Skyrim VR Oculus Quest 2 Without PC

Before we start let me tell you one thing the availability of Skyrim VR  is through Steam and the stream only works with the Pc. So, if you want to enjoy Skyrim VR then you need a Pc. This is because Skyrim VR needs 8 GB of RAM for streaming, and when we talk but Oculus Quest 2 alone, it only pertains to 6 GB of RAM. Therefore it becomes hard for the Oculus to cope with this amount of data all alone.

But here the question is how does it work with the Pc.? Let me tell you how. 

Well, there are three ways of dealing with the steaming with Skyrim VR, and that is by using an Oculus link, a virtual desktop, and even with Oculus Air Link. 

So, let’s shed light on both of these methods that help you to know deeply. 

Skyrim VR Oculus Quest 2 Without PC

As mentioned above,  Skyrim VR Oculus Quest 2 always required a PC. because Skyrim contains 8 GB OF RAM with may cause difficulty for Oculus Quest 2 to deal with it on its own. So, to have a smooth VR experience get hold of a PC and follow me to learn how to deal with it. Skyrim VR Oculus Quest 2 Without PC

So, let’s begin. 

Deep Look On Skyrim VR Oculus Quest 2 Without PC:

Well, technically you cannot Skyrim VR Oculus Quest 2 without the Pc. So, we have mentioned two ways that help you take pleasure in VR gaming.  

Method 1: Use of Oculus Link 

  • The first step that helps you to enjoy VR gaming is buying and downloading Skyrim VR.
  • Next, move toward the Pc and open your Oculus app on it. 
  • Meanwhile on your Oculus Quest 2. 
  • Not get hold of the USB port and plug one end into the USB 3.0 port of the Pc and the other end into the headset of Oculus Quest. 
  • Now to start VR gaming enable the Oculus link. 
  • Once you enable it, open Steam we are you can do it by using the PC or even by using Oculus Quest. 
  • Now from the list of Steam VR select Skyrim VR, load the game and enjoy your VR experience. 
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Method 2: Use of Virtual Desktop App 

It is another way to deal with Skyrim VR, but here do not need any additional USB port

  • Make sure that your Oculus Quest 2 is connected to the proper Wifi network 
  • Now install the Virtual Desktop App on Quest 2 by downloading it from the Oculus Quest store. 
  • Next download the Desktop streamer from the Virtual Desktop Website. 
  • Now launch both applications on the respective devices. 
  • One opens the Virtual desktop app on the Oculus Quest 2 and from the list of available devices, select the Pc you want to connect. 
  • After ensuring the Connection between both devices, open the Desktop streamer and search from Skyrim VR. 
  • Click on it and launch the game to luxuriate gaming with Oculus Quest 2. 

Method 3: Using Oculus Quest AirLink

If you want to avoid the struggle of dealing with cable, then it is the most effective way of dealing with Skyrim VR gaming. So, let’s accompany its steps. 

  • Before we start make sure that the Oculus Headset and the Virtual Desktop app both contain v28 software. 
  • Now on your Oculus Quest and go straight to the menu. 
  • From the menu search for the settings, click on it, and choose experimental features
  • Next search for the Air link. 
  • Once you find it, have a look at the requirement and select it, to get it started. 
  • Now find your Pc from the list of devices to generate the connection between the Oculus Quest 2 and the Pc. 
  • After that launched the game Skyrim VR to start gaming on Oculus Quest 2.
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People May Also Ask: 

Does Oculus Quest 2 allow you to play the Skyrim VR games While Sitting?

Yes, you can play games while setting because the Lomotion of Skyrim VR easily caters the people who like to play games with sitting. Other than this, utilizing the option of teleportation allow you to explore the game world in a sitting position. 

Do I need to buy  Skyrim VR to play the games on Oculus Quest 2? 

Yes, you need to buy this gaming VR separately. Or you can simply go for download from the Oculus Quest store. 

How Can I Move around the gaming world of Skyrim VR by using Oculus Quest 2 headset? 

Well, you can use the Oculus Quest controller to move in any direction you want to. Other than this, you can also use the Skyrim VR movement method which is a teleportation. It simply allows you to point and click in the way you want to. 

Does, Skyrim VR support the voice command while gaming? 

No, Skyrim VR does not support Voice Command while Gaming. Instead, you can use the Oculus Quest remote controller to provide any sort of command while gaming. 

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Is there any Multiple User Mode of Skyrim VR? 

No, it does not provide any Multiple user features. It is a single-user game. 

Final Crux:

In a nutshell, Oculus Quest 2 does not support Skyrim VR alone as it contains a huge amount of data that is not supported by Oculus Quest 2. Therefore, the most ideal way to use the Oculus Quest 2 and Skyrim VR is to make use of a Pc. 

There are two methods of Connecting the Skyrim VR with the help of a Pc to Oculus Quest 2. The first is by using the USB Port and the second is wireless. Therefore, choose the best technique that suits you to enjoy the Skyrim VR gaming experience using Oculus Quest 2.

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