Scope of Digital Marketing in UK

In the United Kingdom, the landscape of marketing has experienced a seismic shift from traditional offline methods to the dynamic realm of digital marketing. This transition has brought about unprecedented opportunities for businesses to thrive in the interconnected online world. In this article, we will delve into the scope of digital marketing in the UK and explore the diverse job opportunities it offers.

Scope of Digital Marketing in UK

Scope of Digital Marketing in UK

With a staggering population of 67 million people, nearly 90% of the UK’s residents are active participants in the online realm. The far-reaching impact of the internet has shattered physical barriers and limitations, making digital marketing an indispensable tool for businesses to connect with their audience. Embracing digital marketing enables enterprises to tap into a vast pool of potential customers, thereby expanding their reach exponentially.

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities in the UK

The prevalence of digital connectivity has paved the way for a multitude of job opportunities in the UK’s digital marketing sector. Various roles, such as SEO specialists, Google Ads experts, social media marketers, and content creators, have emerged, reflecting the industry’s diversity and growth.

Statistics on Digital Marketing Jobs in Top UK Job Portals

Digital marketing jobs have become highly sought-after, as there appears to be a significant skills gap in the industry. This mismatch between available job opportunities and skilled professionals has resulted in a plethora of open positions with a focus on digital marketing. According to research from Burning Glass, some eye-opening statistics highlight the trend:

  • 40% of advertising job openings now require digital skills.
  • There are twice as many job postings with a digital focus compared to five years ago.
  • Digital advertising is projected to account for 35% of total advertising spending by 2019.
  • In 2016, there were 174,141 digital advertising-centered job postings.
  • On average, digital marketing jobs pay $7,000 more annually than other types of marketing positions.
  • Digital marketing positions take 16% longer to fill than regular marketing roles.

Moreover, prestigious “unicorn” companies like Pinterest and Snapchat are actively seeking employees skilled in digital analysis, marketing, and content creation. On the other hand, Fortune 100 companies tend to value individuals with traditional marketing and business backgrounds, along with expertise in mobile marketing.

Digital Marketing Average Pay Scale in the UK

Digital marketers in the UK enjoy a salary range between £22,000 to £34,343 per annum. The compensation is not fixed but variable, dependent on the individual’s performance and the organic reach of their work. Striving for excellence and generating impactful campaigns are key to earning higher salaries in this field.

Exploring Job Types in Digital Marketing

The realm of digital marketing encompasses a diverse array of roles, ranging from providing customer support to managing full-fledged websites and social media platforms. Professionals in this field play a crucial role in keeping audiences informed about the latest product launches and availability.

Key Responsibilities of Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital marketers shoulder the responsibility of ensuring a steady customer flow and high satisfaction levels. Some of their core job responsibilities include:

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy: Devising effective strategies to maximize online presence and engagement.
  2. Creating Monthly Calendars: Planning and scheduling content to maintain consistency and relevance.
  3. Designing Posts for Pages: Crafting visually appealing and compelling content for online platforms.
  4. Content Marketing: Developing and implementing content marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness and engagement.
  5. Google Ads: Managing Google Ads campaigns to optimize visibility and reach.

Navigating the UK Visa Process

For individuals looking to pursue digital marketing opportunities in the UK, it’s essential to understand the visa process. The UK offers various visa types based on the purpose of visit, such as students, tourists, business visitors, and family members

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