Samsung TV Won’t Let Me Enter Password

Samsung TV Won’t Let Me Enter Password

Samsung offers sleek and technology-filled TVs to enjoy endless features, but often, Samsung TV Won’t Let Me Enter Password. What to do? Scroll down for solutions.

Samsung is a famous brand that brags about the quality of its products, latest specifications, and unmatched features; it is not even wrong, though, as many customers are satisfied using Samsung products. This top-notch brand launches a long list of products with the latest technologies – laptops, desktops, tablets, mobiles, TVs, etc.

The incredible picture quality that Samsung offers is hard to find anywhere else. Its latest technologies let you connect the television to wifi so you can sync it with your favorite services. 

Sometimes due to various factors – might be due to the user’s end – Samsung TV creates multiple problems, such as Samsung TV Won’t Let Me Enter Password. Somehow it occurs due to dead remote battery, wrong password, poor network, etc. Nevertheless, move ahead to find out the root cause of these issues.

Samsung TV Won’t Let Me Enter Password

When Samsung TV asks you to change the password, it becomes havoc for the users because changing the password from TV means you have to change the password from other networks, too, as we have numerous devices on the web. So in this situation, users pray to get a trick that can save them from changing the password. 

You can go through the following discussion to save yourself up in this pesky situation.

There are three reasons your Samsung TV will not allow you to enter your wifi password.

  1. The first problem could be the batteries within your Samsung TV remote.
  2. The second could be about the television itself, while the third could be the software within the television.
  3. You have forgotten your password.

When you take all of these crucial factors into consideration, it is likely your problem will be resolved because the potential source of the issue is one of these problems.  


Power Reset The TV or Factory Reset

Your LED may thrust you into the position where you need to reset the password. For this, you need to perform a few steps, and the first one is to unplug the TV from the wall. After unplugging the power from the TV, wait at least ten minutes and then plug the TV again. Start the booting process; hopefully, it will work for you, and you can enter the TV password. 

If it doesn’t serve you, you can visit the TV setting and try a film factory reset of your TV. After performing these steps; you can reset the software and connect the television again. 

Dead Batteries In The Remote

Another issue that troubles you in entering the LED password is the remote battery of the television. When you have a dead remote battery, you cannot enter a Samsung battery. If the remote battery is finished, the remote will not be able to navigate the keyboard on the screen. So, now you need to recharge or replace the battery source of the remote so it can help you navigate the keyboard. Once the battery is charged, you can easily enter the password.


Hopefully, you have got the answer of why Samsung TV Won’t Let Me Enter Password. Now it is time to move on to the next section to learn more about Samsung password, so you can get completely covered.

How To Enter The Wifi Password On Samsung TV?

When you enter the wifi password on the TV, you start it by giving power to your TV. After providing the power, you go to the menu with the remote control. The remote has a home button named the menu button; a menu list will pop on the TV screen by clicking on it. Once you get the menu on the screen, you can get into the TV set to resolve the password issue. In the setting, you will get a network option; tap on it to find wifi. Tap on the wifi option with the name you want to connect with. Enter the password when your wifi network option displays in front of you.


You can use the remote control for navigation on the screen as it will make your selection quick and appropriate. After putting in the password, you can enjoy your LED and its streaming features.

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Recognize WiFi Password?

Sometimes your WiFi doesn’t recognize the password and does not let you enjoy the internet facility. 

There are two main reasons:

  • The first issue is your WiFi network is not the worth quality
  • The issue is in the password itself

Let’s move toward the details!

Choose The Correct WiFi Network

The first step is you need to choose the correct wifi network. You may have the right password, but if it is the wrong wifi network you are connecting to, you will run into issues.

Make sure you have the correct name of the wifi network before you get to the password screen.


Reduce Password Sensitivity 

Until now, you need to remember that password sensitivity is crucial; thus, it should be secure and long enough so it cannot be hacked. Mix the characters, alphabets, and numbers to increase the password strength. But whatever password you choose, save it somewhere for future use; when you enter a wrong password, your Samsung TV doesn’t accept the password, and trouble arises. You strongly believe your password is accurate, but you actually miss something.


The Bottom Line

Samsung products are worth using as they offer numerous facilities to enjoy the latest features using a user-friendly interface and fully immersive environment. Similarly, Samsung TVs are one of the must-having gadgets of every home. Sometimes, Samsung TV creates a problem entering the password, and there are various reasons behind it, such as remote control, wrong password, etc. You can read the article thoroughly and try to resolve this problem one by one by applying the discussed solutions. 

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