Shark Vacuum Keeps Not Docking

Shark Vacuum Keeps Not DockingSo, you are using a robot vacuum by Shark and facing the problem of Shark robot vacuum not docking. No need to worry, this is a common issue, and we are here with a solution in this article.

The biggest advantage that many people enjoy of the robot vacuums is the automatic cleaning as well as automatic charging in which the robot vacuum undocks itself, cleans your hardwood floors, carpets, or other types of floors, and once done, it comes back and docks itself for charging that makes the cleaning chore, pretty amazing.

Shark Vacuum Keeps/Not Docking

But, many shark robot owners are always looking at the iRobot vacuums, a market leader of robot vacuums, because their shark vacuum is facing issues like not docking or docking too long or docking too early, making you annoying.

So, if your shark vacuum is suddenly not docking, the best option would be to. Clean the sensors using a microfiber cloth. Other than that, try to remove the obstacles from floors and make sure the dock isn’t hidden behind the furniture or isn’t placed on a black carpet. Similarly, if you feel that the robot goes back to dock too early, that’s a sign that the robot isn’t charged fully, which tells you to either check the batteries or inspect why it isn’t charging completely.

If you are using a Shark ION Robot vacuum and the one vacuum is responsible for cleaning all the floors in your bigger home, that may mean that the bot cannot handle that much cleaning in a single session. Other than that, robot vacuum cleans slowly but efficiently.

Without further ado, let’s look at various docking issues to find out the solution to your problem.

Shark Vacuum Keeps Docking: Solutions

So, if your shark vacuum went back to the dock right after a few minutes, that early docking means the robot is not fully charged, and less charging could also mean that the batteries have worn out or that the vacuum isn’t holding a charge.

It would be best to keep in mind that, unlike iRobot, Shark robot vacuums are the newest in the market. They started their operations as a robot manufacturer in 2018, just three years ago. It would be best to understand that they are upgrading, and you can experience such problems with their bots. One thing about the robot vacuum, which is obvious, is that the robot vacuum won’t also hold a charge due to aging. But, you can invest in new models are they are improved.

So, if your robot vacuum isn’t docking or docking too early, take a look at the robot when it docks itself and look closely if there is anything like dirt or dust stuck on the connectors. If there is something stuck, clean it using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Other than that, clean the dock contacts as well. After this, the robot vacuum should charge itself effectively but keep in mind that larger areas can feel like the robot is docking early. In contrast, the robot could only clean for a certain time in one cleaning session due to limited charging.

For larger surfaces, you can set up no-go zones in your home to restrict the less traffic area so that the robot vacuum will clean only high-traffic areas effectively. This will prevent the robot from going into certain areas, and that would help you get a complete cleaning session from the robot vacuum because the overuse of the robot can make it defective.

Shark Vacuum Not Docking:

If you see that the shark vacuum is not docking and instead it is just moving here and there, follow these steps to solve this issue.

First of all, make sure the dock is easily accessible by the robot vacuum and remove the obstacles from the way. Besides that, make sure the dock is not placed on a dark carpet. Instead, put a colorful plain rug under the dock to help the robot easily find the dock rather than wandering looking for the dock.

Also, never place the dock near the stairs if you live on the first or second floors, as that could cause the robot to fall over or topple over the stairs. The robot vacuums are equipped with sensors to protect themselves from falling, but th still a risk for a robot vacuum. Place the dock on a hardwood floor with clearance of obstacles.

Shark Vacuum Can’t Find the Dock:

If still, the shark vacuum is unable to find the dock. Get a soft cloth and clean sensors.

Also, change the dock’s location and try to reset the robot vacuum from the recovery reset option on your smartphone. The robot will be able to detect the dock and easily navigate the home.

For verification, test the automatic cleaner, and during a cleaning time, call the vacuum for docking using the smartphone application. Make sure there are no obstacles, and there is proper clearance. If the robot is still not docking, contact Shark support as it looks like the model is defective.

Sometimes, the vacuum is under warranty for the first 12 months, and you can get a claim if it is under warranty.

Shark Vacuum Dock and Clean Blinking:

The best part with any shark vacuum is that it features a set of indicator lights that are super helpful as they alert you about an error. Like, as the red light for overheating indication also for brush roll not working, clogged, or jammed.

You should do regular sensor cleaning or manually inspect the brush or check the dust compartment if that isn’t full or clogged due to pet hair or heavier debris.

Do regular filter cleaning, and because the filter is reusable, you can use it repeatedly. But, never use the wet filter as it can damage the robot vacuum. That’s why you should maintain a shark robot weekly or monthly but not yearly.

Try to clean the post-motor filter after six months or eight months period. Also, let it dry for a day or more than 30 hours to fully dry.

Don’t Pick Up the Robot Physically:

A robot vacuum is intelligent and can move freely, thanks to the latest technologies enabling the robots to map floors, remember your floors, and even detect the base.

That’s why never interrupting the robot during cleaning Means never picking it up and letting the vacuum cleaner and let the vacuum go to the dock on its own. Also, let the vacuum start from the dock because picking up will make the bot confuse, and it won’t be able to work efficiently.

The smartphone app is very helpful, allowing you to set virtual boundaries or no-go zones to conserve charge.

Finally, if your shark vacuum is not docking, try a few remedies like removing obstacles, rearranging your stuff, moving the dock, and placing it in a visible area, and hopefully, this should work.

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