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Should I get a curved monitor

Should I get a curved monitorShould I get a curved monitor? Let’s find out…

Should I get a curved monitor?

Should I get a curved monitor or not? Depends upon the budget I have along with my preferences. So, if you are a fan of immersive display screens with a wide-angle view and larger display then a curved screen is the best possible option.  Curved screens have a better field of view compared to flat screens and this adds to the perk of these devices. 

Does a curved monitor make a difference?

Curved monitors offer wide view angles and have a better field of view which makes the users have enhanced focus due to immersive display. These devices will reduce the distractions to covering the light from all directions and offering a 360-degree field of view.   Curved screens also feature large displays than flat screens and thus tend to be better for those people who like wide displays. 

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Is there any advantage to a curved monitor?

Normally flat screens have the standard 16:9 aspect ratio will the curved screens have the 21:9 aspect ratio which makes them significantly wide viewing display screens.  The wide view will increase the field of view and people can have look around the corners to cover more area.  Other than this, curved displays have an immersive view which is great for cinematic purposes. 

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What are the pros and cons of a curved monitor?

The most common advantage of curved monitors over flat screens is the wider viewing angle and wide aspect ratio. Other than that, 360-degree field of view and immersive display could also be considered as a pro for these curved screens. The biggest con besides their expensive price tag lies in the digital stress and eye strain caused by these devices. 

Is curved monitor gimmick?

Curved monitors are not exactly a gimmick but their worth varies from person to person. Some people who like wide viewing displays prefer curved screens,  while those who found moving their eyes continuously for a wider display may feel tired of these screens. 

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