Samsung TV With White Spots On Screen

Samsung TV With White Spots On Screen

Do you have Samsung TV With White Spots On Screen? Are you wondering about the cause of this issue? Get into this article; we have monitored every possible information for you.

Very often, Samsung TV screens show white spots on the screen that block the visuality and look ugly too. It happens due to the LED backlight emitting from the TV; if you ever find these sports on the screen, don’t worry; it is easy to come out of this situation.  

When Samsung TV gets old, its quality reduces, and many parts move from their location and appear on the screen in the shape of dots or spots. This article has covered what to do when you have Samsung TV With White Spots On Screen – the causes and solutions are discussed.

Read this article till the end and help to make your Samsung screen look fresh as it was before. 

Samsung TV With White Spots On Screen

By opening the TV, users find various LED lights inside it that cover lenses and plastic reflectors. The lenses are attached in front of the LED backlight through glue, and when the TV overheats, the light moves from the space and creates white spots on the screen.

A similar irritating problem occurs in LCD TVs that makes the TV look odd, dirty, and spot on. Below are some more reasons that will help you understand what makes the intense black spot on the TV.

Basic Reasons Why White Spots or Dots Appear on LCD TVs

The following are major causes that cause spots or dots on the TV.

Reason 1: Dead Pixel

Every LED TV and LCD features millions of pixels and dots that help to light up and create the picture on the TV screen. Often the problem arises when any pixels are damaged and stuck in a particular screen area. Eventually, they appear as white spots on the screen.

Reason 2: LED Reflectors

As the LCD consists of pixels, similarly, it also features a reflector in them that facilitates and spreads the LED light on the screen. The moment when these reflectors get loosened up, they fall off from their set position and make white spots on the TV screen. If more reflectors lose up, you will find more than one white spot on the screen.

To manage this problem, you can easily resolve the issue at home; the steps are mentioned below.

How To Fix (Repair) White Spots or Dots on Your TV?

Whether you are a professional electrician or going to fix the white spots for the first time, no worries, there is nothing difficult here. Our below-discussed steps will help you come out of this issue quickly. All you need to perform is dismantle the TV parts and then put them back in their position using glue.

Before starting the princess, you need to arrange the given instruments, so you may not face trouble while on the go.

  • Q-tips
  • Gloves
  • Gorilla Glue (super glue)
  • Small screwdriver
  • Medium Screwdriver
  • Small Prying tool


Here is the time to plunge into the helping guide on the solution of Samsung TV With White Spots On the Screen.The steps of the guide will help you fix the screen spots by using these tools. As there is no such manual solution for fixing the fallen pixels, you can work on the reflectors, so we have covered you by telling you the process of white spot-fixing.


Step-By-Step Guide On How To Fix White Spots Or Dots On The Tv Screen

If your TV is turned on, turn it off by removing its connection from the power. Turning off solely from the remote is not enough.

  • Take off all the screws that are at the TV’s back panel.
  • Be conscious and gather all your focus to take out the metal tabs – metal tabs are sensitive, so don’t show any negligence while attempting this step.
  • Pull the speaker cable to detach the speaker from the TV
  • Now, it is time to pull up the metal plate by disconnecting the circuit board.
  • You will find tabs on the plastic frame; lift them carefully.
  • Find the reflectors that were spread away.
  • Add the flue to the reflectors to help them stick on their position back.
  • After applying the glue, hold the reflector back to its position, and press it for a few minutes until it is compressed.
  • Once you are done, do the assembling by reversing the disassembling process.

How To Test Your TV Screen For White Spots?

When you are in the market to buy a TV, check its features and quality to make sure that it will not create white spots on the screen. You can perform various tests to figure out whether the white spot will appear on the screen or not.

Don’t buy TVs with round reflectors as they quickly fall off when you transport them to different places. Once they fall off, you will get white spots on the screen – a spotty screen reduces the image quality and loses you interest in screen time.

So buy a Tv after extensive research, but if you still get the problem (when it gets old and loses the quality), you can follow our solution guide to sort out the trouble.

Final Thoughts

The issue of dark spots or white dots on the TV screen is not new and can appear on any TV, especially the old one. Though the white spots are also linked with poor LED quality, they can often be seen in privileged brands, such as Samsung. 

The solution to this pesky issue is pretty simple; you need a few tools and disassemble your TV. After disassembling it, you will find some reflectors and put them back in their position using quality glue. Hold the reflectors for some time to let them set on the area. Hopefully, you will find a clear and spot-free screen after assembling your TV.

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