Sony Bravia TV factory reset not working

Sony Bravia TV factory reset not working

In this article, we discuss in detail the issue of the factory reset option not working on some Sony Bravia TVs and so we go through the most common issues and their reasons while also suggesting and guiding you through the methods you can fix them.

Sony Bravia TV factory reset not working

Smart TVs, particularly Sony’s high-quality Bravia TVs, have been a boon to us. They’ve allowed us to do a lot more with the tube. They’ve used the internet as a tool to power the televisions in our living rooms. However, like with all smart devices, faults and other issues might arise at any time. 

A fast reset generally cures the problem. But what if you’ve attempted and failed to perform a factory reset? We’ll get to it in a minute. Before we get there, let’s look at why you couldn’t execute a factory reset in the first place.

Smart TVs are the most popular due to their advanced features. As a result, Sony Bravia has become a popular option. And so, when problems arise with a television, users immediately opt for a factory reset.

If your Sony Bravia smart TV does not respond or if you are experiencing problems with your Sony Bravia smart TV, a factory reset will address all of your issues. Some common Sony Bravia TV issues include Sony Bravia smart TV apps not working or not loading, Sony Bravia keeps restarting, and several other issues. 

Sometimes a power reset will fix your Sony Bravia issues, but if the problem isn’t fixed, you’ll need to reset your Sony Bravia TV with and without the remote. So, in this article, you’ll discover how to factory reset a Sony Bravia smart TV in a variety of methods.

In this post, we will guide you on how to factory reset your Sony Bravia smart TV both with and without the remote control.

Common reasons why factory reset isn’t working:

Some customers are unable to do a factory reset on their Sony Bravia TV because they have not completed a software update. Updates are beneficial since they help to keep your machine in good operating condition. They may, however, take a long time to finish. 

It is tempting to become frustrated and turn off your TV or even try to use it while the installation is taking place. This can cause your television to malfunction and make it hard to do a factory reset to resolve the issue. It’s also conceivable that you installed a software update on your smart TV that had a bug that caused all of your problems given that some updates are troublesome. 

They may be beneficial in certain ways, but they can also do more harm than good.

A virus in your device’s operating system might also be the cause of your factory reset failing. Many individuals are aware that antivirus and internet security software may be used to secure their smartphones and PC. 

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These same folks rarely consider malware protection for their smart TVs. It is critical to remember that every device linked to the internet is vulnerable to Internet assaults.

When a virus infects a computer, it begins to malfunction. Normal tasks become more challenging to do. You may notice that everything appears to be moving at a slower rate. 

There’s also a significant risk that hackers may obtain access to devices connected to your smart TV, such as your phone and laptop. So, how do you deal with the reset issue?

How to fix this issue:

You can attempt a hard reset to resolve the issue. If the standard factory reset option in your device’s settings does not work, a hard reset may be necessary. This is how you do it: 

On your smart TV, look for the power button. You’ll locate it near the back of the apartment. Unplug the smart TV from the power supply. Press and hold both the power and volume down buttons at the same time to reconnect the TV to power. 

Continue pressing the two buttons until you see a green light flash on the TV’s face, or the Sony logo appears on the screen. Let go of the power and volume down buttons as soon as you see the light or the logo.

At this moment, your device should begin a factory reset. This reset will return your TV to its original state and all of the software modifications will be undone, which should resolve your issue.

There is, however, another method to go about it. It has something to do with visiting the Sony website. All you have to do is find your specific Sony Bravia model and download the zip file update for it. 

Get a USB stick in FAT32 format with a size of 2GB to 8GB. Format the disc to erase everything on it and get it ready to save the downloaded file to the flash device. However, before you save it, unzip it. At this point, it should be a .pkg file. After that, copy the file to the flash drive. Don’t put it in a folder; instead, put it directly on the thumb drive.

Turn on the television and insert the USB stick. This is the time to take a break — 30 minutes should enough. This time will allow your smart TV to recognize the file on the flash drive, copy it, and install it. 

You may need to restart your television many times before it returns to regular operation. When the time comes, your device will notify you that it is safe to remove the thumb drive. Carry it out.

It’s possible that being stuck with the factory reset feature not working isn’t the worst thing that has ever happened to you. You’ve most likely had to perform a factory reset on your other devices. It may have been a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

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A reset may erase years of mistakes and provide you with a blank slate to begin again. A word of caution: doing a factory reset will result in the loss of all your settings and the logging out of all applications. 

You should be prepared to reapply your settings and have the usernames and passwords for all of your applications on hand. If you can’t remember your log-in information or preferences, you should change your passwords and settings.

Resetting without a remote control:

If you’ve done everything and the factory reset still doesn’t work on your Sony Bravia TV, the buttons are most likely broken. The problem usually arises when users use these buttons excessively, causing the buttons to fail. 

Trying a no-remote method of factory resetting or calling a technician will be the best option for this reason since they can alter the buttons and let you proceed with the factory reset.

If you don’t have a Sony Bravia TV remote and want to forcefully reset the TV, you must follow the methods in this section.

1)Turn off the Sony Bravia TV using the power cable.

2)Then, simultaneously press and hold the power and volume down keys.

3)Plug in the cord while the buttons are still pushed, and the screen will display the Sony logo. It denotes that the television has been reset.

Forced Factory Reset:

If the software isn’t the problem, a forced factory reset is a possibility. However, there are a few things you should consider before proceeding with the forced reset. To begin, the forced factory reset will only function if your Android TV is running Marshmallow or above. 

Furthermore, if you must identify any buttons on your own, we recommend that you keep the TV’s documentation available for rapid access to the procedures. Let us now proceed to the procedures for doing a forced factory reset.

1)The first step is to unplug the Sony Bravia TV by withdrawing the AC power line from the rear or by turning off the electrical switch.

2)Now, press and hold the TV’s power button for a few seconds, then plug in the power wire (AC) while pushing the button. You must hold down the power button until the LED light illuminates (the LED light color will be white). For the most part, changing the LED light white will take between ten and thirty seconds.

3)When you see this white light, you may let go of the power button. If, on the other hand, this LED light does not become white after thirty seconds, you must restart. If the light has gone white, proceed to the next step.

4) You must wait a few minutes to guarantee that the factory reset is completed. When the factory reset is finished, the Sony Bravia TV will reboot twice. In most cases, the TV will turn on automatically, but if it does not, you may turn it on by tapping the power button.

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5)When you turn on the TV, the welcome screen will show, allowing you to begin configuring the device. If, on the other hand, your Sony Bravia TV does not display the welcome screen, you should reset it by removing the power cable, and the welcome screen will appear on the TV.


There is a very high chance that your issue with the factory reset option on your Sony Bravia not working will get fixed with one of these methods. In case, none of these seem to be helping you then maybe you should consider contacting a technician or a specialist and have them take a look at the issue you are dealing with.

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