes and reconnect the power source. This will surely fix the issue because the system gets heated up, and it malfunctions from the inside, which causes minor difficulties.  
  • Check your remote: Check your remote for batteries and the relevant model that connects to your Samsung smart TV. Correctly place the battery or check for the cells that go into the remote. 
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