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Screenshots Not Working On A Dell Laptop 

Screenshots Not Working On A Dell Laptop 

Dell laptops are known for their reliable functions and portable sizes. When working on a laptop, it has become an essential part of daily life to screenshot different items to keep them saved. There are several ways to screenshot your screen, whether the entire screen or one active window or a small snippet of it. 

It is helpful to know all the ways you can take a screenshot to use them as you see fit. Dell laptops continue to make sure they accommodate your working needs and add functions like the Snipping Tool, making it more efficient.

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Screenshots Not Working On A Dell Laptop 

If your screenshots are not working on your Dell Laptop, it is helpful to know all the methods you can use if any other one might work. 

Method 1: Using The Print Screen Key

The most common way to screenshot your screen is by using the print screen button. The Print Screen button is usually present in all laptops. Pressing once saves the screengrab to the clipboard, and from there, you can go to any document press Ctrl + V to paste it on there, and save it as a file. This makes it easier for you to paste your screengrab to any document or image editor that you might be working with. If you want to save the screenshot to your files, open the ‘Paint’ application and press Ctrl + V., This will paste your screenshot, and from there, you can save it as a file. 

If you want your screenshots directly saved to your files instead of just on the clipboard, you can use another method. You can save your screenshot is by clicking on the Windows key + Print Screen key simultaneously. Your screen will flicker, which means the screenshot has been taken, and it will be saved to a folder named ‘Screenshots’ on your laptop. From there, you can pick and add your screenshot to any document you need to. 

However, if you want to take a picture of only one active window, you need to press the Alt + Print Screen key with the window open. This will only capture the window that is actively making it easier for you to save and use. 

Method 2: The Snipping Tool Method

Even if your laptop has a Print Screen key, sometimes the key stops working, and you need another way to screenshot important information. Snip and Sketch is a more advanced way to screenshot that will surely make your life easier. Tool not only saves a snippet of any screen that you would like to save but also gives you the option to edit and crop so you can save what you need. 

It is imperative to have this function at your fingertips. The Snip & Sketch function will activate by clicking the Windows key + the Shift key + the ‘S’ key; the Snip & Sketch function will activate. This will ask you to select the area you want to screenshot, and you can crop out the area you want to save. This will save the screengrab to your clipboard so that you can paste it anywhere you need to. But if you want to save it to your files, click on the pop-up window that shows up and use the save button. 

Method 3: Without The Print Screen Key.

As Dell laptops continue to evolve into a more sophisticated design, the keyboard functions continue to change. Some laptop designs do not have the print screen button as traditional ones do. No need to worry though, if your Dell Laptop doesn’t have the Print Screen key, you can use another method. 

By pressing the Fn Key + Windows key + The Space Bar, you can screenshot your entire screen. This will save it to your files, and you can easily use it any time you need. 

Method 4: Using an Application

If none of these methods work to screenshot your window, you can download an app that makes it easier to save your screengrabs as you please. Applications like Mark Up are helpful when it comes to this. 

The Mark-Up not only screen grabs your windows but also lets you edit and crop to your liking.

So Where Do The Screenshots Get Saved?

If you have been taking screenshots and need to go back to check on some old ones, perhaps to use it at another place or recheck, do not worry! All your screenshots are saved right there on your laptop. Go to your computer’s folders. The ‘Images’ folder already has a folder labeled ‘Screenshots’ which should contain all the screenshots you have saved. 

There can be several methods of fixing the screenshot not working on the HP laptop and now are going to look at some methods that you can use to get rid of this problem in your HP laptop or Chromebook.

Among the handful of methods, the most popular and highly recommended method is to use the Hotkey Combination and it will also help you to quickly analyze if there is any issue with the software or the hardware itself.

Other than that, there is Windows built-in snipping tool that can help you take screenshots but the command to use the screenshot in your HP laptop will be Alt Key + PrintScreen, and pressing this combination of keys at the same time will capture the current screen and will save it in your drive.

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