Shark Robot Error Codes

Shark Robot Error CodesThis list of Shark Robot error codes helps you figure out the signals that your vacuum gives you by blinking. When your vacuum stops working and gives you different types of red or blue illuminations, that means there is something wrong with the vacuum. By figuring that out, you can understand every error code for the Shark robot from our list to know what is happening with your robot vacuum.

So, if your shark robot is encountering an error, follow this list of error codes and figure out what the matter is.

Shark Robot Error Codes

We have listed error codes for all four shark models; Shark ION, Shark IQ, Shark EZ, and Shark AI, and all these error codes are categorized by the model type.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Shark ION Robot Error Codes Shart:

If you see that your Shark ION Robot is showing error lights flashing, understand that your Shark ION is telling you something, and to crack that, follow the list below.

All LED lights are off:  It means the vacuum has shut down. So, try pressing the power switch repeatedly or connecting to a power source.

Red “Replace” LED Light is on: battery needs replacement, new battery

Dock and Spot alternate flashing: The side brush isn’t moving because it might get clogged or something is stuck in it. So try to unclog it or remove obstructions causing the clogging.

Dock and Spot are flashing together: The main brush roller is clogged. See what is clogging it, remove it or unclog it.

Clean Flashing Blue: The front bumper error means the number might be stuck, and you should try to move it with your hands. There might be something stuck in the wheel cavity.

Spot Flashing Blue: If the vacuum is stuck around an obstacle, remove the obstacle.

Clean Flashing Red: Error of cliff sensors that means you need to move the robot to a new surface and then try to operate the vacuum. Also, clean sensors.

“!” symbol flashing: Motor failure due to blockage. Either the dust bin blockage or the filter blockage is causing this. So, remove these parts and clean them and insert them back.

Clean flashing red and “!” stays solid red: Charger issue means the base needs a new charger.

“!” and Clean Symbols flashing: BotBoundary sensor issue means you need to get the vacuum to shark service support.

Clean Solid red: Dust bin error means either the bot isn’t detecting the bin or is not installed properly.

Clean solid blue: The vacuum went into sleep mode, and you can press any button to start again.

Shark IQ and EZ Robot Error Codes:

lights flashing on Shark IQ or EZ; follow these error codes,

Clean (Red) Flashing:

If the robot is stuck, try to move it to a new place or a new level.

Dock ( Red ) Flashing:

The front bumper is stuck or jammed. 

Clean ( Blue) + Dock (Red) Solid:

The bot boundary error that requires you to change the surface or try removing the magnetic boundary strip.

Clean ( Red) + Dock (BLUE) Flashing:

Cliff sensor error means you have to move the robot and clean the sensor.

Dock (Red) + !(Red) Flashing:

The side brush is jammed, clogged, and stuck due to hairs or debris. So carefully inspect and remove stuff from the side brush and make it free.

Clean ( Red ) + Dock (Red) + !(Red) Flashing:

Drive wheel error which is stuck or jammed. Sometimes, hair stuck around the axles, making them stop from g.

Clean (Red) + Dock(Blue) Alternating:

The robot is stuck, so try to remove obstacles and free the bumper. 

Clean(Blue) + !(Red) Flashing:

The brush roll jammed, blocked, clogged. Try to remove the stuff it accumulates during cleanings, like hair or dust.

Clean ( Red) + Dock (Blue) + !(Red) Flashing:

Internal error of the vacuum, so try to shut it down and turn it in again.

Clean(Blue)+Dock(Red) Flashing:

Successful docking is a good sign.

Battery Icon(Red) Flashing:

Battery is low, and the vacuum needs to go back to the charging dock. When you see the base light blue, the robot is successfully charging.

Clean(Red) + !(Red) Alternating:

The brush roll jammed. Try to unstick it and make sure it spins freely.

Dock (Red)Flashing + !(Red) Solid:

Dust bin error might be clogged. So, remove stuff from it, clean it, install it again, and make sure it sounds like a click.

Dock(Blue) + !(Red) Flashing:

Charging error so carefully check power source.

Clean (Red) + !(Red)Flashing:

Motor failure, so make sure to remove blockages from the components like remove filters, remove dust bin and empty them.

Clean(Blue) + Dock(Red)+!(Red):

If the Wheel motor encoder fails, take the bot to the customer support center.

Shark AI Error codes

light illuminating, turn off the power

Clean (Red)+ ! (Red) Flashing – A Suction:

motor error means a blockage in the dust bin or filter. So remove and clean them and insert them back.

Clean (Red) Flashing: 

Robot jammed by an obstacle; make sure to change location.

Dock (RED) Flashing:

Front bumper jammed; try to remove the obstacle.

Clean (White) + Dock (Red) Solid:

BotBoundary error needs a professional to investigate this matter.

Clean (Red) + Dock (White) Flashing:

Cliff sensor error; try changing the place of the vacuum.

Clean (Red) + Dock (Red) Flashing:

No dust bin detected, so try to insert it after cleaning.

Dock (Red) + ! (Red) Flashing:

Side brush stuck or unclogged due to hair or other wrapped around.

Clean (Red) + Dock (Red) + ! (Red) Flashing:

Drive wheel stuck or clogged that cause the axle to be jammed, so try to remove the wrapped stuff.

Clean (White) + Dock (Red) + ! (Red) Flashing:

Wheel motor failure, needs new motor.

Clean (White) + ! (Red) Flashing:

Brush roll blocked or clogged error. Remove the debris from the brush.

Clean (Red) + Dock (White) + ! (Red) Flashing:

Booting error in the robot, take it to the customer service.

Clean (White) + Dock (Red) Flashin:

Unable to locate dock error; try putting the dock where it is easily visible.

Battery Icon (Red) Flashing:

The battery needs charging as it faces low charging.

Clean (Red) + Dock (White) Flashing + ! (Red):

Robot is stuck around any obstacle.

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