Shark Duo Clean Roller Brush Not Spinning

Shark Duo Clean Roller Brush Not SpinningUS vacuum cleaner market, Dyson, competitor Shark offers reliable and highly durable vacuums designed for the toughest cleaning challenges. But like any other electric device, they also face problems, and this article talks about Shark Vacuum Brush won’t spin or turn.

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Before going into the details, read this quick solution to make your shark vacuum brush spinning.

Usually, Shark Duo Clean Roller Brush won’t spin if there is a faulty component, anything broken like a belt or disengaged nozzle, or the wrong settings. Sometimes, a vacuum will start, but it won’t keep cleaning and will usually stop midway, probably due to clogging or overheating.

Let’s look at the real shark vacuum brush that won’t spin the problem straightforwardly.

Shark Duo Clean Roller Brush Not Spinning

The first thing that you need to do is check at what position is the power button, and it should be in position II. 

If you are using a popular Shark Navigator NV360, it will only spin the brush roller if the power button is set on position II. Similarly, if you are using any other shark model, try switching between carpet mode, power mode, or brush roll mode, making the brush roll spin, as different models have different settings.

If you tried all these settings and the brush roller still won’t spin, that’s an indication that there might be an issue with the power button, which would require replacement or the brush roll could be faulty, and you may have to get a new brush roll.

There are some other reasons as well causing the Shark vacuum brush roll not to spin, and we will look at every reason in detail.

Broken Belt

The brush roller is connected to a belt connected to a motor, and when the motor rotates, the brush roller spins, but with the broken belt, the brush roller is never going to spin.

You can disassemble the shark vacuum for inspection, and if the belt came off, you could put it back, but if the belt is broken or damaged, you might have to get a new one.

Disengaged Nozzle or Blockage on Brush Roll

Sometimes, the disengaged nozzle won’t let the brush roller rotate, and the simplest solution to that is to engage the nozzle properly so that it is completely attached to the brush roll.

You can also check the nozzle for any obstructions or blockage caused by either heavier debris or pet hair. If you find anything, clean that immediately, put the nozzle back into the vacuum and try starting the brush roller; it should spin now. The best part is that Shark vacuums are equipped with LED indicators on the brush head that can flash or blink if there is any blockage.

Shark Vacuum Brush Roller Indicator Light

The best part of a shark vacuum is the indicator lights and fail-safe mechanism that allows the vacuum to shut down immediately if there is any part damaged blockage in any part or anything not working properly on the vacuum.

Sometimes, there can be other culprits causing the vacuum to stop repeatedly, and those can be.

Dust Bin: If you haven’t cleaned the dust bin for a long time, that might be clogging and causing the vacuum to stop.

Hose: Easily remove the hose by quick-release food pedal and see if it isn’t blocked or check if the tube isn’t broken. To check that, throw something smaller from one end to the other to check the blockage.

Hair on the brush roll: Not all shark vacuums can clean the pet hair themselves, clog them, and the brush won’t start due to that. A stitch picker like Aipker Seam Ripper can help unclog the brush bristles.

Where is the brush bar reset button on the shark vacuum?

Shark vacuum will quickly react to the clogging and start overheating, which can damage the vacuum itself, and that’s why the fail-safe mechanism kicks in and shuts off the vacuum like a thermostat.

The disappointment with shark vacuums is the lack of a reset button, which you can see on some popular brands like Dyson. The advantage of the reset button is that you can reset the motor thermostat, which you move the power button to the off position and easily unplug the vacuum.

Once you remove the obstructions from the parts of the brush roller itself, please don’t use the vacuum immediately; let it rest for a while. If such a thing happens, give the vacuum at least 40 minutes to cool down and make sure it works nicely next time.

How to fix, remove, replace the roller brush

If somehow, there is a need to fix, remove, or replace the brush roller, here’s how you can do that. Rather than getting a professional or buying special tools, get a Phillips screwdriver and a security bit start tool like Tonniski 11 Pieces Security Screwdriver. It will help you remove the brush roller.

So, this is how you will remove the brush roller from the shark vacuum.

Unscrew the brush roller and its parts

Remove the cover, lift the brush roller and replace it with LANMU Replacement Brush Roll.

If the belt is broken, get a LANMU Vacuum Belt and replace that as well.

If there is a need to replace the brush motor or the control board, buy a Floor Brush Motor & Control Board and replace that.

Cleaning Brush Roller

The regular you maintain the vacuum and the brush roller, the longer it will last, and it will be effortless to clean with this bad boy.

Over the time, things like debris, pet hair, human hair, or other nasty stuff can accumulate around the brush bristles, and it will only come off by cutting it with a scissor because they are tightly wrapped around the fibers, and you also have to protect the fibers as well.

Over time, the brush roller can lose its color as well. To get the back, use a microfiber cloth with some alcohol to wipe the brush roller gently to remove all types of dust or dirt from the bristles, or the easiest way is to use seam rippers to pry the dust off the hairs of the brush.

Try to protect the vacuum as much as you can. It cleans the nozzle thoroughly rather than disassembling everything rather than waiting for the vacuum to lose its power.

You should know that disassembling is not an easy task; there are a lot of screws and parts that can create a mess for you.


In the end, I would like to say that there can be times when the shark vacuum might run into problems, and the brush roller won’t spin, so try unclogging or cleaning the parts effectively and regularly maintain your vacuum too. Get decent performance from the vacuum all the time.

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